Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Disappointed Than Last Nights 13th..

Yeah. I didn’t really think it was possible, but it is. I am more disappointed and down about the WSOP $1500 NL than I am about the 13th place finish in the Bellagio 2k last night. I have been saving all my hands the last couple of days so I can come back here and blog about them but I don’t know if its best to sit here and go through all the significant hands or if I should just give the gist of what happened. So you guys let me know if you enjoy reading about the hands I encounter throughout the tournament or you would rather just have more meaty content (Post a comment, send me a PM on, etc.) So on that note, I guess I will explain what happened today and give a tournament report and then if everyone doesn’t like it I will stop doing the full reports.

Anyways, here’s what happened. Basically I was up to 88k at 500/1000 100a or so and then got down to about 80k on the ABSOLUTE bubble of the tournament. I have Gbecks at my table and other than that the table is very easy. Under the gun makes it 5k ON THE BUBBLE with about 24k behind and I am right next to him and look down at AKo. I raise it to 17k and it folds around to him. He thinks about it for a little bit, I told him I will show him regardless (I like my hand but if he will fold QQ or JJ to make the money I’d rather just take the pot there.) He states he cant fold his hand and he moves all in for about 30k total. I call and he flips over KcKh and the board runs out 228cc7cTc. I stopped looking after the turn and prayed for a red ace. Oh well, no way to get away from that hand with my stack and his stack on the bubble. This player was also an amateur player and made some ridiculous plays/bets. He shoved 6k UTG at 300/600 1a with QTdd and beat a players AA on an A92ddd flop all in preflop and then he also made some ridiculous plays with mediocre hands, so I didn’t mind losing the hand to him there.

We make the money and I have about 50k in chips at 600/1200 100a and the same player from above makes it 6500 (WOW!) in third position. I look down at AcKc and start weighing my options. From how I’ve seen this guy play for the 3-4 hours I was at the table I know I have to reraise him. There’s already about 10k in dead money in the pot with his huge over raise and I don’t want to reraise to about 20kish and have about ½ my chips in the pot and fold? I couldn’t ever do that I don’t think. So I made probably the worst play I could of done and I moved all in for 50k. Now before I continue let me explain why this play is horrible, at least I think it is. First off, what am I ever going to get called by? AA KK QQ? I mean he definitely probably folds JJ and maybe QQ and worse, he might fold AK. So does that mean I’m just praying to pick up the 10k dead money in hopes that he doesn’t have AA or KK and folds? So was I bluffing? But I don’t necessarily think if I raise it to 19k or 20k and it comes back to him and he moves all in can I fold after having 1/2 my chips in the pot? Anyways, it gets back to him and he says he has to call. You know what this means. He tables two aces and I am done in the tournament in a disappointing 259th place with 270 paid (2700 total players about).

This situation just completely sucks. I don’t really know how else the last hand could play out. I had 50k to start and I think average going into day 2 would have been around 30k or so. Also, there were 30 minutes left in the night but that doesn’t factor in to anything. I’m playing to win. With all that being said, verse that player, I probably should reraise to 18k or something and fold to a shove. Its such a tricky hand and after laying down AK in the Bellagio 2k, I just wasn’t sure how to play this hand. If I reraise and it gets back to him and he moves in I think he can only have KK or AA, honestly. This guy was just one of those guys who is in the tournament and enjoying life and has an idea what he’s doing but not a professional. You guys know what I mean. He would never make a move. But I played the hand out the way I did because I knew he was fishy and who knows. I wanted to pick up the 10k without worry. -Shrug- So I blew my shot at 630k and a WSOP bracelet in two huge hands versus the same guy. The AK Hand vs. his KK I don’t mind but the last hand has really been bothering me for the last 2 hours since I busted.

Maybe I will write the whole trip report later but right now I’m pretty tired and really disappointed. I ran good in this tournament up until the end and I really thought it was my time. I finally was getting hands and accumulating chips and winning races and playing great, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I will write about all the hands later. I’ll probably go to the gym and work out now or go to sleep early and decide what I’m going to do for tomorrow.

Talked to a couple people, Roothlus, some others..and I'm basically an idiot. I have zero invested in the pot, the guy is pretty stupid nitty, and his 6500 raise and these guys who overbet that much normally are nutted. I noted this earlier in the tournament but looked down at AKcc and was blinded by my hand instead of thinking about the best options here. So basically I should either 1) flat call or 2) just fold. Basically Roothlus said it the best and we have such a big edge in these fields we can pick spots where we get chips so much easier. And I had chips, I had 50k still and I could still cause major damage with that. I would of liked to keep the 90k I was at at my peak but I don't mind the AK vs KK on the bubble, I need to play it like that with stacks how they were, but the AKcc vs AA was definitely played bad, regardless if its a cooler or what. Cause its not. This guy was tight, yes. He did some dumb stuff throughout the tournament (Like shove all in for 20bbs+ from sb into my bb with a small pair he said) but none the less the guy was tight and my hand is not made and I need to be smarter in situations where I am in a good position to have a good shot in the tournament. Jeez. I hate always getting deep and then doing something stupid. At least yesterday in the Bellagio 2k I didn't do anything stupid, but today I blew it. Sorry guys.

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