Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WSOP Ending...

I played the $1500 Horse and the $1500 Limit shootout and the fields were horrible in both. The horse people had no clue how to play some of the games and in the limit shootout people didn't know how to fold, bet, or anything. One guy was trying to bluff at every pot lol. Its limit, are you a moron? The same guy was 3 betting me on flops with gutters and getting there. Good job kid.

Those events didn't go so well. I played good in both of them but with the small stacks and aggressive blinds, losing a couple pots hurt. Horse I got screwed in a couple big pots to monkeys and the same thing happened today in the limit shootout. I typically don't play limit but I think I had a HUGE edge over my table today. The only one who played good at the table was Cyndi Violette. Hopefully she won the table and advanced because it would be a disgrace if she didn't make it. I busted 4th at my table after losing a couple brutal pots. I had KK get cracked twice, JJ cracked, A5 vs KJ on a 33T3 board after I fire the flop and the turn, cracked. It was just a weird tournament and I didn't pick up the pots where I was a big favorite in. Oh well. That means all the luck is being saved up for.... THE MAIN EVENT!!!

I have just been hanging out besides playing poker here and there. One of my friends from Florida is in town for a couple days on business, so I got to hang out with him a little bit and show him parts of Vegas I have been familiar with. He said he wanted to eat some Italian food, so I took him to Cafe Martoranos and he really enjoyed it. Hopefully some of my other friends can make it out here sometime before I leave. If I make the final table of the Main Event I will get all my friends and family out here for a huge party. You can take me up on that lol.

Tomorrow I will probably be playing the $2k Bellagio Cup Event at the Bellagio Casino. Hopefully that goes well and then I will play the Main Event on Friday, or Saturday. I'm pretty sure they will have three day 1's this year but I'm not sure. If I win the Bellagio 2k I will party the night of the win, take the next day off, and play the main event. That's the plan. That's whats going to happen.

Congratulations to Marco "CrazyMarco" Johnson for 2nd in the WSOP 2k I got deep in. He got screwed heads up all in preflop AA vs AT for the bracelet and then lost QJ to AK. I felt pretty bad when I heard how he got it in to knock the guy out and win the bracelet. Anytime you get it in with aces and you lose sucks, but heads up for a bracelet and 300k more, that must really hurt. I cant imagine how that would feel. If I never have to experience losing a tournament heads up all in preflop with aces I will be a happier person lol. But I guess there is a flip side to that, if you get heads up enough you are bound to lose with aces, so maybe I want that to happen sometime =)

Also Congratulations to Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi for 3rd place in the 10k PLO Tournament that Rob Mizrachi won last year.

I will write a better blog when I have a specific topic to talk about and I don't ramble on. Poker, poker, poker. That's all that I've been up to. I'm still at the gym everyday and hanging out with the friends so those things haven't changed. We are all ready to go back home after giving these tournaments a last effort. Hopefully the good play continues on and i can finally piece together a full tournament. Goodnight everyone.

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Mom said...

God Speed.
I love you.
May God be at your right shoulder and Jesus at your left. Be safe.