Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Can't Predict The Future...

Well apparently I can not predict the future. I said I was going to win the Hard Rock "Big Slick" $1k Tournament and I just busted in it about an hour ago.

The tournament didn't go so well. You start with 5k in chips with blinds at 25/50. I won the very first pot of the day and went up to about 6200 and I was feeling good. I played around in some pots here and there and got down to about 5k and realized I needed to just be patient and tighten up. The table was pretty loose and a lot of people were seeing flops.

I hung around and hung around picking up no hands and watching the table play. I saw some monkeys lose some huge pots and do some other crazy plays and I was just waiting for my opportunity to win a big pot and get rolling. I had just1cool to my right and he is a nice guy. His name is Patrick, we chatted during the whole tournament until I busted. Hopefully he takes it down, he plays pretty well.

Anyways, I wasn't picking up any hands and then I have about 4k at 150/300 25a and the button (an old guy limps) andjust1cool limp. I have A2hh in the big blind and I have a very good image I believe. I've been real tight and the older guy has been real tight. I decide to try to pick up the pot here and raise to 1300. The old guy on the button calls with about 5k behind and just1cool folds. The flop comes QJK with one heart and the old guy starts grabbing his chips like hes going to move them in. I say to him OUTLOUD THREE TIMES "Its not your turn." and he proceeds to put his chips into the middle of the pot before I act. After he pushes them in the middle he thinks for a couple seconds and everyone is like its not your turn to act! He then is like "Oh! Sorry." I see a lot of older guys angle shoot shit like this and try to act like they don't know what they are doing and it really pisses me off. I try not to cuss in this blog but fuck you to all the older guys who do dumb shit like this. It really is horrible and its just fucking bullshit. So I bitch at the guy for a minute he tries to act like he doesn't know what he just did. I decide instead of me moving in for my last like 3k I just check and then he moves in and I fold. I can't stand people who do shit like this and it seems like older guys (like 60+) are always doing this shit and pretending like they don't know what they are doing.

Enough complaining. I stay around 3-4k by shoving all in with AJ and 55 and then I am down to about 3300 and a guy who had been actively limping/raising limps in early position. He limped an orbit or two earlier with KK and won and showed and commented "I was hoping someone down there would shove" directed at me. Well he limped in and I looked down at QJo and thought about it and thought I would pick up the pot a lot here, since the guy limped a lot and my image was relatively good/tight. It got back to him and he called with AQ and I lost.

Just prior to this hand just1cool had asked me if it was anxious and I told him definitely not, I can still get hit by the blinds and have enough to shove. Well, I don't think this shove is bad, because I didn't have many chips and I thought most of the time I would get folds; but I could of waited a little longer to get my chips in the middle where it is just vs the blinds and not against a random limper who MIGHT have a hand. Oh well. I could of taken down the pot and then this hand wouldn't even be an issue.

Overall I think I played very patiently and survived level after level in the tournament with no cards and no good spots. I actually did lose one pot when I limped with KTdd at 100-200 with like 4-5 other limpers and the flop came Q83dd and it checked around to the button who bet 400 (table chip leader), the small blind moved in for 1650 and it got to me and I moved in for 6k (I was to the right of the table chip leader) or so. I knew the CL didn't have a big hand he had very bad betting tells and I figured 1650 for a 5k pot when I have 9 outs hopefully and maybe more with the K or T. The guy had Q9 and I had 12 outs and bricked for a 5k pot, which put me down to like 4k at 100-200. That's really the only other significant pot I was in.

The Hard Rock is having a tournament series come up soon so I will be playing in that and it should be a lot juicier and better.

I went to the Marlins game the other night with Stu and Hans and some other people and it wasn't that good. The Marlins got blown out by the Braves 9-0. It was fun though, we had a skybox and had a good time watching the game. Stu bet me 20k that I couldn't run from first base all the way around the bases to home plate without getting caught/arrested by security. He knows my knee isn't 100% yet and he didn't think I could do it. If my knee was 100% I think I would be able to make it past all the security (about 10 or so) -- if they even notice. Well since my knee isn't 100% and I didn't want to go to jail I had a different plan. I told him I would do it. Sometimes when I went to Marlins games they would let kids run the bases after the game, so this was my edge. I was going to run the bases with the kids at the end of the game and collect 20k, since Stu never specified when I had to run the bases, etc. Well unfortunately his brother heard of my master plan and ratted me out and Stu called off the bet =(

I'm excited about the WCOOP and FTOPS coming up and hopefully I can pull a Halfrek and win a couple tournaments and bracelets and a million dollars or something =)

Alright guys, its Saturday. Maybe I will relax tonight and get ready for tomorrow. I will keep you guys updated with everything hopefully I can have some good news after tomorrow like I won the Sunday Million or something.


SluggerWV said...

sorry about you bustin in the tourney

I really like your blog

good work sir

MiamiMackk said...

Hey Wade,
First off props on your blog man,it makes for good reading.

I bumped into your blog when I was reading a post by MiamiHans on P5 forum. By the way tell your bud Hans awesome job on the PLB Rankings on P5.

I'm pretty much a lurker on P5 I dont post there much just read the threads. Posting on P5 can get you Flammed for just about anything lol so I just keep a low profile.

Anyway i read about your bust out at the Rock. I know how that feel. When a Viejos pull the stupid (I didn’t hear you act or the Oh its not my turn crap? ) I think that sucks and if u ask me… it is angle shooting but oh well whatever!
Anyway when I do get the chance to play at casinos (which it hasn’t been much lately) I go to Ole Seminole, Flagler Dog or you might catch me something’s at Gulfstream Park.

I'm a low stakes player I've been playing for awhile now but wanting to get into the bigger games.
But haven’t had the luck in getting a decent bankroll to play in the bigger games.

So I pretty much keep it too low stakes and small house games. If you wanna read more about me on my boring blog make sure u take a No-Dose LoL.

Anyway didn’t mean to make this a long post lol just wanted to say wsup to a local poker player like myself.

Again very nice blog.

And Happy Flops Man!


Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Appreciate the support guys =)