Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Pictures and Online Poker..

I'm over at Stu's place right now with Hans, Rob Mizrachi (who's bad), Mike Mizrachi (The Grinder), and our other buddy Louie. We're all messing around playing online poker cash games. I played some tournaments online earlier and they didn't go so well. Tomorrow is the 1k rebuy and I'm excited about it. Hopefully it will go well. I'm really confident about my No limit game right now and cant wait for tomorrow. Just need to eliminate those little mistakes here and there and everything will go great.

I got a couple pictures from Hans' girlfriend Christy from when she was here the other day and we went out. She has some more pictures shes going to send me but here are some of them now.

Me, Hans and Christy at Cafe Martorano's at the Rio.

Me and Hans...

Hans, Joe (One of our friends from Florida), and me at Tabu.

Those are all the pictures I have right now. Christy will send me some more tomorrow I'm sure. We have some pictures from Kaizen, Tryst, and some other places I believe. I'll see when I get them. I'll update the blog tomorrow after I am the chip leader going into day two of the 1k rebuy =) Oh yeah by the way, Cafe Martorano's is an awesome restaurant at the Rio. It actually originated in South Florida where I live. It is located in North Miami Beach and it is better than the one they have in Vegas. If anyone is down in South Florida they definitely need to check it out. I think they realized how good it was and then the Rio paid the owner to come out to Vegas and run and create the one they have there. At least thats what I heard, who knows. Anyways you should check it out if you're in Vegas and enjoy Italian food.

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