Friday, June 27, 2008

Bellagio 1k, Other Random Stuff...

Tonight I went to dinner at the Bellagio with Stu, Hans, Stu's mom, Louie and Louie's wife, Flo. We went to Noodles and it was great. They have a lot of good appetizers and I enjoyed eating at a new place and a different environment. We saw Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rondo, Kevin Garnett (From NBA Championship Team Boston Celtics.) Hans, Stu and I went to the table next to Paul Pierce so Hans could play some blackjack but as we got there Paul Pierce was leaving. It was cool seeing all of them at the Bellagio. It's crazy how people put athletes in the spot light just because they are good at a single sport or a sport in general. That's just how the world is though. My dad always said athletics is overrated, and I think he's right. I always played sports my whole life as well as my dad but in that statement he just is saying that people can be role models and admired just for being good at a sport and that's basically it. So although we love sports to death and they are a big part of our life, I definitely see the truth in his statement. I would elaborate more but I think you guys can figure it out on your own lol.

I played the Bellagio 1k. I got there a couple minutes late and registered and was an alternate. I didn't get into the tournament for about an hour and a half after I registered. The blinds were 100-200 when I first sat down at my table. There was only five minutes on the clock until the break, with the blinds going to 100-200 25a afterwards. No biggie. I still have 50 big blinds in a soft field, but If I play that tournament again I know I need to get there early. They play in the Bellagio Poker Room, and not the Fontana Lounge, and its just way too small. They make players play 11 handed and that's just ridiculous.

My stack fluctuated between 10k-8k for a couple orbits as nothing too exciting happened. I didn't really get into any pots until I was down to about 8k at 200-400 25a and made it 1050 under the gun with 66. The big blind defended and we saw a flop of Q24ss. He checked to me and I figured I would just see what develops in this pot and not try to throw any more chips out and kill my stack if he did raise me. The turn came the Kc, we both checked again, and the river came the Ks and he checked and I checked. He turned over T7o for air and I showed my 66 and won the pot. I was pretty surprised to see him defend an UTG raise with that hand, but oh well, guess that was the player.

A couple hands later he raised the button to 1100 and I looked down at T8ss in the small blind and moved all in for around 7k more and he showed an Ace and folded. I figured he needed a decent hand to call my all in there, as I really hadn't played any hands and only showed the 66 down which was checked all the way, so I'm sure they thought I was a passive nit.

Next, I was on the hijack and picked up AKo. I made it 1050 and this European guy to my left (Who had called a players all in with AK on a 824dd flop the other player had JJ) made it 3300. I moved in for 6400 more and he called with J9ss. I guess he was priced in (He left himself about 6k after calling) The board ran out AsKJTs9. He turned flush draws and straight draws but luckily my two pair beat his two pair on the river. Aggressive Europeans =)

An orbit or so later the guy who had defended with T7o raised the cutoff and I reraised from 1100 to 4600 with 88. We both had about 18-20k he had a little more, so I was just hoping to take the pot there. He mucked and I went up to about 20k or so. I lost a small pot when I raised with A2o on the cutoff the next hand and the big blind defended and I fired a turn and checked the river and he won. So at this point I'm down to 18k.

Vanessa Selbst was also at my table, and she had gotten lucky on two hands. One hand in specific when a tight player raise to 1100 preflop, she called with 77. The flop came 842 rainbow and he bet 1600, she made it like 3600, and he shoved all in for 6kish more. She felt like she was priced in. She gave that little look like I know I'm beat but I'm calling, oh well. Well, she is never ahead in this spot ever vs this player and I couldn't believe she called. He turned over T8cc (I thought it was like JJ minimum) and she turned the two outer 7 no problem. I also saw her shove A5 shortstacked with no fold equity to an early position raiser which was pretty weird too (earlier in the day.)

So now a couple hands later she opens to 1600 in middle position and I have AKss in the hijack or next to it, and I've been active the last two orbits, repopping although I had hands. I decided to repop here as well, thinking that maybe she would put it in bad with AQ or something, so I raise it to 4600. The European I talked about earlier called all in for 3k and it got back to her, she thought about it for about 30 seconds and moved in. I called. She flipped over TT. The European turned over J9ss (once again lol.) I guess this is just a normal con flip hand and having an aggressive image when you are playing tight is good. The minimum I'm reraising there with is AK. I wouldn't reraise with AQ or a pair under Jacks, so oh well, I guess when I do have bigger hands that AK I will get it in 80/20 there. The board came T78hhh 4d Qh or something and Vanessa won the main 30k+ main pot and lost the 10k side pot. She immediately started berating the guy who called all in with J9ss saying "When I flop a Ten there I expect to win the whole pot I am pissed I am losing a 10k pot there regardless!" Although she won a 30k main pot. Whatever, cry some more. I said good hand, gave her my chips, paid the European his 3k in chips and left the tournament. I was pretty disappointed. AK once again destroys my tournament and racing sucks. Some hands just play out like that I guess.

I saw the movie "Wanted" tonight with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, etc. It was alright. I went with my buddy Steve (SLEEZE) and he fell asleep during the movie lol. I guess he didn't enjoy it that much. It had a couple twists in it but I guess it could of been better. Its basically about a guy who was meant to be an assassin and there is some more to it but I'll leave it at that. You do get to see Angelina Jolie naked from the backside, so I guess that was worth the admission lol. It was pretty action packed but it could of been better, so if you like action movies its not a bad movie to check out.

I'm playing the 2k WSOP event tomorrow so hopefully I can make a Final table for once and take it down. The WSOP is coming to an end and I really want to have a strong finish in one of these events. I feel like I'm playing awesome with little mistakes so hopefully I can eliminate all the mistakes and get lucky and make a deep run at this tournament. Good luck to everyone playing, unless you're in a hand with me =).

Thanks to everyone who has shown support over the last couple days or just in general. I really appreciate it. Some of my friends in Orlando have contacted me and given me some insightful words. Other people have just been curious to how everything has been going out here too and that is also appreciated. I have a great family and great friends and I am really thankful for having so many good people in my life. Thank you to everyone.

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