Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live Final Table Bubble (HH too)...

"All that adversity never worried me. If anything it feeds me, It'll nourish me." Joe Budden - Check Me Out.

It's currently Monday night. Didn't play any poker today. Spent just about all day fixing stu's computer since he has a pretty horrific virus on it. Luckily I was able to save all of his files and now we're going to reformat. Anyways, I didn't play that much poker on Sunday, just a couple tournaments. Didn't start off too well so I decided to not play that much.

On Saturday I played a $1100 buy-in tournament at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino. It had about 90-100 players I think. You start with 10k in chips and there is an optional $10 addon for 1k more, so 11k in chips. The blinds start at 25/50, 50 minute levels. Not bad. There is an upstairs to the small poker room and a downstairs. Normally the tournament is held upstairs and cash games downstairs. I guess since they had a decent field I was forced to start downstairs and my table was the first to break. I recognized one guy at my table who I have played with a lot and I know he's pretty nitty. The other guys I didn't really know. One guy looked like an Internet kid and one guy gave away half his stack in his first hand. Seemed like typical Hard Rock play.

I started out pretty aggressive as usual. Sometimes I sit back and wait to see whats going on but I decided to just jump in on Saturday. I open a couple pots, take a couple pots down, I'm sure people are already getting weary as to what my actual holdings are since I wasn't involved in any showdowns. A couple orbits into the tournament a guy limps for 50 in early position and I raise the button with Q9o to 250. He calls and the flop comes KQcc4h he checks to me and I bet 300. He calls. Turn is Kd and he leads for 450. This guy hasn't played many hands but this line is always one of two things, K or nothing, so I call again. The river comes the 4s and he bets 900 and I think for a bit and decide I most likely am good and call. He mucks his hand and I muck my hand without showing.

The next interesting hand was a pretty sticky but easy fold given the player. There are 4 limpers and I check 79o in the big blind. Flop comes 789 and I check. UTG Tight player I mentioned I played with before bets 225 and the button calls. I decide to call and see what happens on the turn as well. Turn is the Ks putting two spades up and the nit bets 550 now. Button tanks for a while and it comes back to me. I decide if this guy fires two bullets I can never be ahead here, and muck. The river comes T I believe and both check and the tight guy showed a flopped set of eights, good lay down Tristan. It's easy to get involved in these kinds of spots early in a tournament when you are deep but I am trying to improve on the aspect of folding in my game. Sometimes I know I'm beat and still call.

I am still trying to be aggressive at this point although it was probably a bad idea considering my table was going to be the first to break. The (who I think is) a tight Internet player opens for 150 in early/mid position. I flat on the button with 79o. I later found out this guy was someone who I played with quite a bit online, the player "dfish" The flop comes AQ5r and he continuation bets 225. I decide to try to pick up the pot here and make it 650. He thinks about it for quite a while. A good minute. I didn't think he was that strong but I definitely thought that he thought I was bluffing. We later discussed the hand when he found out who I was as well. He ended up folding 75hh or something. He just didn't think I would be raising that type of flop unless it was a bluff. -Shrug- I mix it up often.

This next hand I played really badly. UTG limps and the 2nd guy makes it 450 at 50/100. I am in 3rd position and call with T8cc and the utg limper folded. The raiser had been really active early but I noticed he was starting to tighten up. The flop came Q94dd and he bet 700. I decide to float here with the gutter. The turn comes the 4h. The guy is pretty nervous and this is a normal tell I have figured out when trying to read body language. Some players give off the normal nervous tell when they are bluffing, some give it off when they have it and are unsure. So it's hard to distinguish what is what off the bat. After the turn he leads for 1300. I see how nervous he is and I decide to peel one more. This was my mistake. I don't think he is firing here again bluffing, even if he thinks I'm on a draw. The river comes the Ts and he bets 2k with just a 5k chip behind and i debate and debate and make a crying call because I am a station. He shows KK and I go down to about 9k. Live and learn.

I get moved to a new table. I recognize a couple people including Fred Goldberg, who bubbled main event final table when Gold won it I think. He's a hard rock regular. I have I think an Internet kid to my direct right and then a bunch of other older people I don't recognize at the table. I raise 56hh within my first couple of hands at the table to 300. I get 3 callers and the flop comes KhQd8c everyone checks around. The turn comes the Qh and I decide to fire 800. Everyone mucks and I am back up to 10.5k

I am grinding my stack but get AK a couple times and AQ and whiff every time and eventually get down to 7.5k at a new table. The cutoff is tilted I believe and raises to 800 at 100/200. I am not too deep at this point but I figured to play the button here with 79cc. I call and the big blind calls. Flop comes QT5c and they check to me. I bet 1275 and the big blind calls. The turn comes the T and he checks. He has 3100 chips behind, I don't think hes too strong here. So I decide to check behind and see the river and make sure he doesn't commit his hands with a draw on the turn. The river is a 4 and he checks quickly again. I move in and he mucks. I am back up to 10.5k again.

I am grinding my 8k stack. I can't get ANYTHING going. Blinds get up to 200/400. I am card dead and changing gears to tight to wait for a good spot. The button makes it 1500 and I have QJo in the big blind. He has been fairly tight but still active and I figure I can shove here and get a fold a lot of times. I moved in 9k and he mucked pretty quickly. A couple hands later 3 players limp and I limp the button with 89dd. The small blind makes it 1600 and everyone calls in front of me. I call as well. The flop comes 844d and they all check to me. There's like 7k or so in the pot at this point and I decide to bet 2500. It's a pretty weak bet but I feel like the sb missed or he would have bet and the other limpers don't have the best of it. The small blind folds, the first limper makes me sweat (whom was very active I would of snap called) and the second limper also tanks. I guess my bet size made them wonder since I only had 6k behind. They both end up folding and I get up to about 17-18k. It's a start.

An aggressive loose player limps under the gun and I make it 1600 in 2nd position with KK. A lady calls on the button and the limper calls. The flop comes T52ss and the UTG limper bets 2200. I think he has a piece here and he has already shown the capability to call light if he thinks someone is on a draw. I decide to move in for 14k more. He thinks for a while and shows a T (saying he had KT) and mucks. I move up to 25k now. Finally getting some chips.

At 300/600 I raise to 1550 on the button with AKss and the big blind defends. Older gentleman who had been pretty tight but kind of fishy. Flop comes AT9ccc and he checks and I bet 2k. He calls. The turn is the 6s and he checks to me and I check for pot control. The river comes the 7d and he fires out 4k. I feel like he can't really have an 8 here unless he has A8 or he flopped a flush with maybe KJcc or KQcc or some hand. But lots of draws missed like dry Kc. I call and he shows QcJd and I am up to ~32k.

Folds around to the sb donkish guy who limps for 800. I look down at A8o and decide to knuckle and just play the pot with position and keep it small. The flop comes K84r and he bets 1k. I call. The turn is another K and he bets 1k again. I feel like the same bet on two streets is pretty weak almost all the time but my hand is good to get a lot of value out of his hands so I decide to just call here again. If he fires again on the river I can just call if he does have a king and if he checks the river I can figure out what to do. The river is a 6 and he checks. I bet 2300 and he calls with J8ss and loses. Very next hand aggressive Internet kid makes it 1650 in mid position, button calls, and I squeeze with AKo to 6800 and move up to 40k.

The older donkish player I talked about earlier from the AKss hand makes it 3500 under the gun at 400/800. He just won a pot the hand before where he had just moved in on the flop after he was getting short. It folds to me in the small blind and i have AKdd. He has about 13k behind. I decide to move in and he calls instantly with QQ. I lose the big flip and go down to roughly 18k. I probably should have just called this hand since I don't think his advantage is too great post flop even with position. It's just tough because these guys will make raises like this and muck instantly too. I have no problem getting it in there actually. Oh well.

So I lost a little momentum but I try to stay positive. We are now down to 3 tables. Let me mention that before our table broke, one of the unknown (who I believe is) an Internet kid ran a bluff with 53cc when he raised preflop, got called by the small blind, the flop came J9Tc and he bet 2700 the guy made it 7700 and he shoved in 25k and the guy had 21k and called with AJ after thinking for a while. So obviously this guy is not scared to put his chips in or make a move.

Anyways, 3 tables left, brand new table. I have 18k in chips at 400/800. A tight player raises to 2200 on the hijack and I am in the small blind with AA. I decided to just call. I think this was a mistake. If I think he is tight then he is more or less likely to have a hand he will call a shove with. He also had chips (60-70k or more) so he could afford to put in 18k. I just tried to get too tricky here. The flop comes 865. I check he checks. The turn is another 8 we both check again. The river is a J and I bet 3k and he mucks.

I try to pick up the aggression at the table because we are getting closer to the final table and it seems like my table is pretty tight. I open 95cc and pick up the blinds/antes. Guy limps 2nd position I limp 3rd position with 45ss. Flop comes 23Ks he bets 2100 with 12k behind and I call. The turn is the Js and he checks and I bet out 8k and he mucks. I go up to 28k. I'm still trying to stay aggressive we are 8 handed now and I raise 57cc UTG to 2200. I get 4 callers. The flop comes A84cc and I bet 8k with the intentions to never fold here in my life. Everyone mucks and I chip up a little more.

I get back down to around 28k and the blinds are now 600/1200. The tight guy from my AA hand above makes it 2500 on the cutoff. I immediately know this guys bet sizing is a bluff/weak and decide I am going to take it away. Unexpectedly the small blind calls with about 15k behind or so. I look down at Q2o (not that it mattered) and decide to shove in my 28k. The cutoff folds and then.. to my surprise... the small blind SNAP CALLS ME WITH QTo. Saying he is ready to go home and its his favorite hand. I wonder if he saw me look at my cards or something. I do a good job sweating them I thought. The flop comes 456 and I have hope! The turn is an A and the river is a 3! I hit a straight and go up to 48.5k. Everyone hears/comes over to see the hand and laughs at me lol. Oh well, it was good to win that one.

I try to stay aggressive with 3 tables left but just end up hurting myself and get to the final two tables (20 left) with about 38k. I pick up JJ for the first time of the day and raise to 3100. Goldberg defends his BB. The flop comes K45dd and he checks. Normally I check here but Goldberg is pretty straightforward and I decided to either pick up the pot here or figure out if I'm good. I bet 3600 he makes it 9600 and tells me he has me beat for sure. I tank for a little while and fold. He shows KQdd. Nice hand. He is a tough player he definitely mixes it up and he had the best of it there. The next hand is probably the most interesting hand in the whole tournament.

The bluffer Internet kid I talked about earlier chipped up from 4k to about 35k now. He is across the table from me and seems to have tightened up somewhat. The blinds are 800/1600 and I make it 3900 UTG with QKo. It folds to him on the hijack and he throws out 6k. It's not enough for a raise. The dealer makes him raise to 6200. I asked him if he meant to raise and he said yes. We are about even stacks. I remembered a couple hands earlier in the tournament, one where he reraised an early position raiser to 5k (he made same type of even number/even chip raise there too.) Obviously I am too priced in to ever fold here, and I tank for a little while more and decide to call. The flop comes K73ss and I check to him. He starts thinking for a while before he acts. He tanked it for at least 1 minute, maybe two before he decided what to do. It got to the point where I thought he didn't know the action was on him. This stall was actually good for me because I feel like I was able to get inside his head a little. He gave me a little more time to think about the dynamics of the hand, my table image, his table image, etc. I didn't think he would be tanking this long if he had a real hand here and I felt like with his stall he was worried about me slow playing a real hand here. Like I said I really felt like I knew what he was thinking at this point. He then moved all in for 30k. Wow. I think back at everything I've seen throughout the day. His 53cc bluff. His reraise of the early position raise earlier to 5k when he couldn't beat the guys KK. This hand is really easy though because it comes down to he either has AA or he doesn't. I am either ahead here or he has AA. It's that simple. He never has AK here or 77 or 33. I can obviously rule out KK as well. So its either AA or some type of like Ax blocker. I also thought he was very capable of doing this play with an Ax blocker because I was UTG and raised, and he reraised me. Basically for him to feel like I don't have AA he needs at least one ace in his hand to increase his odds of me not having AA. I tanked for three minutes or so and ran everything through my head. I also felt like he wouldn't shut me down on the flop if he had AA to give me the option of only folding or calling and not being able to make a shove move on the flop. I called. He turned over A9 and I ended up winning the pot and knocking him out. I had him covered by 600 chips. I am now up to 70k with 16-15 players left.

One guy who is a hard rock regular who I've played with a ton is poking fun at me about how I have chips and he needs to double and only has 16k and I can afford to double him, blah blah blah. He ends up getting his wish when I make it 3800 in the cutoff with KJ and he shoves in 18k. I know how light he is capable of shoving (any pair, almost all Axs, etc.) and I call. He turns over AA. I flop a King but don't improve and double him up. I am now down to about 42k at 1k/2k. I lost some more small pots during that time from 70k to 42k.

I now have about 42-43k and another Hard Rock regular makes it 7k 7 handed from the cutoff. I move in with TT and he snap calls with AKss. I have him covered by 8k. Board runs out K8826. He screams and he scoops the pot. I love it when the scream after they beat me in pots (sarcasm.) Luckily he was across the table from me so my body isn't capable to react lol. I fold a couple hands and try not to panic. I still have enough to maybe make someone fold.. lol. A blessing in disguise comes when an old gentleman is moved to the table in the big blind. He doesn't seem aware of much and he was fairly old and took a while to get seated. I don't think he notices I only have 7k. I decide I'm making it 6k here regardless if it folds to me, since he most likely won't know my stack. The guy in front of me makes it 11k preflop (1/2k) and I look down and squeeze an ace, and another ace! Wow. I call. He turns over AK and I win and go up to 18k. If only I won TT vs AK and then get AA vs AK I would of been up to 160k -- if it still goes down like that. Enough dreaming.

A couple hands later UTG limps, cutoff limps, and the small blind (same AK guy) makes it 11k. I have 99 in the big blind 7 handed and move in. UTG tanks and mucks, cutoff mucks. Small blind calls with AT. UTG mucked AJ another player mucked AT. Good. I win while the board runs out 35627 and I am not up to 42k. The AKss player makes it 7k preflop from 2nd position and I shove AJhh from the cutoff and he mucks and I am not around 60k.

Next orbit the hijack limps for 2k. I had played with this guy all day and he limped his mediocre hands. I had QKo and decided to limp the cutoff. The flop comes K45cc and the old man who was just moved to the table leads for 5k. I decide I might be behind here and I just call. I haven't played with him at all. The turn is gin coming the Qd. He bets 10k. I tank for a while and decide he has to have at least a king here and will most likely call me. Firing two bullets in that situation is pretty strong. I move in 38k more and he tanks for a while and calls with KJ, drawing dead. In a matter of about 15 minutes I am back from 7k to 115k with 14 left.

Now this is where it gets kind of interesting. We are 6 handed and there are 3 players at the table not playing against each other. The other table 6 handed and they are all regulars and haven't busted anyone yet since we have gotten down to 2 tables I believe. I realize why I hate this place now. I stay aggressive and try to pound them and win the tournament. These players try to make the final 9 so they can all just chop the money and take home their 10k profit or whatever. UTG guy makes it 7k at 1200/2400 and I look down at 22 on the button. Against this player I would probably call here and outplay flops (since I have position) even though we both aren't too deep stacked, but given the table dynamics I decide to raise. He has about 50k total. I make it 21200 and he moves in for 26k more. Dang. I immediately regret playing the hand how I did but realize I can't fold. I call. He turns over AK again. I tell him I have a pair lol and I turn over my deuces. It's 100k flip and I will have a great stack and will knock out one of the regulars if I win. I don't sweat the board. I look away and don't hear anything. This is the same guy who screamed before. I must be good. I look back at the board and see the turn card. The board reads Q765, yes, one card away from a huge pot. The river comes the K! He screams in excitement, probably his loudest scream ever and I lose the 100k pot and go down to ~65k. Oh well.

There is a hard rock regular lady who is the most blessed individual in the world. She moves in 5 times in a row for 120k at 1200/2400 with no callers. She moved all in from the small blind into my big blind when I had about 60k. I looked down at KJ and opted to fold. She showed me an Ace (after telling me she would show me both) and told me the other one was really big!! I've played with this lady enough and know how she plays and how she donkey shoves a ton and somehow still does well in this tournament. People just fold to her thinking she is incapable of not having a hand. And she will show a good hand every now and then when she does have it. Anyway she beats me out of some pots like she limps sb I raise bb with 89ss she calls. Flop k62r and she moves in 100k when i had 50k behind. So not much I can do.

I try to get my stack back up but if I picked up a hand I got no action, or I had no hand when I raised and had to muck. I get grinded down to 40k at 1500/3000 and Goldberg limps for 3k in 2nd position, the lady makes it 16k on the cutoff and I shove 40k on the button with AQdd. She calls with AJcc (this was the first time she actually made a real raise and didnt move in -- probably because the other player she stays away from limped for 3k) and she says "wow I didnt think you had that good of a hand!" Well obvioulsy lady you can't fold for 24k after putting in 16k but that's just what I'm dealing with. She flops the Jack no problem and I bust in 11th or 12th place with 9 being paid and about 30k to first.

Pretty frustrating given how the whole tournament went. One flip here or there and I might be 30k richer. I made some good plays, made some bad plays. I think I need to be a little more patient sometimes live but its tough when I know exactly what I'm up against. Not actually patient but maybe just tighter. It's not like I got my chips in bad in any big pots but the 22 vs AK was a blessing I wasn't crushed. That hand a lot went through my mind and I was basically bluffing preflop but knew I had to call a shove. I could talk more about that hand but I will spare the details. It wasn't my tournament. I didnt hit a set all day which was an interesting statistic after I thought about the tournament. I kept thinking why couldn't I hit a set of deuces vs the AK =). Some situations didn't work out for me when they could have. It's frustrating but I will be playing in a couple more live tournaments coming up so I am glad that I got to shake off a little rust and get deep and realize some of my mistakes. Goodnight guys.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weekend Poker...

"Ask for a better hand? I tried colliding with my problems, yeah I never ran. That'll make me less a man. I ain't go from not havin' it to being arrogant. I dreamt, went grabbin' it, just being passionate." - Joe Budden - Better Me

I didn't play poker for a little while because of my birthday festivities last week. My girlfriend came into town and some other friends and I spent time with them. I didn't play at all last weekend which was a little frustrating since I had been pretty hot on Sundays having a couple shots every week. Oh well. With all that said I was back in action on Saturday. I played the typical Saturday schedule which involves almost every big tournament and got lucky enough to win the 100r on Full Tilt.

There is a hand from the final table that I think I played wrong that I will post here and discuss.

Okay basically the history is this: The table is very weak and intervention is really the only person who is showing aggression. Rich is playing super tight and fox is playing passive tight. Intervention is to my left and it is obviously me vs him for the table aggression. I would imagine hes calling preflop with a huge range and floating the flop a big percentage of the time here. I figured he would float the flop and try to put pressure on me since there is one real short stack and both opponents are really weak. I wanted to check shove the turn because of the table dynamics but the board paired and he made a good bet. I decided against it because I knew I could get my chips in better, in case he did have it...

What do you guys think or what do you guys do here? Thanks in advance.

Full Tilt Poker Game #9601505278: $60,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) (70052022), Table 14 - 5000/10000 Ante 1000 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:11:45 ET - 2008/12/20
Seat 2: Intervention (547,126)
Seat 5: foxjizzle (287,811)
Seat 7: Rich taste1 (99,404)
Seat 8: Cre8ive (376,659)
Intervention antes 1,000
foxjizzle antes 1,000
Rich taste1 antes 1,000
Cre8ive antes 1,000
Cre8ive posts the small blind of 5,000
Intervention posts the big blind of 10,000
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Cre8ive [Ac 5c]
foxjizzle folds
Rich taste1 folds
Cre8ive raises to 28,500
Intervention calls 18,500
*** FLOP *** [Jd 7c 3c]
Cre8ive has 15 seconds left to act
Cre8ive bets 32,000
Intervention calls 32,000
*** TURN *** [Jd 7c 3c] [3h]
Cre8ive has 15 seconds left to act
Cre8ive checks
Intervention has 15 seconds left to act
Intervention bets 80,000
Cre8ive has 15 seconds left to act
Cre8ive has requested TIME
Cre8ive folds
Uncalled bet of 80,000 returned to Intervention
Intervention mucks
Intervention wins the pot (125,000)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 125,000 | Rake 0
Board: [Jd 7c 3c 3h]
Seat 2: Intervention (big blind) collected (125,000), mucked
Seat 5: foxjizzle folded before the Flop
Seat 7: Rich taste1 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: Cre8ive (small blind) folded on the Turn

(Taken from PocketFives Thread - Hand From 100r Final Table)

I ended up not shoving the turn when I should of shoved it. Basically I know the shove is "+EV" (I'm not really an ev guy but I guess I need to learn some of the principles and math behind it all) but given the table and how everything was going I felt I could fold here and pick a better spot. Everything I said above about how I know its a high probability I'm getting floated and everything gives me more of a reason to shove. People in the thread where I posted the hand said he most likely raises a Jack on the flop and probably wouldn't bet a 7. So it's possible he has a 3 or air, but who knows. Anyway I thought I played the hand bad since I didn't shove the turn but luckily I still took down the tournament.

Yesterday (Sunday) went horribly for me. I got deep in a couple tournaments and lost a couple huge pots to some sick beats. Sundays are just those days where sometimes you give sick beats and sometimes you take them, yesterday was my day to take them. Hopefully I can have a shot at a big Sunday tournament win before the year is over. One more week to do that lol.

Other than poker things have been pretty quiet. Stu, Brian, Tim (cane3418), Hans (miamihans), Steve, and I went to the Heat vs. Lakers game on Friday. It was a good game and the Heat pulled it out. Kobe's buzzer beater to tie the game rattled in and then out. We hung out in Miami a little bit and saw Tim's new condo that is in the same condo place as Hans' condo, directly across the street from American Airlines arena. Pretty sick places they have.

Also Congratulations to my sister and her Husband for having their child. His name is Jeffrey and I am an uncle! It's pretty neat and everyone is excited that we have a new member in the family. Someone told me he came out of the womb holding K8o but I don't know who can verify that. Maybe one of the nurses, I'll have to ask around. =)

I will stop slacking and update some more. I don't know if I am going to go to the PCA tournament in the Bahamas like I went last year. Probably not. I think I might end up going to Biloxi for the WPT in early January instead. I have never played a WPT tournament so it would be exciting to play one. I've just played the side events for the most part never a 10k+. Expect some more blogs more frequently and I still have that big news approaching. Also I am writing an article for pocketfives. I have a pretty good topic I am going to write about that hopefully people enjoy. Goodnight guys.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What Is A Blog...?

"And my motto is when you get inside the end zone, act like you been there before. Says something about your character to always brag, so if you never had, act like you always have, for real..." - Joe Budden - Goto Hell.

It seems like every time I get in the red zone I can't ever get that touchdown. I know I haven't blogged in a while. I sort of forgot about it. Not really forgot, I just never got around to updating it. Let me first give you guys a little poker tidbits then I will talk about what I have been up to.

It's currently Sunday night entering Monday morning. I just got 7th in the 200r on Pokerstars and 11th in the $500 500k Guaranteed. I feel like I played pretty well in both and it just didn't go my way. The last 4 times I have played the $500 NL on stars I have gotten 14th (11/09), 16th (11/30) and 11th tonight (12/7) WOW. Last Sunday I came in 16th and then this Sunday 11th. Jeez. It really is frustrating. Welcome to the life of poker. I lost 14th with 66 vs AQ, 16th AA vs AdJ on Q45ddd board (called pre with AA to trap) and tonight lost JJ vs AK in the end. The pot that hurt me the most tonight was this:

Aggressive/bad player from Paris raises to 73k at 15/30k he has about 800k. He raised the hijack 6 handed. This guy had been raising a lot and I think he had betting tells with this type of raise being weaker and his 3x being stronger. Anyway it folds to the sb who has about 700k and has been a tight player. The player has been tight but is also not scared to get it in. Earlier the small blind raised the cutoff with 88 and the bb reraised and he shoved it in with 88 and won vs the big blinds AK. So anyway I am the chip leader with about 1.3m. The small blind moves in for 700k and i have AQo in the Big blind. My instincts initially told me to fold. Considering how tight this guy had been the last 2 hours I have played with him and just everything about the hand initially my instincts were saying fold fold fold. And I almost folded pretty quickly. INSTEAD... I clicked timebank and thought about it. The blinds were not 15/30k and he only has about 20bbs. This other guy has been very aggressive and the blinds are going up he can't stay so tight forever. I came to the conclusion in my head that he would shove AJ or weaker hands than AQ and I reshoved all in. The initial 73k raiser folded and the guy turned over AK and won. I went down to 600k.

I have been telling myself to listen to my first initial instinct lately but I keep forgetting that I tell myself this after the fact and never put it to use. I wish I would of here. I just didn't feel right about the hand but after thinking over and over about it I think I have to reshove, but I just wish in this instance I would of folded because I would of been right (to listen to my instincts, etc.) The table I was at was pretty easy and I was playing pretty tight because I had Jovial Gent to my left reraising me. I didn't want to get into any big pots like that without a dominating hand but I guess I couldn't help it there. Any comments appreciated.

So yeah, the $500 NL and the $200r are my unicorns. I guess any major Sunday tournament is my unicorn because I haven't won any of them lol. I have had some pretty close shots at the 200r lately too. I don't want to make myself more depressed than I already am so I wont look those stats up.

I had a good month overall last month but still am not grinding like I said I would. I am not putting in the hours I keep talking about putting in and my friends are getting on my case about it. It's hard to balance out your life if you're playing poker 10-12 hours a day. So let me get into what I have been doing instead.

Last weekend I went down to Miami to visit Miamihans and cane3418 (Hans and Tim.) Hans has a condo right in the middle of the city of Miami and cane just got a place in the same condo building. The first night we went out to a party that had an open bar and all got pretty drunk. We got back to Hans' condo at about 3am and went in his hot tub. It was me, Hans, Tim, Hans' girlfriend, and our other friend John. We were playing some drinking games in the hot tub and then decided to play volleyball. John kept talking about how he is the best in the world at volleyball. John and Hans decide they will play volleyball vs me and Tim. Hans' girlfriend ended up leaving and we went over to the beach volleyball court. (Now when Hans and John went to get the ball I told Tim that I have played volleyball since 7th grade and was first team all state, etc. Tim also told me he knew how to play so our chances looked good.)

John and Hans wanted to bet so we ended up betting $500 the first game. We did best of 3 series. Me and Tim killed John and Hans 15-3 15-2 or something like that. Easy $500. Then they said they wanted a rematch! Hahahaha. So we scooped another $500 again after we beat them another best of 3. Remember earlier when John said he was the best? Yeah, well he was the absolute worst. He was kicking the ball and absolutely clueless as to how to play volleyball. I guess it was just the liquor talking. We switched teams on the third game to me and John vs Tim and Hans to make it more even. Since I had money riding on the game I didn't want to lose and I was trying to tell John what to do and how to play, but he wasn't listening. John had a BIG bet on the last series as well to get even. He wasn't taking it seriously or listening to what I had to say though. At one point I wanted to lose just because he was being such a moron. Kicking his serves and kicking the ball. All they would do is serve to him and he would just screw up every ball. I told him to just go up to the net and I would get every first ball but he wasn't listening. We ended up going to the third game and then I shut it down serving. Started off 7-0 and I think we won 15-3. John is a complete idiot on the volleyball court and I will never be his partner again if we are playing for money, lol. So $1500 scoop at the volleyball courts down in Miami.

The next night I went out again and it was pretty uneventful. Miami/South Beach has a lot of stuck up clubs and places and I really don't enjoy or appreciate that. One club tried to tell us it was $80 to get in and $1500 for a table and a bottle. LOL. Ridiculous. I did get to eat some arepas and I love them.

If you don't know what it is, look it up, cause I'm not really sure lol. I guess they can be made different ways but the ones I had were with cheese and it was delicious. I wish I had some right now!

So down in Miami I had some close shots and almost final tabled the $500 NL when I got 16th and Hans almost won the FTP tourney getting 30th place. I ended up coming home Tuesday afternoon after bubbling the 1k on FTP Monday Night. It was fun down there but it's a lazy environment and I don't get to workout and get everything done.

My Birthday is coming up in a week (December 15th.) Send any presents to.. Just kidding lol. I am going to be 24. It is pretty crazy that I am turning 24. I definitely don't feel that old and feel like I should be turning 18. I just don't feel old. I guess that's a good thing. Time flies honestly. I feel like I haven't accomplished enough yet at my age but then people remind me of things I have done; like graduate college, etc. I feel like I have goals and visions of where I want to be and I am not there yet. I don't worry about how old I am or what I have accomplished at so and so age (ex: I want to be a billionaire by 25.) I know some people do this and try to plan out their life in relation to their age but age is just a number and life is just a game. You can't rush things or plan things. Aside from all of that it is amazing how it feels like just yesterday I turned 21. We'll see what I decide to do for my birthday. I know some friends will be coming into town.

I guess that's enough rambling for now. I have had complaints about blogging about my personal life and not strictly sticking to poker so I better shut up! Whoever said that should realize that poker is a part of my life and my life is much greater than poker (but I understand poker content is more entertaining =]) Goodnight guys.

P.S. I also played at a fun live cash game the other night and got involved in a sick cooler with a guy I had a tell on which is pretty interesting I will probably blog about the next time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow Up Post/FTOPS Frustration...

"Its hard to do when you've got nothing to prove. Everybody knows you better, you're in a lose lose. Cause even when you win, ultimately you lose. Real dudes like, 'Why Hov talking to Dude?'" Jay-Z - Dig A Hole

Okay, Okay, Okay! I guess my last blog was a little outside the box and over some heads. I know it was pretty crazy in itself. Haha. It's pretty funny to see the responses from some people on the Internet and some at the poker tables. I just posted that hand and explained the situation because I had seen that situation played before and knew what would likely happen in the hand. I am not saying I am 3 betting light and calling 4 bet shoves light all the time in my poker game. It just so happened I did that in that specific example. When push comes to shove that is a way a hand might play out.

In the hand K8 is the absolute worst I would probably ever call with there. Obviously I wish I had AT or QK or a hand that plays better but I still called and gambled. I am not advocating calling 4 bet shoves with K8 or anything like that. All I wanted to show you in the blog was taking previous situations and using them in the future, and not being scared to do it. I wasn't bragging that I was ahead with K8 vs JT or trying to make any other implications like that. Simple stating I knew that the player I was up against was capable of 4bet shoving really light there which I could be a favorite in the hand and gamble. It's a gamble from both ends. The shover is hoping the 3 bettor doesn't have a real hand and the caller is hoping the shover doesn't have a real hand. It's a big gamble regardless but there is obviously way more to the hand if you want to get into that, but I am not going to. That's all I will say about that topic I guess. So to all those eThugs and Internet Gangsters who hide behind their computers and forum posts, enjoy. Call the play stupid, call the blog stupid, call me stupid. It's fine. No worries here lol. Come back and read the next blog!

On to some other poker talk. The FTOPS just finished and I am probably the biggest FTOPS failure ever. I got 7th in the PLO 6max Event, 11th in the 300 NL 9 handed, and 9th in the PLO 9 handed Event. I had a couple other cashes in the FTOPS and ended up 2nd overall on the FTOPS Leaderboard. I think the winner of the leaderboard got a custom avatar, which would of been... interesting lol. I've seen other avatars and maybe its better I got 2nd! Haha Just kidding. It's just pretty frustrating to get close in a couple big tournaments and end up where I did. I don't think I necessarily did anything wrong (except in the PLO 9 handed bustout hand.) I've analyzed the hands and situations in the tournaments and didn't find anything that cost me the tournaments, I don't believe. I don't know what else to look forward to in poker in the near future. Every Sunday is fun, but aside from that I guess I will get excited for whatever big live tournament I play next.

Tonight I had my semifinals YMCA basketball game. We played the gold team two weeks ago and we lost by two points. The final play of the game I had the ball and drove past my man and got double teamed, leaving another player wide open under the basket for a layup. He missed the layup and we ended losing. I now know why some people don't give the ball up at the end of the game. =) We played the same team we lost to two weeks ago and smashed them by 30 points this time. The Championship game will be on Friday. If we win I will be 1 for 1 in YMCA Championships (Which doesn't say much lol.) It's been about a year since I had ACL surgery and my knee is feeling pretty good. It will take a couple more months before it doesn't bother me at all but at least I can play once again, even if im not 100%.

I guess that's all I really have to say. I will post a couple more interesting hands in the future to give some more insight on how I view poker. I also would like to say that poker is not a science. You can never ALWAYS be right when you play poker. You can never be the best. Anyone who thinks they are the best or thinks that they are that much better than Player A, B, and C are completely ignorant. There are plenty of ways to view this game and there are different ways to succeed. Goodnight guys.

P.S. - Although I don't post a whole lot on either site, I am a member of pocketfives and twoplustwo for anyone who cares =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is This What Poker Will Come To?...

"I'm searchin Victory, she keeps eluding me. If only we could be together momentarily. We could make love and make history. Why won’t you visit me?" - Jay-Z - History

I decided I am going to start all my blog posts with a quote or a line that has a lot of meaning from a song of my choice. I guess I might use lines from the same songs on different days but I figured it would be interesting none the less. For anyone who knows me and talks to me on AIM, I have always used lines from songs in my away messages for years and years now, so I decided to incorporate it into my blog. Hopefully I don’t have to explain any quotes to everyone but some of them are pretty deep and have hidden meanings so I guess I'll explain if needed.

Anyways, today’s post is actually going to be a hand I played last night in the $100 1Rebuy 1Addon Tournament on Full Tilt. It's a pretty crazy hand and I might get some flack for it because I immediately got flack after the hand. Here's the hand and I'll explain.

Full Tilt Poker Game #8944346342: $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (67523634), Table 12 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:05:48 ET - 2008/11/12
Seat 1: charder30 (16,030)
Seat 2: McNallyville (16,831)
Seat 3: pokerarg (48,835)
Seat 4: sampson724 (20,901)
Seat 5: tedsfishfry (36,311)
Seat 6: Cre8ive (64,880)
Seat 7: Sleepy_Hippo (27,487)
Seat 8: zestfulyclean (18,850)
Seat 9: kenaw (18,758)
charder30 antes 100
McNallyville antes 100
pokerarg antes 100
sampson724 antes 100
tedsfishfry antes 100
Cre8ive antes 100
Sleepy_Hippo antes 100
zestfulyclean antes 100
kenaw antes 100
Sleepy_Hippo posts the small blind of 400
zestfulyclean posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Cre8ive [Kh 8c]
kenaw folds
charder30 folds
McNallyville folds
pokerarg has 15 seconds left to act
pokerarg folds
sampson724 folds
tedsfishfry raises to 2,000
Cre8ive raises to 5,950
Sleepy_Hippo folds
zestfulyclean folds
tedsfishfry raises to 36,211, and is all in
Cre8ive calls 30,261
tedsfishfry shows [Tc Jc]
Cre8ive shows [Kh 8c]
*** FLOP *** [5d Jd 9h]
*** TURN *** [5d Jd 9h] [As]
*** RIVER *** [5d Jd 9h As] [7h]
tedsfishfry shows a pair of Jacks
Cre8ive shows Ace King high
tedsfishfry wins the pot (74,522) with a pair of Jacks
tedsfishfry: sick call
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 74,522 | Rake 0
Board: [5d Jd 9h As 7h]
Seat 1: charder30 folded before the Flop
Seat 2: McNallyville folded before the Flop
Seat 3: pokerarg folded before the Flop
Seat 4: sampson724 folded before the Flop
Seat 5: tedsfishfry showed [Tc Jc] and won (74,522) with a pair of Jacks
Seat 6: Cre8ive (button) showed [Kh 8c] and lost with Ace King high
Seat 7: Sleepy_Hippo (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: zestfulyclean (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: kenaw folded before the Flop

Let me give you some background information before you immediately look at this hand and think I'm an idiot or a monkey or just lucky he had JT suited and not had me dominated. I had played this tournament very good up until this point. I gained chips by waiting for good hands and taking advantage of position and players when I got my stack. I just got moved to this table 2-3 hands prior. I know tedfishfry is Shaun Deeb and I know how Shaun Deeb plays. I also know that with me coming to a new table with chips, people automatically assume I'm going to put pressure on them. Since I was to the immediate left of Shaun Deeb, I knew he would think the same. I have seen Shaun Deeb shove really light in this spot before. I have a pretty good memory so I realized when he led out his raise. He had raise one of the first couple hands I was at the table so I knew he was being aggressive as well. He opens to 2k (we are about 20-30 away from the money and I'm top 3 in chips probably) and I look down at K8o. He's on the cutoff and I'm on the button. I reminded myself about the earlier statement where I know he’s most likely going to shove if I reraise and I told myself that if I do 3bet him I know he will shove lighter than K8 so I am going to call him. I know it’s probably bad to automatically dictate what you are going to do in a hand before the action happens but I had reasoning behind it. I make it 5950 and he thinks about it for a second and shoves. With the timing and everything of his shove I was pretty sure that this was his 4bet reshove move and I snap called. He turns over JT and he wins the pot.

After the board ran out and the hand had played he said "sick call" as you can see in the chat but I think it was more sarcasm than anything. People at the table assumed I misclick called and then tried to take credit for making a call where I was ahead (I wont say good call -- but I was ahead lol.) I wouldn't ever do that. If I misclicked I would have said I misclicked, but I already knew what he was going to do before he did it and therefore called. There was some discussion after the hand and people kept saying I misclicked, blah blah blah, and then Shaun stated that his range for reshoving there isn’t as light as I tried to make out. He said I beat 4 hands and race with 7 others and dominated by everything else (he said something like that.) But I figure his range is more open than that.

So what I want to talk about here is stubborn poker. I am a stubborn person, and sometimes a stubborn poker player. This is what case of when push comes to shove and I am going to shove you right back. He opens light, I reraise light, and he thinks I am re-raising light so he 4bet shoves light. Since I know that he knows this I decide to call his shove light with my hand (K8) because I assume that it is ahead of the hands he is going to shove on me. I normally don’t play 100bb flip at this stage in the tournament (flip as in how this hand played out) but like I said, if people are going to start playing poker where they 4bet shove light, then sometimes you’re going to have to take a stand and call light. I'm not scared to call with K high if I think I am right. I know I might be crazy for playing a pot like this and thinking "yeah I am ahead and I am going to combat 4bet light shoving with calling with marginal hands that I think beat their range" but I might have to sometimes.

Learn this lesson. I finally am. Poker is always evolving and you can't be scared to try to do different things or be the person that is doing something everyone is not doing. If I was going to play poker like everyone else then what would set me apart from the rest of the world? How would I beat players if we play identical? I wouldn't. It would come down to who wins the coin flip or is on the right side of the cooler or runs better every time. I don't want to have to base my livelihood off of winning a coin flip. I am going to keep experimenting with my game and keep adjusting to how others play and try to make drastic jumps ahead of the pack. So call me stupid, call me an idiot, and call me a misclicker (lol)... But if this is what poker will come to we better watch out =)

Now for some more evidence... To back up everything I said. This hand was about one hour after the hand with me and Deeb. Same exact scenario. We are now in the money and down to 2 tables. We have just gotten to the new tables and Deeb has a stack on his immediate left again. Here's the hand history.

Full Tilt Poker Game #8945353332: $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (67523634), Table 3 - 1200/2400 Ante 300 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:11:03 ET - 2008/11/13
Seat 1: blizair (99,876)
Seat 2: dswdo (43,230)
Seat 3: 9InchRich (32,502)
Seat 4: thatcher1979 (68,753)
Seat 6: a_zuzolo (70,741)
Seat 7: tedsfishfry (117,069)
Seat 8: paddiewaddie (123,135)
Seat 9: LURCH PAPA (45,708)
blizair antes 300
dswdo antes 300
9InchRich antes 300
thatcher1979 antes 300
a_zuzolo antes 300
tedsfishfry antes 300
paddiewaddie antes 300
LURCH PAPA antes 300
blizair posts the small blind of 1,200
dswdo posts the big blind of 2,400
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
9InchRich folds
thatcher1979 folds
a_zuzolo has 15 seconds left to act
a_zuzolo folds
tedsfishfry raises to 5,555
paddiewaddie has 15 seconds left to act
paddiewaddie raises to 15,555
blizair folds
dswdo folds
tedsfishfry has 15 seconds left to act
tedsfishfry raises to 116,769, and is all in
paddiewaddie has 15 seconds left to act
paddiewaddie folds
Uncalled bet of 101,214 returned to tedsfishfry
tedsfishfry shows [Jd Qh] Queen Jack high
tedsfishfry wins the pot (37,110)
9InchRich stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 37,110 | Rake 0
Seat 1: blizair (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: dswdo (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: 9InchRich folded before the Flop
Seat 4: thatcher1979 folded before the Flop
Seat 6: a_zuzolo folded before the Flop
Seat 7: tedsfishfry collected (37,110)
Seat 8: paddiewaddie folded before the Flop
Seat 9: LURCH PAPA (button) folded before the Flop

Look familiar?

So many I'm not as crazy as I think after all. I did end up coming back from the 100bb pot loss and losing a big flip on the bubble of the final table and finished in 9th when I was last in chips going into the final table. At least I outlasted tedfishfry, lol. =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back To Back FTOPS Final Table Bubbles...

It's 4:30am and I just got 11th in the $300 NL FTOPS. It was 278k to first place. I received 15k for my 11th place finish but I am very disappointed. It's not often where you get so close to a large amount of money like that. I missed the 6max bounty in the morning, so technically my last 2 FTOPS Events I have played I bubbled both final tables, pretty sick. I also got 6th in the 100r 1+a 6max tournament and then 14th in the $500 NL on stars. Man tonight is crazy. I had three shots. The 6max was only 19k to first, but the $500 NL was 92k and the FTOPS was 278k. Jeez. I am really devastated. I lost AK vs 99 to bust tonight. I had no shot, it came JJ9 flop. I played really good and was really short after losing KK vs AQ and battled back from only about 3 big blinds. In the end I got involved with the chip leader in a couple pots (bigdogpckt5s) and he was really loose and aggressive and he got the best of me in a couple of pots so I regret going up against him. It looked like he was getting smacked by the deck though. Oh well.

Sorry guys for sounding so depressed and disappointed. I have had such a great week from last Sunday to this Sunday. I am up a LOT of money in tournaments, but no huge wins. I guess everything is clicking and as soon as everything falls into place I will have a big win. My money is getting in good and I am seeing the game differently than I did in the past. I'm not too upset because I played good in all my tournaments just a little disappointed that I was so close to so much money. I guess there is always tomorrow where I can go for my third FTOPS final table bubble in a row.

Oh wait, I didn't bubble the 100r FTOPS that my buddy cane won, but still.. back to back days of bubbling a FTOPS final table hurts. But guess what, It's done with. Time to move on and get ready to play tomorrow. Night everyone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

FTOPS Final Table Bubble And A Win!...

Earlier in the day I got 7th in the 6-max PLO FTOPS tournament. It was very very very disappointing to get so close and lose. First place was 75k and I was the chip leader, or close to the chip lead for almost the whole end of the tournament until I busted. I got unlucky, or didn't get lucky, in the end. Obviously there were some hands where I got lucky along the way but in the end it wasn't my day. I lost AAA9ss vs AKT3hh all in preflop for 300k (to knock a player out) and then lost a big coinflip with AA75cc vs JTQ6 on a JTcc5 board. I am about 45% to win that hand and that was a huge pot. That hand was basically my tournament. I lost another 300k pot where I was a favorite and then a couple other pots could of went my way. I think I played very well and hopefully I can continue to play well. There was one hand on the bubble that I would like to talk about though.

85 get paid or something like that. We are only a couple people away from the money. I have about 15k or 20k and I have AT24dd in the big blind. The blinds are 300/600 or 400/800. I'm not exactly sure. It folds to the button and he raised it to lets say 2k. Now my hand is garbage, but I like bubble play, especially in a field like the FTOPS where people really want to make the money. This guy was an unknown so I assumed that he wanted to make the money as well. I also assumed that he could only continue with AA or KK (whatever plo combos) and that would be it. I decided to 3bet him to 6k roughly, and if he shoved in his last 12k I would fold. Again, I only thought he would continue with made AA or KK here or a huge hand like AQJKds -- double suited -- etc... He ended up just calling! I definitely didn't expect that to happen. The flop came 886 I believe. I had him covered by about 200 chips and decided again that I had to go with it and keep the pressure on the bubble. He ended up thinking about it for a second and called with KKxx. I turned the Ace and won the pot. I don't know if he was trapping me preflop or what. I don't think he was trapping me. If he was then I think he played his hand perfectly, but I think he wanted to see a safe flop and then decide to continue or not. This is really the only hand that I feel I played questionably and I was very happy with how I played today.

Now on to the FTOPS WINNER!!!! CANE3418!!! My buddy TIM! Congratulations man!!!! I was getting ready to go out tonight when Stu texted me and told me cane was chip leader with 7 left in the 100r FTOPS. I decided to turn on my laptop and sweat him a little before I went out. Fifteen minutes later he was three handed with the chip lead and then heads up. I watched the heads up battle in excitement and anticipation of what could be a 6 figure score for my friend. He battled back and forth with the guy keeping the chip lead for the most part and then ended up finally beating him on the river to a pretty sick beat =). BUT... I am not here to talk about a bad beat he put on someone so congratulations again man and I am glad you won!

Cane won his jersey now it is my time to win my jersey and a 6 figure score. I was only 6 people away today from a jersey and 75k so hopefully I can have another chance again, which I'm sure I will.

I am kind of offended that someone said my BLOG USED TO BE GOOD AND NOW IT SUCKS. Actually, I'm not offended at all. Haha. I constantly say to whomever reads this blog if you have ideas and topics that you want me to talk about or things you like that I talk about, let me know. And if you don't like my blog then don't read it. Period. =) But I'd rather have constructive criticism than someone just telling me "Oh your blog used to be good now it sucks and you suck too."

I don't know if I told you guys but go buy JOE BUDDEN's CD at http://www.amalgamdigital.com/ Joe Budden is one of the most underrated hip hop artists and he is a genius. Honestly. This guy says some of the craziest things but anyone who has ever gone through some problems can relate and Joe is just so smooth and creative and man. I definitely want to get this guy into my studio when I get a studio and I can't wait to see what we work out and what kind of record we make. Anyway, I'm gonna let you guys watch another documentary from Jay-Z which is good and then a new song from Jay-Z. Jay-z is another rapper who is unique as well. These guys are honestly geniuses. People look at rap music and rappers as thugs and hoodlums, etc etc.. but I am telling you these people are Sui generis individuals. Someone set me up with a dinner with these guys, thanks. A&Rs I hope you read my blog!! Haha. Alright, enough of me dreaming but music is amazing and I will most definitely be talking more about these guys in future blogs and for the rest of my life. This whole last paragraph sounds really corny but I will leave it anyway. Oh well =)

JAY-Z -- History (I don't think its necessarily about Obama.. but I guess some people are trying to make it out to be)

Below is a link for a video from the BBC. They did a documentary on Jay-Z. Basically anyone who is a Jay-z fan should check it out. You kind of get more of a view into his life and everything. You actually have to go to this site to watch the videos. Its called "He came. He saw. He conquered." So anyone can look it up since the video I watched previously isn't working. Here is the link. http://fatlacemagazine.uproxx.com/?p=2999

P.S. On a side note I am really excited that Barack Obama was elected President and I think he will do a great job. I just think anyone who is in situation is made to succeed. He has everyone counting on him and I don't think he will fail. I think everyone is coming together at this point and realizing we need to make lots of changes in the United States. Hopefully Obama will have all the right people around him and the world can be a better place. We will see what happens but I am excited to see where the United States is heading. I am glad we have had a change like this. Okay, enough politics. Goodnight.

ALSO -- Check out my buddy Brian's (who lives with me) blog. Apparently he just started one and I'm gonna send him some hits. He doesn't play poker or anything but his blog should be interesting in general. Him and I think alike and our minds are constantly thinking so I'm sure he'll have some interesting blogs. http://luckyme5.blogspot.com/

With so many plugs in my blog maybe Joe Budden or Jay-Z will see how I'm adding to their success and come down to South Florida. =)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Much Needed Update...

It's been a while since I updated everyone. I still am not finished with my project yet to reveal what I have been working on. Soon I will be able to let everyone know what the "BIG NEWS" is. I beat thedonator in the October PLB bet. He made a run in the end but I had to put the nail in the coffin towards the end of the month. I didn't play as much as I should have the whole month so I am planning on changing that in the month of November. I am going to play a lot this month, like I stated before.

My Halloween was pretty uneventful as well. I went out with some friends and my girlfriend to a club in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue. There were a bunch of people dressed up in costumes getting drunk and having a good time. I didn't partake in the costume festivities this year. I have had some great costumes in the past though.

This costume was from my Sophomore year in college. I took a costume made for 8-12 year olds and tailored it to my fitting. Lol. Here's what its supposed to look like:

Haha. Pretty funny costume I thought. I had fun with it. I had so much fun with the costume that I decided to do the same thing the next year.

I had to buy some girl's velvet material like pants from Walmart that were green to match and then I wore one of my dark green button up shirts to make the costume complete. Hahaha. Its supposed to look more like this:

This costume takes the cake. I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie BIG when he goes from a child to an adult. Except I transformed while I was wearing the costumes on Halloween! Too bad none of my friends were into wearing costumes this year or I would of had to try and top my last costume from two years ago (above.)

I just busted from all my tournaments tonight (bubbled like three big nightly's.) I think I am about to go to the gym and workout a little bit and then get ready to play some more tomorrow. Hopefully I can share my big news soon with everyone. I want everyone to be as excited about it as I am, so I guess its not bad to have a little hype and delay to the announcement. Don't let the suspense kill you! Goodnight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I don't know why I have all my blog titles end in "..." but I did it from the start but I will keep doing it. I was without Internet for about 4-5 days until Saturday. I really hate Comcast. They are horrible. It took them like 2-3 days to be able to get someone out here to fix my cable and Internet! What kind of business does that? I flipped on them and told them my business was dependent on the Internet and basically it was just me wasting my breath. Big companies really don't care about the little people. What can I do? Switch to a new service. That'll show em!!!

Anyway, aside from not having any Internet, I've played some poker, no news there. Let me move on to the next paragraph.

I have been working on something for almost a month now and it is almost done so I am getting pretty excited about it and will let everyone know about it when it is finished. I am excited as well for the FTOPS coming up again (maybe I can get my first 6 figure score.) I haven't made any final tables in any WCOOP or FTOPS event, so I'm really hoping I can be on my A-Game and get hot for a couple FTOPS events.

The PLB bet with thedonator is coming to an end, and I think I'm ahead by a small margin. He's played a lot more than me lately and has caught up, so I will probably grind the last couple of days of the PLB contest and make sure I lock my win. I also plan on grinding hardcore in the month of November. When I say hardcore I mean hardcore as in 10-12 hours a day, glued to the monitor, crushing tournaments. So watch out. I really don't let poker take over my life, so I am going to try to figure out the best schedule to live my life around poker for the month of November so I can play 10-12 hours and still workout and do other things I enjoy.

Aside from all of that news, there isn't really much else to talk about. Sorry for the last couple of blogs being pretty lame. I just haven't been in the mood to write or come up with interesting topics to talk about. I promise I will have some better blog posts soon.

Alright guys, goodnight. Will let you know about the big news soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been Busy...

I have been pretty busy with a project I'm working on that I will talk more about later in another blog post. I haven't played too much poker lately. The streak I had actually ended the day after I posted, which I probably jinxed myself. I have gotten close in a couple of big events. I got deep in the 200r again yesterday placing 13th or 14th. I lost two flips in a row and I was out. Today I got deep in the 100r at night, which was 30k to first, and I lost a big pot. I'll explain how it went.

LosChiefs had about 120k in mid/late position, I had 90k in the small blind, and skalexjung had about 60k or so in the big blind. Los made it 5200 preflop at 1k/2k with 25 people left in the tournament (in the money). I had 22 in the small blind and called, skalex called as well. The flop came AQcc2d. I checked, ska checked, and Los bet 10k. Los had been pretty aggressive and its a pretty big flop for action regardless. I decided to raise here and made it 23850. Ska tanked it for a little while before folding (I Thought he mucked a hand like AT or something like that maybe AJ) and I was hoping los had AK or AQ. Los decided to just call. The turn came the Kd. I didn't really like the turn. But I really don't think Los would of checked with JT on the flop. And the flush draw missed as well. I am now hoping he hit QK or AK. I decide I still need to bet so Los doesn't check behind and I bet 28k leaving myself with 32k. I did this because I wanted the impression of fold equity to still be there if Los had maybe Kxcc or some kind of hand where he was semi bluffing. He moved in and I called and he ended up having QQ and he scooped the 100bb pot. Pretty frustrating, but oh well. I think everything is pretty normal with the hand, and I'm going to go broke there always. Just is annoying being on the losing side of the pot deep in a big tournament when I had a nice stack already.

Anyway, aside from poker I have just been working out and getting other things done. I will reveal what I have been working on in a week or so and let you guys into my project. I'm still ahead of stu in our PLB bet but he said hes going to bring it this week and try to beat me. So we will see what happens. Since I didn't play much in the last week or so he caught up a little but tomorrow I will get back to the grind and keep improving my results. Grinding really helps a lot with your game and your results and I need to continue to do it.

I'm not really sure about what else to write about. I don't want to get boring and mundane with my blog. I would like to give you guys some interesting content every time I post but that's not always so easy =) I believe I have a basketball game tomorrow at the YMCA. I had my ACL surgery about 11 months ago and I'm still not 100% but I am back playing here and there and working my knee out until it is fully recovered and everything is alright. We are 4-1 in the YMCA league and its nice to shake the rust off and be back playing again. I am still rehabbing my knee and improving its strength as well in the strength in my legs. I talked to a fellow basketball player who had the same injury as me. He plays college basketball and he said it took him a year and a half before he was 100% and back playing. He said I looked good for having surgery 10 months ago. It was reassuring hearing this from someone who has gone through the same thing I've been going through. Each day I wonder if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I wonder if my knee is getting stronger and healthier, etc. Hopefully it doesn't take a year and a half to be 100% but the way things have been going for the rehab I don't doubt it. The surgery was pretty major and I guess I didn't have realistic expectations of when I would be back. I always thought I would be back in 6-8 months.

Oh well. That's it for now. Talk to you guys later. Goodnight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Streak Continues But Disappointed...

Disclaimer: This is not a brag blog. This is just me stating what's been going on with me lately in poker. I'm not one to brag so if you don't want to read about recent success stop here.

I have a 5 day streak of at least making a final table everyday. I have 6 final tables in 5 days. It started last Saturday and continued through today (Next Sunday.) In between are the days I did not play poker. Here's how it looks:

10-4 - $55 NL (1r 1a) - 1st place
10-5 - $100 NL - 4th place
10-6 - $120 Knockout - 3rd place
10-9 - $100r - 7th place
10-9 - $20r - 9th place
10-12 - $200r - 7th place

It's pretty disappointing making final tables and finishing in the bottom (top) of them. I can't stand getting 7-9th place. It makes me so angry and frustrated. In the first tournament I won, it was deepstacked and I was patient and pulled out the win. In the $100 NL it was a tough 4 handed lineup with bdbeatslayer and pikappraider and I got it in 99 vs AT for a big flip and lost. So nothing I can do there. The Knockout I also believe I played flawless. I lost a 700k pot with 88 vs 55 to have 2/3 the chip in play 3 handed, then busted a7 vs a5. Again, I played that tournament to the best of my abilities. The 100r I lost a flip to moneymaker. Oh well. The 20r I lost KK vs AK (I had him covered) and then QJ vs J9 (vs shortstacks J9) and ultimately KJ vs 22 (I shoved button he woke up in BB and I bricked.) So I ran pretty bad at that final table and busted 9th.

Tonight in the 200r, I really wanted to win it. I played very well and never got my money in bad. I won a big flip AK vs QQ early to get chips and coasted with the stack. I got my money in as a 70/30 favorite for the most part when getting down to the final table I believe. I won AK vs A5, AK vs A4, AA vs A6. I did get lucky when I called a shortstacks allin with K5 vs his AQ. And I did get very unlucky on the bubble to chop AA vs ATo all in preflop. He flopped QJK and I turned the T. So that pot might of changed my tournament around as well. I would of had 180k going into the final table instead of 90k. I won a coinflip vs andy mcleod at the final table with 8 left when he raised the cutoff at 3.5/7k to 16k and I shoved A9o in the bb for 85k. He called with 77 and I rivered a straight and won the flip. He moved in the very next hand for 60k and everyone folded. The very next hand he moved all in again for 80k in third position and I had A9cc on the button. I had 180k and the average stack has 20bbs. I think the blinds need TT-AA and AK and AQ to call my reshove, maybe folding AQ. So that's 6-7 hands they need to call with that can beat me if they get one of those hands. And Andy shoving, well I think he knows that he can shove light and pick up a lot of chips in the blinds and antes and nobody is really deep where his shove doesn't hurt us, so I think hes shoving a lot of hands. Suited connectors, any paint cards, most if not all aces, etc. I don't know if he was tilted at all from losing the flip vs me either. So all in all I think my a9cc reshove is not bad and I think it was unlucky the BB woke up with AKhh. Andy had 77 and his shove (again) and the board ran out AJxJx to knock andy out in 8th and me and 7th.

After I busted It was about 2:30am and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood to think about the final table and poker. I kept replaying the A9cc hand in my head and I think its the right play. I think andy is shoving a ton of hands that A9cc can beat and I still have 100k if I lose which I can manage and if I win I am up to 260k with a top stack. Like I said earlier there isn't too much room for play since the average was 20bbs at the final table, so I think the gamble is right. If anyone else has any comments let me know. But like I said, only the blinds are behind me and I think they need one of the 6 or 7 hands to call. (TT-AA and AK possibly AQ.) So probably just unlucky, but still annoying.

My results have been pretty good lately and if I keep putting results like this up I'm sure people will be surprised. I think I've always been one of those 'under the radar' guys. Personally, I don't care what people think about my game or if they know who I am or if I am a ranked player or what not. I don't really feel like I am a respected member of the online poker community, but it doesn't bother me one bit. I'd rather be the outsider who does his own thing and creates his own trail. No lie, just know I chose my own fate, I drove by the fork in the road and went straight! Let me explain a little more...

I've always been a winning poker player. When I first started playing my freshman year in college, I was a winner. I watched moneymaker win the main event, got a couple books on poker, and started immediately learning the game. I played online for real small stakes at Absolute Poker and did well off the bat. After learning the game and winning money on AP, I put money on Pokerstars and won a couple small tournaments. I think being naive and new to the game helped me because I didn't understand everything about poker like I do now (bad beats, etc.) Aside from playing online I would go to home games around Orlando as well. I played in a 2-5 NL Cash game and also a 2 table SNG style tournament. I did really well in all of these games and this is where I started to really have a passion for the game. Poker was fun, and that is the main reason why I think I did well.

So back to tying this into what I was saying before. Sometimes I feel people look at me and feel like I can not play poker. I am not a good player, I am not a winning player, I am just a person who knows how to play, etc. That's fine. I am not a person who cares about what other people think. I DON'T CARE what other people think what so ever; but I care what I think about myself. That's the point of my last couple paragraphs. I am basically driven lately to prove to myself I can be who I want to be in the poker world and have the results I want to have. For a long time I have played online and not really put too much time and effort into it, but that has changed as of late and I am determined to tear up poker lately. I have always been able to succeed at anything I've wanted to do, so I'm not going to let poker be an exception. *EDIT* After re-reading what I wrote, I do care what SOME people think. I care what my friends think to an extent, as well as myself. I care what my family thinks. I also want to show other's who doubt poker being a reasonable and possible way to make an income that it is possible and I am doing it. I don't care what other people think aside from myself, family and friends basically.

This also leads me to another lesson I've learned about poker and tournaments. Poker is a lot of luck. The more you play, the more chances you have to take down a tournament. I have recently realized this. The more you play, the more you learn, the more chances you have to win. I used to not play enough to see the benefits of playing a lot. I used to play a couple tournaments here and there and always cry about my luck, losing a big coinflip late or something. Now I realize there are more tournaments, sometimes you're going to lose. Just play good, make the right decisions and try your best. This is what I have been doing lately and I have come to peace with losing coinflips, losing races, losing 80/20s, etc. Luck happens in this game we play and you have to accept it. Luckily I have started to accept it.

I kind of lost my train of thought after a couple of IM conversations during me writing this blog, but I also want to say that acceptance in poker is all about results. People don't accept you or embrace you until you start winning. It's pretty pathetic. Like right now I only talk to a couple people about poker. I have a lot of people's screen names on my AIM buddy list who are ranked players, or supposedly good players, but I don't really talk to any of them. If I won the 100r a couple times and the $500 NL and kept crushing, then I'm sure more people would start IMing me. That's just how people are with people who are winning at the time. They think that if someone is winning all of a sudden that person must have figured something out about poker and then they want a piece of the information. Don't hop on the bandwagon people lol.

Hopefully I can continue to fly under the radar and put up good results. My only win the last week was in a 50 cubed tournament for 6k so that's not that spectacular. I need to keep putting myself in position to win and then come out with some more first place finishes. In due time. Goodnight guys.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PLB Bet, Television and Jay-Z...

I started talking about a PLB bet I have with Stu (thedonator) for the month of October last blog. It's going pretty well. The last 3 days I have made 3 final tables. Today I got 3rd in the $120 knockout on FTP. I got pretty unlucky three handed and should of won the tournament but oh well. Hopefully I can keep the streak going of cashing/final tabling/having a chance to win. I didn't play too many tournaments today but I know I need to play more tomorrow. It gets draining sitting in front of a computer for 10-12 hours without doing anything else except staring at the screen. I try to stand up and stretch and do some pushups and sittups from time to time but sometimes there is just no down time from clicking the mouse. I have a good lead in the PLB bet so far but there is a long way to go and one BIG tournament can change it around.

I don't get HBO but my buddy Hans showed me the show "Entourage" a year or so ago, I think last summer. The new season has started and it's an awesome show. I actually went and rented the older seasons and am in the process of watching them again. It's a really good series and I suggest anyone who hasn't seen it to go and watch it!!! That's basically all I have to say about that. The show is about an actor and his friends and their lives. It's really entertaining and the agent in the show, Ari, is my favorite character. His acting is incredible.

Anyway, off to some talk about music. If you guys have the time and like Jay-Z you should definitely check out this documentary about Jay-Z's first CD, Reasonable Doubt. It is definitely one of my most favorite CDs, if not my favorite, and the documentary lets you into the thought and passion behind the CD. You get to learn where Jay got his inspiration from and what his songs really mean. It's really interesting because it shows that there is more to his music than just what you hear. His music is amazing and this documentary is great as well. I suggest you all check it out. There is so much more behind good music then meets the eye and I can say I appreciate music and artists like Jay-Z. It's interesting because I caught a glimpse of his Vh1 StoryTeller's episode where he talked about the meaning behind his songs on his last CD American Gangster. To hear his insight about his work and how he can bring stories to life is just truly amazing. I will stop rambling and let you guys watch the documentary below. Its almost an hour long, but if you like Jay-Z or hip hop you will definitely enjoy it.

About to head to sleep. Will keep everyone updated on everything. Night.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Live Tournament HH and More...

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been pretty busy but I will get into all of that later in the blog. First I'm going to talk about a tournament I played a couple days ago, Friday, at the Isle casino. It was a $900 tournament with two day 1's and the final table concluding on Sunday. You started with 20000 in chips with an optional $20 2k addon. The blinds started at 25/50, the structure was good early then took a couple jumps.

I sat down at my table just as the tournament was starting and I knew some of the players. There were two people I know Pat and Mike. Pat is just1cool online (I talked about in an earlier blog) and Mike is TheBlade9. I had played with a couple other guys at the table last tournament at the Isle.

Since I had so many chips I figured I would splash around and try to get the table to open up a little as well. I wanted to create a crazy image so I could take advantage of it before the table broke since we were one of the first tables to break.

I watched the table, observed the players and then started playing a couple pots. In one pot I bluffed with 56ss on a QJ34dd board when I called 300 on the turn and fired at the river brick for 750 and got called by Q9. I threw my hand into the muck when he called. A couple hands later I had QT in a limped pot and the small blind bet out 150 the other 4 people in the pot called on a 9T3hh flop and I raised it to 750 to try to weed some people out and see what would happen. The small blind folded and the big blind reraised me to 1500. I decided to peel off a card because I didn't think that he would just call with a huge hand with 3 people left to act behind and the turn brought a 4d. He bet 2200 which I called again. The river came the 4s and he checked. If he had T3 ot 93 his two pair was now counterfeited or if he had a big draw he missed. I decided I would check as well because I wasn't too sure where I was at. The guy looked nervous during the hand but he turned over 9Tss and his nervous look must of just been his nerves for being in a big pot. Oh well, I had the wrong read.

After a couple orbits and playing a bunch of hands I was now down to 17k of my original 22k and decided it was time to play better and get some chips. The perfect opportunity came when UTG limped for 50 and the guy in 2nd position (to my right) made it 225. I called with 77 and UTG called. The flop came KJ7hh. UTG checked and the raiser fired 900. I was pretty surprised by this bet and KNEW he had a huge hand here. Either AK AA KK or maybe JJ. I knew he liked his hand. My initial reaction to his flop bet was to just call and possibly call all the way if I put him on KK. He was a pretty tight player and wouldn't put chips in the pot without a hand. I decided the best option here was to just call his bet on the flop because I thought I could possibly be beat as well. The turn brought another 7, giving me quads, and the best possible hand. He made it 1600 and I raised it to 5k. He called pretty quickly and the river came 2s. I still had the best hand and all the draws missed. He fired a 10k chip into the pot and I pushed in my 11k stack. He called and I showed the nuts and he mucked his hand and I was up to 34k. The guy tried to claim he had KK lol, which I definitely don't believe. Obviously this guy had something. The most likely hand he had was AA, and that's what I think he had. After the hand he just said nice hand and didn't seem to upset at the time, but then a couple minutes later tried to say he had KK and how lucky I got. Although all the money went in when I knew I was ahead. My image paid off and I was now up and running.

My original table broke and I was moved to a new table that seemed very easy. I had about 40k or so at this point and the blinds are 75/150. A guy in 2nd position makes it 1k preflop and I hear one of the people at the table "Is it 44 again?" Giving me the impression that this guy will raise big on any hand hes going to play. I looked down at AQ and wasn't sure exactly what I should do. I figured I could call his raise and see a flop in position and see what he does. The flop came A79 he checked to me and I checked as well. The turn was a 6 and he checked again and I bet 1500. He called and the river was a blank and I bet 2500 and he called with JJ. I won another nice pot.

This new table I was at I realized was going to be very easy to play against. Most of the guys were tight and passive and weren't going to play back at me at all. I was raising limpers and winning pots and playing about 50% of hands, dominating the weak table. I raised a 200 limp with ATo to 600 and the flop came 896cc he checked and I checked behind,. The turn came the 8s and he bet 1500. I read him as weak and decided to call the turn. The river came 3d and he bet 2500. I really thought he was bluffing here, which he was, with the best hand 55. So he won the pot and I mucked my hand. I get in these situations sometimes where I read the players correctly but their bluffs can beat my hands which have showdown value. So sometimes I need to realize I can always raise in spots like this on the river, which I have actually been doing on the Internet lately.

I have a couple very interesting hands in this tournament I'd like to talk about and I'd like comments on what you guys think are the best ways to play the hand. I will write in italics the hands which I'm talking about. The next hand is one of them.

I'm raising just about every hand and its my third hand raising in a row and I actually have a hand this time. I have AKc and one tight kid calls. The flop comes A69cc. I bet 900 and the tight player calls. Now I automatically know this kid has AJ or AQ. I already have seen him put in large raises preflop with QQ KK AA AK type hands so I think his range here is strictly AQ and AJ. The turn comes the Jc and I decide to check. I have the Kc nut blocker but if this guys range is strictly AQ and AJ here do I want to bluff him off of AJ since I can represent the nut flush? Anyway, since he can still have AQ I decided its best to just check call his bet on the turn. I checked he bet 1200 and I called. So now he still either has AQ or AJ. I don't see this guy having a baby flush here with suited connectors or anything so like I said, strictly AQ and AJ. The river comes the Ks and I check into him again and he checks and had AQ. Now my question for this hand comes in to the fact that I should definitely be value betting the river. I shouldn't of checked it. I can beat both of the hands I put him on and he wouldn't fold AJ on the flush board and probably not AQ either given my image. It was a very bad check by me and I don't even know why I did it. I don't mind my check call on the turn but on the river I think I should lead into him since he can't raise no matter what he has since I hold the ultimate nut card the Kc. I don't know why at the time I didn't bet but I think if he is only capable of having AQ and AJ then I must bet the river, and if I don't hit my 2 pair then I should still check call if he does have AJ or AQ. Hopefully that isn't too confusing, seems pretty basic after thinking about the hand again.

The next interesting hand comes up when the cutoff limps for 200 the button limps and the sb completes. I check with 68hh and the flop comes 7c24hh giving me a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. We check to the cutoff who bets 700. The sb calls and I call. The turn comes the Kc and the sb leads for 1200. I thought this was pretty odd to lead here but I knew he had a big hand. I figured my hand still has a lot of potential and I can still make a lot of money off of it. The river comes the 5c and the sb bets 3500. Now at this point I have the nut straight, but the backdoor flush got there. The small blind led when the flush draw turned. I thought he might of had A3cc or maybe a hand like 24cc. Some kind of mid pair or draw that happened to turn a flush draw and maybe hit on the river. Whatever he had I knew he liked his hand and I figured the best option was just to call his river bet with my straight. I'm not sure if the best play is to raise here or not. Tell me what you guys think. Why would he just call the flop bet the lead the turn? And also he fired huge into the river as well. He ended up having 777 but I think given the action in the hand I played it right. I could of raised him to 7500 or something small and if he reraised I would have to muck. It's probably best to just call. Let me know what you guys think. The guy was solid and didn't do anything too crazy so I definitely knew he had something here.

This next hand I decide to run a big bluff. I didn't really decide it as in "Oh hey let me bluff someone here in a big pot" but given the action, I knew what the player held (I thought I knew.) Anyway, 4th position limps I limp 6th position with Q2dd. The tight kid I talked about earlier made it 1200 to my left. He had been raising really big with his really big hands and showing them (AA QQ) and this raise wasn't as intimidating. I just felt like mixing it up and I decided to call the 1k raise out of position. The flop came 89ss4c and he bet 1200 after I checked. I decided to float out of position and see what happened on the turn. The turn came the 3c and he bet 1200 again after I checked. I was about 99% sure he had air here as in AK or AQ and missed completely (after making it 1200 preflop, on the flop, and on the turn.) I decided to raise to 4500. He called pretty quickly. I was worried at this point but I had seen this kid do some pretty stupid things in the hour or so at the table after flops. You could tell he didn't have much experience. But I just couldn't understand why he would call the turn. I guess my image played into this and he just didn't want to give up the pot. The river brought the 7s and I moved all in. He mucked saying man I had AK and I flipped over my Q2. The table had already been talking about how I was raising every hand etc so this added some fuel to the fire and I now realized I had to be careful in the pots I would be in the near future. People don't forget plays like that.

Exactly two hands later I get AKo and make it 600. The button makes it 2500. He has 32k behind and I have about 50k. The blinds are still 100/200. Now normally vs someone aggressive or someone who is capable of making a move I would reraise here. This kid though was tight as well and passive and I just knew he had QQ KK or AA here. He was pretty confident in his body language and everything. The thing that threw my through the loop was the fact that I have this maniac image and I finally have a good hand. I kind of laughed at myself and figured I didnt want to play out of position not really knowing if I would be good on K or A high flops, and decided to lay the AK down. Who cares. I have 600 in the pot and I know this guy is big here. I laughed and told the table this is the problem when you show a bluff and then get a hand, and flashed my AK and mucked. He showed QQ and said he was calling a shove.

The blinds are now 200/400 and I am still active in a bunch of pots. I pick up KKs UTG and make it 1100. The bb calls. THe flop comes 743ss he checks and I decide to check behind as well. The turn comes the Jd and he checks. I bet 1650 and he makes it 4k with 25k behind. This guy was pretty solid and I wasn't sure if he had me beat at this point with a flopped set, straight etc. I wanted to put in a raise here but thought it would give away my strength too. I just called. He bet 6k on the river and again I decided the best thing was to just call (river 2c). I showed my KK and he mucked and said he had JT.

The very next hand Im in the bb with red 77. Hijack limps and the cutoff limps. An old tight guy makes it 2500 from the button. Blinds still 200/400. He is pretty deep and I am deep, so I decide to set mine. The flop is perfect Qh7s5d. I check and he checks. The turn is the 2h putting up a flush draw and I bet 3600. He calls. He is staring at me like hes trying to stare at my soul. The river comes the 5h completing the flush and giving me a full house. Im deciding what I should do. The guy is just staring at me intently. I know he has something and is very interested in this hand. I didnt think he had KK or AA cause I think he would of bet the flop, so I thought he might of ran into AKhh for the backdoor flush. He was a tight player and didnt put chips in without it. At this point I really thought he had AKhh because I didnt think he would check KK or AA and I didnt think he would be staring at me wondering what I would do with QQ. It was possible he could of had JJ as well scared of the Q on the flop. I didnt want to check to him because he either has JJ here or AKhh so I decided to bet big in case he did have AKhh. I made it 10300 (in case he did check kk or aa on the flop or have JJ, etc...) and he called instantly with AKhh and I was up to 83k. This hand I really wanted to check raise the river but I just wasnt sure if it was AKhh or what. The way he was staring at me kind of gave away his hand and how he liked his hand but wanted to know what I was going to do.. I dont know. Other players would of went broke there but that guy was a solid player.

We go on dinner break and Im raising a bunch of pots. The hijack limps and I complete the sb with 92o. The flop comes J96r and the hijack bets 1500. (This guy had already doubled up a player after limping with 33 on the hijack, seeing a flop of 664, betting 2600 into a 900 pot and the bb shoved it in for like 7k and he called off with 33) The guy was pretty bad. I called his 1500 flop bet. The turn brought a 4 and he bet 8k. I decided to muck but this guy definitely wanted to play back at me. I might of been good there but I gave it up.

A couple hands later me and this guy go at it again. I raise with 73ss in early position and he calls in the bb. The flop comes J72cc and I bet 2250. He makes it 5500. I decided to call and see what he did on the turn. The turn came Ts and he now bet smaller, 5k. I decided to look him up one more time and see what happened on the river. The smaller bets were weaker to me. The river came 3c, which made my two pair but completed the flopped flush draw. He now bet 10k and I called. He had a7 and I was up to 100k. This hand I guess this guy was bluffing the river? Lol, the guy was so bad I really dont hate my play here but I dont know whats best. I was looking for a spot to get all his chips and I mean this guy was just clueless. He fired fired fired and never really knew. I guess he was bluffing at the river or maybe he thought I would call him with something worse, which I might of if i didnt hit two pair but the guy had no thought process im sure behind anything he was doing.

The tight kid i mucked AKo to earlier limps for 800. He had limped before with AJ and some other hands but he had about 20k now. I had JJ in late position and raised limpers like I normally had been to 2800. It got back to him and he made it 6k with 14k behind. Now given my image and me raising every single limp I thought that this kid might actually be making a move here and I had fold equity. I shoved and he had AA and he own the pot. I was now down to about 80k again. This hand bothers me a little bit because the guy was a nit, but when you play a maniac style and pick up hands like that you want to believe people are making plays at you. I guess he might of played AK the same way or AQ, im not sure.

Now at 400/800 I make it 2200 with AKdd, guy had repopped me a couple times he was a good player he makes it 7k with 50k behind. I thought about making it like 24k or something but I wanted to close the door and put him to the test. I moved in. He tanked it for a couple minutes and didnt think I would do it with KK or AA he said and called with AK. We split the pot.

The donkey I was talking about before limps in 2nd position for 800 I have A9o in middle position and make it 2100. He calls. The flop is 942 and he bets 4k into me with about 12k behind. I move in and he calls with A6 lol. So hes drawing to some sick runners. The turn is the Ts making him drawing dead and I move up to 105k. LIke I said, this guy was really bad, and I dont think he cared or even knew what the hell he was doing.

Just1cool was now moved to my table and we normally stay out of each other's way. Im raising every hand and this hand comes up right before the dinner break. Everyone is telling the dealer to not deal with 15 seconds left but im like yessss deal!!! Im raising no matter what! I look down at AKo and make it 2200. The tight kid to my left calls and then just1cool Pat makes it 9k in the bb. I was pretty sure this was a move like 99/100 times here and I shoved on him (he had about 30k behind) and he instamucked. He was on a move and luckily I had a hand.

Back from dinner break the blinds are now 600/1200 100a (antes been in since 200/400) and I raise with KJ to 3200 tight kid calls to left and the bb calls. Flop is 89hh3s we all check. Turn is the As and I bet 6700 and take it down.

Here is the hand that screwed my tournament and made me lose momentum and probably tilt as well. Let me tell you first of all the people at the other end of the table, especially this one lady, are talking crap about me the whole time. They are talking about how Im raising every hand and never have anything and this and that. New people sit down, this lady tells them. I honestly couldnt stand her. The solid guy makes it 4k UTG the tight lady makes it 12k total with 28k stack. I have KK in the sb and tank it out. I asked them both how many they had. UTG raiser had 50k behind or so. I think for a minute and I know this tight lady has a big hand, I was just hoping neither of them had AA. I move all in, the UTG guy folds QQ (he played good -- the guy with AK vs AK earlier) and the lady calls all in with AK. She turns the ace and wins the 70k+ pot and I go down to about 75k. I am pretty pissed I lost to this lady in that fashion and pissed I dont have 150k right now.

Couple hands later I raise the cutoff with ATo and the bb calls. The flop is 442 and he checks. I bet 4200 and he makes it 15k. He has about 22-23k behind and I know he has 66-88 or something like that. So being the tilted idiot I am I decide to push him off his hand because he has to know I obviously have the goods here, cause most of the time I would. But of course he cant fold 77, what was I thinking and I brick an A or T twice and go down to 35k.

I then get all my chips in bad with AJ vs KJ on a K93J board and lose the tournament.

I played awesome up until a point. I opened it up a lot, abused spots and people that I knew I could take advantage of, and didnt get out ouf control either. Everytime I was in a pot I knew what I could and couldnt do. Then I let my emotions get the best of me and I got away from my gameplan and tried to push a guy off a hand where he probably will never fold because these guys are bad and thats why I have an advantage. So basically, I blew this tournament. I was pretty upset about it and defending my title and having a ton of chips and then losing but oh well. It happens, Im learning, and I just have to be able to control everything all the time.

As far as poker online it has been going alright. After the heartbreak on Friday I took down the 50 cubed on Stars Saturday.

Then today (sunday) I final tabled the 109NL on stars and got 4th after losing a flip. Things online are starting to come together and I am playing a lot of volume and learning a lot more about poker in general. I am getting deep and having shots at closing a lot of small tournaments. I am definitely gaining confidence and it is fun. Me and thedonator (stu) have a PLB bet for October, which he probably doesnt care much about, so hopefully I beat him lol. This post has been pretty long already I have been writing for a while. I have more to talk about but I will save it for tomorrow or shortly after that. Good luck to everyone and goodnight.