Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday/Monday Poker...

Poker, poker, poker. I played a bunch of tournaments like a typical Sunday and actually had a good cash rate. I probably played 12 tournaments and cashed in 5 of them, although none of them were really significant. I got 11th or so in the $215 HU tournament and deep in a couple other tournaments which I got pretty unlucky in. I lost about $2500 yesterday I believe. Oh well, that's the nature of Sundays.

I just busted the 1k on FTP tonight when I raised the button to 90 with AA (and 3k) and the big blind reraised to 300. Sometimes I reraise here, but I figure in this tournament most of the players are pretty competent, and I decided to just call with position. The flop comes 954 rainbow and he bets 420 into a 620 pot. I make it 1080 and he shoves and I call and he has 99. And I lose. I think maybe vs a known player I should flat call and an unknown reraise. Since you can gauge a better/known players range easier. Stu is over my house playing tournaments tonight too and he thinks its the opposite. He thinks vs known players they might be more apt to make a move with a weaker hand and shove AQ or JJ but I don't know. It depends what their button/big blind concept is and what they think I am capable of. Although I think most players know I am big there if I'm 4 betting that early in the 1k, maybe not though.

Another question me and Stu were talking about is how the hell does anyone get money online? It seems like everyone can get money online and we were just having a discussion about it. Not that this is a bad thing or anything, we obviously want people to be able to get money online as easily as possible, but it was just interesting. We haven't really used depositing lately so if anyone has any answer to this let me know lol.

My family is doing good. My dad just had surgery on his left eye because he had glaucoma apparently. He is walking around with a huge patch over his eye its pretty funny. It's actually a good look for him. I was standing to his left talking to him (so he couldn't see me) and I kept demanding him that he looks at me when I talk to him, hahaha. It's pretty funny messing with him because hes messed with me my whole life. He's a good sport though. My sister is getting married in a couple months like I said before. She is also pregnant and having a little boy on the way so I will be an uncle. It hasn't hit me yet but I'm sure once she has the baby I will be excited to babysit and help her out. My mom is good too. She's just working and doing her normal. She's the best as well. I have a great family and I really appreciate all of them, even my adopted-living with me brother Brian. Enough family talk. I just am trying to add some other stuff to the blog I guess.

Hmmm. I guess I can talk about some other hobbies I have. I really enjoy music for those who don't know me. I like a lot of Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B. I'll listen to mostly anything but some music I just don't like. One day I think I might open up a studio and produce music and make beats. Me and my buddy Jay (from Boynton) have made some beats and messed around but we haven't been able to get too serious because lack of time and lack of equipment. Although we do have the tools needed to make quality stuff it would just be more fun and easier with all the essential materials. Below is actually one of the first beats me and Jay made. We took a Marvin Gaye sample and added some beats and chopped it up a bit and it came out pretty good. It had been sampled before in a song by Smilez and Southstar but I didn't realize that until after we made it. Oh well. Check it out below...Don't steal it. It's copyrighted. =p

Yeah so that's whats up for now. Stu busted everything and I only played the 1k so hes about to head out. I will probably go for a bike ride around Boynton because its relaxing and good for my ACL to heal. Maybe if Brian gets home from working out before I go he will come with me. We went out for a bike ride last night for a couple miles just to talk crap to each other and ride around, we have some pretty entertaining conversations.

This weekend is the Roots. The basketball tournament I was talking about in a previous post. I'm excited to have all my buddies in town and see how they have improved lately. It really sucks that my knee isn't better to play but I just have to live with it and watch from the bench. I guess that's it for now, if I think of anything else I will add it. I think this is a good blog for some different content and my two favorite readers (Hans and Stu -- who make fun of me for all my blogs) should enjoy this one.


Anonymous said...

what equipment did you use to record the song? that's cool you used a marvin gaye song. do u listen to him when u play?

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

I listen to mostly Hip Hop/Rap when I'm playing poker. Sometime's I'll throw in some R&B to calm down and relax.

For the beat we used Acid, Fruity Loops, and I believe another program called Reason.