Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Day and Breaking The Rules...

Okay. I said I was going to play today and post on pocketfives hands throughout the day and everything, but things didn't go as planned. I woke up early at about 10am and hung out and watched TV in bed for about 30 minutes. I was going to work out but then realized I had to wait for a package to come be delivered to the house. I waited til about 12:30 until the UPS guy finally showed up and then I was off to the gym. Before the gym, I stopped at the mall to get fitted for a tuxedo for my sisters wedding next month. After that I got to the gym, worked out, and picked up some lunch. My dad needed a ride to the airport in the afternoon so that kind of killed my plan of playing poker, so I laid out by the pool for about an hour and then took my dad to the airport.

The rest of my night was pretty boring and I played absolutely no poker. I am sweating Stu right now who is down to like 15 left in the 100r 6max on FTP, so hopefully he wins it.

Okay, lets get down to business. I'm pretty fed up with all these people who cheat in online poker. Cheat as in play multiple accounts, or play on DIFFERENT accounts other than their name they usually play on.

I bring this up because Brian 'SBRugby' Townsend just posted a blog yesterday about how he played on a different account that nobody knew about because he didn't want people to see him playing lower stakes (25-50 and 50-100.) First off, this is cheating. He has an unfair advantage to be an unknown player in a game where everybody almost knows everybody. Yes, after a number of hands any good player can tell a player is good and adjust accordingly, but this is STILL AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. He should know better! He is a cardrunners owner (I believe) and is a rep Pro for Full Tilt Poker. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why he should of done this and he definitely knew better. There is nothing he can say that will make what he did acceptable. I think he should lose his Red Pro Status on Full Tilt for good. Anyone who is supposed to be a model in the online poker community knows better about playing on different/unknown accounts and multi accounting. If other players have done this they should all be punished as well. Not just Brian.

I also hate the fact that I have seen players who are known play on different names (or their buddies name -- people switch names) and nothing is done about it. I mean I am sure there is more cheating than what I know about in online poker and I cant stand it when there are big events like the WCOOP or FTOPS because the cheaters just put in 2-3 accounts all no name players and go deep or end up winning the tournament. Its so stupid to sit there and play in a $2500 tournament online against all unknown names who have no databases and their highest previous buyin was $24 dollars and all of a sudden they are playing every FTOPS event. Something definitely needs to be done to prove identity while playing online poker.

I WISH I WAS ABLE TO PLAY ON UNKNOWN NAMES EVERYDAY. But I never would do that. I just wish I could have anonymity for every tournament I played and nobody ever recognized my name. I don't care what anyone says, there is a huge edge in playing on a name nobody recognizes or nobody has seen before. I have never done this and I never plan on doing it but it just bothers me that people can do this and get away with it. It hurts me, it hurts the poker world, and I want them to hurt for doing it.

I don't know what else to say on the issue. Those that cheat. FUCK YOU. I really don't know any other way to put it without using vulgar language. I try not to cuss in this blog and be professional about it but seriously there is no light way to express my hate for the cheaters in the online poker world. I really hate you. If you cheat I hope you get thrown in jail one day and are chemically castrated, and if you are a cheating-online-poker-playing-female I hope your uterus is removed so you can never reproduce. I mean honestly, have a conscience and live life the right way and stop abusing rules and taking advantage of other people. Karma please step in whenever you like.

I wish I could spill some gossip on here but it's really not my place but If I feel at some time the need to spill some of the information I know I will post it to the blog, but as of now I am just keeping it to myself as its not really relevant now, as it was in the past, but still... Yeah, I'm frustrated.

I'm not a big fan of all these pictures with captions and all, but this one seems appropriate. I wish this could happen for online poker. Maybe one day I can operate the machine that destroys the cheaters.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Grind...

Today I half grinded. I woke up a little late before the 2pm tournaments, but not early enough to make it to the gym to workout before I started playing. There was a really bad storm outside and I registered for a couple 2pm tournaments and then my Internet went out. It went out til about 3 or so and then I played from there on. I skipped the nightly tournaments.

It's really hard to sit in a room and stare at two computer monitors all day with no breaks, no food, nothing. I have nobody to bring me food and I hate missing hands but I run to the bathroom every now and then when the important tournaments are on break. I'm thinking about just setting up a bucket next to my desk and then stockpiling like 3 meals in my room somehow lol. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I also just hate sitting there in front of the computer. I feel like I'm just killing my body, but that's tournament poker. Sometimes when I play live poker (like during the WSOP) I will do pushups and sit-ups and stretch to get my blood flowing and energy going (I'm sure some people saw me this summer and were like "what the hell is that kid doing!?") When you have 8 tables of poker up its hard to jump on the floor for a minute and get some pushups in or sit-ups. I think I'm going to start doing this more when I'm grinding because it's really not good to just sit there for 10 hours at a time. I need blood flowing in my body and especially need motion for my knee that is still healing from torn ACL surgery.

Anyway, tomorrow I will grind again from 2 on. I'm not sure how the night tournaments will go again but I will be playing them. Maybe I can get Stu to come over or something and keep me company. I will probably take Thursday and Friday off (night at least) because there aren't many good night tournaments and also I have some people coming into town this weekend.

This weekend should be pretty fun. I still have not had a drink in about 25-28 days. I have 4 more days to go for it to be 4 weeks/a month of no drinking! I went out the other night with my buddies and they got smashed and I resisted peer pressure for 4 hours and didn't drink. I was pretty proud of myself although I wanted to drink really badly. I might drink this weekend before time is up but I'm not really sure. It's nice having streaks and keeping them going. My dad is on a 400+ day streak of walking 4 miles and biking 16 miles everyday. That's pretty damn impressive!

Tomorrow I will wake up, work out, and get to the grind. I came close in a 55NL today on stars. Came like 20th place out of 1100 or something. I'm making fewer mistakes and seeing the game differently. Hopefully I can keep lowering the amount of mistakes I make and start playing absolutely perfect on every table and maximize my abilities and take down a bunch of tournaments. HEATER HEATER HEATER!!!!

Okay...Goodnight guys. There's some other stuff I'm working on in the mix of things but I cant bring it up yet. I will let you guys know everything when I can. And anything else I can think of to tell you guys I will. Tomorrow I will actually do the "day in the life" on pocketfives and post my important hands so head over to pocketfives and look for the thread if you guys want to take part in that. Night.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's Heating Up....

Fuck that. I'm flaming hot. (Those lyrics [He's heating up. Fuck that, I'm flaming hot]) are lyrics from a Jurassic 5 song about basketball I used to listen to back in the day, years ago.

But anyways, THE HEATER IS STARTING. Today I GRINDED. Grinded like I NEVER HAVE EVER BEFORE IN MY EXISTENCE. I woke up, went to the gym for about an hour, got home, made some lunch, and sat down at my computer at about 2:15pm and played just about every tournament on Full Tilt and Pokerstars that had a decent prize pool up until the 9pm big tournaments.

I played both 100rs (night and afternoon), 55r, 50 nls, 100nl, 50 cubed, 100 cubed, 22r, the big $1k on full tilt, both 162/163, EVERYTHING.

I finished about 45 minutes ago when I tilted off the Pokerstars 162 because I was pissed off about a final table I bubbled.

In the Pokerstars 50 cubed I got heads up vs gutshotallin and we chopped it up cause we both had a bunch of tables going and didn't want to play a long HU match (we both had about 80bbs or so) so I took 4400 and he took 4600 (first was like 5300 no chop.) So that was good to take down a tournament although we just moved in and of course I got 2nd on my database like what always happens when I chop.

Next I came in 10th in the 11r that I played for 8 damn hours. I was like 6/10 in chips and this guy was being aggressive hand for hand raising 4x and he raised 4x on the button to 200k at 25/50k and he had been really active lately, he had 950k total. I had 800k and I shoved 89ss from the small blind. I had been very tight recently and hadn't been in any hands. So I figured I would get a ton of folds and didn't think his 4x raise was strong. Well he tanked it for about 15 seconds and decided his QJo was good for his tournament life, and called leaving himself with 140k chips if he lost. And his QJ held up and I fucking bubbled that tournament which was 12k to first. It was a rough 8 hours. Oh well.

Then I got deep in a couple other tournaments and just got screwed in some and got lucky in some others. I guess that's just how poker goes. I might make a thread on pocketfives tomorrow about all the big hands I'm involved in during the day to let off steam/bring up discussion about hands since people seem to enjoy that. I would post them here but I don't want to fill my blog with a million hand histories.

I'm pretty tired and pooped out. I played about ten and 1/2 hours and I don't think I've ever grinded like this before unless it was a Sunday. I had about 6-8 tables up all day until the end and at one point 9 tables (although I can really only fit 8 comfortably.)

Stu came by around 7:30 and watched me chop the 50 cubed and then watched me bubble the 11r. He stayed til around 11:30 then left after I got 10th. Thanks for the support Stu.

So I guess I'm starting to play better, and look at different poker situations differently. I'm still trying to figure out the best plays in some instances but I guess you can never know the right play because any given situation can always have a different outcome. I feel like things are starting to come together and If I keep putting time into becoming a better player then I am bound to see great results. Thanks everyone for the support and lets keep the heater chants going and everything else going because I KNOW ITS COMING. ITS LIKE A BALL OF FIRE SHOT FROM THE SUN ITSELF. IT IS A GREAT BALL OF FIRE LIKE A METEORITE SHOT FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE SUN AT A MILLION DEGREES FAHRENHEIT AND YOU CANT STOP IT YOU JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR FATE OF RUNNING INTO THE BALL OF FIRE AND BURNING TO DEATH. SO BURN TO DEATH!!!! BURN!!!!!

Okay, 11 hour sessions make me crazy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Shots...

Alright. I messed up today. It was a typical Sunday. I started at 2pm with the 100r and Knockout tournament on Full Tilt Poker. I played $55 No Limit Freezeouts, $109 NL Freezeouts, Sunday Million, 55r, FTP Main Event, $530 NL, $100 6max cubed, $215 Heads up, and probably some other tournaments but thats the gist of it right now. I cashed in either 4 or 5 of them I believe. I came like 40th in the $530 NL (for 1250), then I got screwed deep in the $109 Freezeout in like 20th place (Shoved QQ for 38k UTG at 3/6k and the BB called with 72o in the bb and it ran out A8972 ... horrible) and then I BLEW THE 6max 100 CUBED ON FULL TILT POKER. I came in 4th place in that for 6600. I absolutely blew this tournament. I was in control the whole time since 1 hour into the tournament I was chip leader the whole way and I was 2nd in chips at the final table with 6 people and I played a 100bb pot vs a donkeyish player and I played it horribly and I just played very bad and got 4th which I deserved.

I would continue on and talk about my poor final table performance but I made a mistake, and I'm learning and moving on. So today was a decent sunday given the fact I had a couple chances at 20k scores and a 90k score. I have been tweaking my game and its definitely helping. I did get lucky at some points in some of these tournaments for the most part too. The $530 No limit I got deep in I dont think I got lucky in that. I am pretty sure I got it in great everytime. I lost a couple big pots where I was a favorite deep that would of changed the outcome in that tournament but whatever. The big one is coming soon. Or at least hopefully all the little ones will start coming. I'll take a 15k score every day, no problem =)

I'm starting to play more and put in the volume and see results, so hopefully I can get sick hot like Johnny Storm and just completely destroy some people in the next couple weeks/months. LETS GET HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I not add a picture of myself? =)

Thanks to my buddy Hans for some ideas on things that are hot!!! He got 7th in the 6max I got 4th in, congrats to him too. I tried to bust him one hand since he raises so small preflop but he coolered me but he was shortstack. Then he bubbled the final table with TT vs QQ 4 handed, rough. I'll keep you guys updated on everything. Everyone think... HEATER....

Okay, thats enough lol... Enjoy!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Best Blog Ever...

First off. I WILL POST MORE BLOGS. I am sorry!

I held my tongue for too long but I've had enough! What the hell is wrong with the Olympics? Sure, some of the Olympic sports they have really involve athletes and are exciting to watch, but some of the other sports are ridiculous. I was involved in a conversation the other day and said that the Olympics really isn't about measuring athleticism but more of individual talents/skills. I mean events like archery, canoeing, etc. They are pretty weird and uncommon things. I guess each sport is its own and I can't knock any of them because they all require hard work and dedication... BUT one sport really caught my eye and made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a while. Olympic WALKING. Yes, OLYMPIC WALKING!!!!! Are you kidding me?

There's a video of some walking. This is just really amazing to me that it is an Olympic sport, that I have actually been training for ALL MY LIFE!!! I mean think about it, I walk everywhere! I walk around my house all day, or walk around the mall, and walk many other places. And I always walk faster and blow by the other people who are walking in the same places I'm walking at! I can't believe I didn't know there was an Olympic event for this, or I would probably have all the gold medals possible!!!

Haha, enough of that, but honestly its comical. I guess there are rules to it such as you have to have one knee bent, and you cant have both feet off the floor at the same time, and some other rules. When I first saw this on TV yesterday all I could think about was a Malcolm in the Middle episode where the father wanted to beat another guy at the park in speed walking. I thought it was a hilarious episode, until I find out that speed walking is actually an Olympic sport haha. Crazy. I tried to find a video on youtube or something about it but there is nothing. Sorry guys. If any of you have watched Malcolm in the Middle or seen the episode, you know what I'm talking about. (Its Episode -- Malcolm Holds his Tongue.) That show is amazing and a classic.

Enough of Olympic talk. I just think its amazing how certain skills are showcased and people can earn medals for their specific skill, but I guess that's with a lot of sports. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you put LeBron James on a football field, or a soccer field, or a baseball diamond, or a track, or a swimming pool, he would be able to compete on almost any aspect. He is truly an athlete and one of the worlds greatest athletes. I think those people are special and I looked at Olympic medals as being deserving to athletes like that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching Michael Phelps dominate swimming and the other sports I have seen, I just guess its funny that there are some of these obscure sports/talents that are showcased in the Olympics. Okay I'm done.

On to poker talk. I was entered into an FTOPS Singles contest and I didn't do so well. I played all the Full Tilt Online Poker Series and had a couple close shots (30th in PLO Event and 40th in the 2nd to last Knockout event.) I played all the events and they didn't go so well like I said. I bubbled the $2500 buyin event where I played flawless poker, and went card dead in the end. I'm working on my game a lot and trying to fix the things I'm doing wrong. Hopefully I can keep evolving with the game and hopefully get ahead of the evolution of the game so I can start dominating and go on a sick heater that all these people talk about. I don't know what a heater is but I would love to be on one =)

The WCOOP (Pokerstars online series of poker) is coming up in a couple weeks so that will be exciting and hopefully I can be on top of my game for those events. There are some huge tournaments going on for that so it would be nice to do well in some of those.

Aside from poker everything else is going good. I have just been working out and hanging out. My sister's wedding is in a couple of weeks so that is exciting for her as well and her baby is on the way in a couple of months which is actually a boy. She's happy and I'm happy for her. It will be interesting being an uncle. It hasn't hit me yet but I'm sure it will once the baby is actually born.

I haven't played in a couple of days since the FTOPS ended and I just was kind of pokered out, but I will come back strong for the WCOOP and hopefully can get my first 6 figure score.

I will leave this blog at that. I have the Men's Olympic Walking on television and I still cant believe it haha. I will leave you guys with a couple of quotes from my favorite poker player, Stuart Paterson.

These quotes come from him one day when I was at his house and him and some of our other friends were talking about my blog. Stu said:

"Aside from strip clubs, your blog is the most entertaining thing."


"If someone asked me if I wanted to walk or you had to take your blog down, I would want you to keep your blog."

Hahahahaha. Those are two prime examples of why Stu is my favorite poker player and one of my best friends. He always provides comic gold. I guess you could say his comedy is as good as Olympic Walking. Ironic right? =)

Friday, August 8, 2008

We Are The Champions...

We ended up winning the Roots basketball tournament. There were some good teams in it with some newer NBA players and a bunch of overseas/college players. It was a double elimination tournament and we got through our first three games no problem. We ended up facing the team we played in the Championship the year before, 2 Legit. We played horrible and they eneded up beating us in a close game. Fortunately for us we were pretty deep in the winners bracket already. We had to play one more game and win and then we would goto the championship.

We won our semifinals game and we faced 2 Legit in the Championship. Now since we lost earlier, and they hadnt lost yet, we had to beat them twice to win. We won the first game by like 15 or 20 and then the second game was insane. I almost got thrown out of the gym the first game because there was a referee who hated me and wanted to throw me out for ridiculous shit. I'll spare the details of everything because its just something I dont want to get into, but basically this referee was trying to punk me, telling me if I didnt sit down and stay seated I would get a technical. He disrespected me pretty bad. At halftime of the first game I went to talk to him in the referee room to straighten it out and he told me to get the hell out of there and what was I doing in there and everything. Wow. I was pretty furious at this point because not 1) did he disrespect me on the court during the game and 2) when I tried to approach him about it during halftime he disrespected me by not even giving me the time of day to talk to him about what he was so upset for. There's more to the story but I'll leave it at that.

For the rest of the Championship games (Second Half of 1 and Game 2) I didn't sit on the bench but a row behind it. I took off my coaching badge they gave us so I couldn't penalize the team and get them a technical foul or anything. Let me get on to the second game. It was amazing. The refs were out to get us the whole time. They didnt call a single foul for us and the other team got the most ridiculous calls. There were a lot of people betting on the games. I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE. There were probably 50-100 people in the gym that had placed bets on the game and some really big bets. I definitely think something fishy was going on with the refereeing and that maybe they were getting paid to throw the game in some way. It was pretty crazy.

We were down 4 points with 40 seconds left and ended up coming back and winning the game somehow. We were down 1 with about 10 seconds left and hit an And 1 to go up 2. We defended the shot well and they missed a jumper and we won the game. During the last minute guys were going crazy. Some guys ran out onto the court or into the team huddles. One guy even ran onto the court during a timeout and kicked the ball because of the refs and he had bet on the game. It was pretty intense and we were happy we won. My dad even asked me for $100 to bet on the first game and he won some money betting although he never bets on anything. Haha. I'll try to find some pictures because I know there are some and then I will post them up here.

Aside from that poker hasn't been going to well. Im changing my game around and trying to think differently about different situations and I think things will start turning around soon. The FTOPS is here (Full Tilt Online Poker Series.) Hopefully I can be lucky enough to run good in a big event and win a ton of money. We will see how that goes. My buddy cane is actually at the final table of the 6 max Shootout right now with first being 45k. I will let you guys know how he does in it.

Poker wise I can't really say much is going on. I've been playing almost every night all the big tournaments and can't really seem to get anything going. I've been getting my money in good for the most part so hopefully I can continue playing well and things will turn around. It just takes a spark to get on a heater... I think. I've never actually been on a "heater" so hopefully I can get on one soon =)

I've been working out everyday and I actually started a 30 day ban on drinking. I told myself I wouldn't drink for 30 days so that's what I plan on doing. My buddy Brian has gone over a year and change without drinking, so I know I can do it. I want to eat better too. I don't eat that bad right now but I do splurge sometimes and eat ice cream real late and night and other things that cant be good for me if I'm trying to cut down on body fat and everything. I'm definitely not fat but I'm trying to get more cut up and lose my body fat. I'm going to talk to the trainers in my gym and have a fitness test soon so I can see the actual body fat I have and everything else I need to know.

Hmm.. When all my buddies were down for the Roots tournament we went out a couple nights. One night we all went to downtown Ft Lauderdale and then the next night me and my buddy Josh (aka Pep...Played basketball for UCF now plays professionally in Japan) met up with Stu, Hans, John and Tim at Prive on South beach. Prive was alright. The club was actually pretty small and the people just all seemed stuck up. The staff seemed stuck up as well. I'm not sure what I think about South Beach but it appears that a lot of people just think they are better than everyone and there is definitely something in the air. Pep and I drank a little (This was the night before of my 30 days no drinking) and had a good time hanging out with everyone. Stu and everyone left early because people got too drunk and me and Pep hung out for a while. We left around 4:30-5 and made it home.

I guess I will leave this post at that. Sorry it's just a bunch of random thoughts and things that have been going on lately all wrapped into one. Cane is still in and there are still 6 people left.

On a final note, the greatest rapper ever is going to be coming out with a new album sometime. Maybe not in this year but soon. Jay-z. Here's a clip from the end of Kanye's show in NYC last night when Hov came out to sing a verse of a song that might be on The Blueprint 3.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Non-Poker Related Content...

On Wednesday I went to another Marlins game with my dad, Stu, Hans, Hans' girlfriend Christy, Tim(cane3418), and John. It was the Marlins vs. Mets and it was a really exciting game. The Marlins ended up winning 7-5 I think but there was excitement up to the end. It was pretty amazing how many Mets fans were there. There were about 30,000 people total which is a good turnout for a Marlins game and I would say at least 10,000 were Mets fans.

After the game we went to one of my favorite places in South Florida named Sushi Room. It is in downtown Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. They have great sushi and sashimi there and we always go there when we are in the area. They have a yellowtail jalapeno dish that is awesome just like Kaizen. I guess it's a pretty popular dish because I am starting to see it on every menu, everywhere I go. I had my dad try some sashimi and he didn't like it too much lol. I guess he doesn't like the texture since he isn't really used to it. I remember when I first started trying to eat sushi and sashimi I didn't like it but I have gotten used to it and love it. I think there's just that first barrier you have to get through when eating foods with weird textures, then you can enjoy it.

The Roots basketball tournament has started and our first game is in about an hour and a half. Everyone is in town and we went down to Los Olas (Downtown Ft. Lauderdale) and hung out for a little bit last night. I'm really excited to see everyone play and see how they've improved their games like I said before. Hopefully we can win the tournament again. It's going to be harder this year. There are more teams and everyone is gunning for us. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I'll be on the bench coaching lol. I think Hans and Stu are coming to the games today.

I will just keep this entry short and update it later about my other buddies who are down and what happens at the basketball tournament. Thanks for all the support for those of you who leave comments or contact me other ways. It helps to write when I know people enjoy reading what I'm posting and I definitely appreciate the support, thank you.