Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cash Streak Ended...Congrats Hans on 2nd Chance Chop for 38k!

I had a two in a row cash streak going which ended today upon busting in the $1500 WSOP Mixed Holdem Event of No Limit and Limit poker. It was a horrible structured tournament. While we were playing No limit the blinds were 25-50 and during limit the blinds went to 100-200 with 200-400 betting. It was ridiculous. My buddy Stuart Paterson had chips when I busted (about 9k since he showed up tilted from busting the 100r online) so he was playing hands blind and getting chips, so hopefully he can take it down and win the bracelet he wants. He finished 15th in the 10k 8b tournament I talked about the other day for $33k, so that wasn't a bad showing. Maybe he is one of the best Omaha Hi/Lo players in the world =)

Right now I'm over at Stu's house he is renting for the World Series sweating my buddy who is about to final table the PokerStars 2nd Chance tournament. His name is Hans "miamihans" Winzeler. He's a sick player hes just lazy, hardly plays, and is way too negative sometimes. But hopefully he will grow up and mature and realize its just a game :) Just kidding Hans. He's my other best friend in the poker world besides Stu (That sounds like a middle school statement lol.) He lives down in miami about 45 mins from me and Stu but we get to hang out with him often. He's a good guy.

Before I get into some of the hands from yesterdays $1500 NL tournament I will talk a little about what I've been doing out in vegas besides poker and some places to eat and places to go for anyone who comes to visit. One place I go eat at almost all the time is a sushi place called Kaizen. Its right across the street from the Hard Rock. Its on Paradise and Harmon, and its unbelievable. They have a yellowtail sashimi appetizer that has jalapenos on it and it is awesome. They have a ton of good things to eat there and everyone should check it out. Its open til 4am every night and 6am Thurs-Sunday I think. Other than that the Palms has some great restaurants as well as Bellagio. The Fix is awesome in Bellagio and everyone needs to check that out.

As far as going out in Vegas I have only been out a couple times. I went to Tryst in the Wynn and that club is ridiculous. It is a huge club which has like three different bars and it overlooks a giant waterfall. I went there with some guys I met from online poker (Tim0thee, Stainley88, their whole house -- I don't know the others online names.) They are all a bunch of crazy Canadians and I had fun hanging out with them. They are all good people. We actually went to Pure in Caesars Palace as well. That club is huge with like three different rooms downstairs and then a club on top of the building which overlooks Vegas. Definitely a must go to if you're trying to party out in Vegas. I also went to a club in the MGM called Tabu. It was pretty small and the night I went they played house music, which I hate, so that place sucked. It was more of an older crowd and the place is really small actually. Its more like a lounge with really no room to dance or anything, not like I was dancing that night anyways to house music, but just in case anyone tries to go there, be aware. My Canadian buddies I talked about above are going to Tryst again tonight, and Hans' girlfriend is in town so they might want to go out as well, so I might end up going there again. I haven't really had any good experiences going out. Its hard to enjoy Vegas without some of my good friends from back home out here. I am more careful when I go out since I don't really know the environment.

Vegas can be pretty scary. If you are in any of the hotels and casinos on the strip you are going to be alright. They monitor their facilities fairly well, but walking the strip outside is a different story. There are some shady places and people around and if in some parts of Vegas the further you get from the strip the crazier it is. Just be careful when you are out here. Make sure you have some people with you who will look out for you and if you're drinking, don't drink too much. Be smart, take a cab home, know whats going on. Don't get stupid drunk. Other than that Caesars and Venetian have some smaller poker tournaments if you don't want to play in the WSOP events and I'm sure there are cash games all over, although they might not be that big. Just ask around at the casinos and you can figure out which places offer games for you. Alright, I will stop preaching now.

Hans is down to the final 7 and hes pretty short after losing AQ to AA, so hopefully he gets lucky and doubles up soon. He just doubled up vs gboro's 66 with QQ so hopefully he can take it down. Jeffbeesdat is also at the final table its not going to be easy. They are 6 handed now. Haha, so Hans went outside away from me after he lost AQ to AA and went into his rental car to finish the tournament. The hand before break, still 6 handed, Jeffbees raised the button with AKdd Hans shoved black 5s and the flop came QJ6dd and somehow he faded and I ran out to the car and he wouldn't even roll down the window haha. Hes such a fish, honestly. I have to sweat from another room. Hes back in the room from the car, his laptop battery was dying and hes the chip leader now down to 3. He will take this down for sure. He just chopped it HU vs a guy who did some pretty silly plays for 38k. He probably should of played it but oh well, Congrats my man!!!

I'll post the hand history for the $1500 NL tomorrow or later, this post got long already, haha.

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