Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Grind...

Today I half grinded. I woke up a little late before the 2pm tournaments, but not early enough to make it to the gym to workout before I started playing. There was a really bad storm outside and I registered for a couple 2pm tournaments and then my Internet went out. It went out til about 3 or so and then I played from there on. I skipped the nightly tournaments.

It's really hard to sit in a room and stare at two computer monitors all day with no breaks, no food, nothing. I have nobody to bring me food and I hate missing hands but I run to the bathroom every now and then when the important tournaments are on break. I'm thinking about just setting up a bucket next to my desk and then stockpiling like 3 meals in my room somehow lol. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I also just hate sitting there in front of the computer. I feel like I'm just killing my body, but that's tournament poker. Sometimes when I play live poker (like during the WSOP) I will do pushups and sit-ups and stretch to get my blood flowing and energy going (I'm sure some people saw me this summer and were like "what the hell is that kid doing!?") When you have 8 tables of poker up its hard to jump on the floor for a minute and get some pushups in or sit-ups. I think I'm going to start doing this more when I'm grinding because it's really not good to just sit there for 10 hours at a time. I need blood flowing in my body and especially need motion for my knee that is still healing from torn ACL surgery.

Anyway, tomorrow I will grind again from 2 on. I'm not sure how the night tournaments will go again but I will be playing them. Maybe I can get Stu to come over or something and keep me company. I will probably take Thursday and Friday off (night at least) because there aren't many good night tournaments and also I have some people coming into town this weekend.

This weekend should be pretty fun. I still have not had a drink in about 25-28 days. I have 4 more days to go for it to be 4 weeks/a month of no drinking! I went out the other night with my buddies and they got smashed and I resisted peer pressure for 4 hours and didn't drink. I was pretty proud of myself although I wanted to drink really badly. I might drink this weekend before time is up but I'm not really sure. It's nice having streaks and keeping them going. My dad is on a 400+ day streak of walking 4 miles and biking 16 miles everyday. That's pretty damn impressive!

Tomorrow I will wake up, work out, and get to the grind. I came close in a 55NL today on stars. Came like 20th place out of 1100 or something. I'm making fewer mistakes and seeing the game differently. Hopefully I can keep lowering the amount of mistakes I make and start playing absolutely perfect on every table and maximize my abilities and take down a bunch of tournaments. HEATER HEATER HEATER!!!!

Okay...Goodnight guys. There's some other stuff I'm working on in the mix of things but I cant bring it up yet. I will let you guys know everything when I can. And anything else I can think of to tell you guys I will. Tomorrow I will actually do the "day in the life" on pocketfives and post my important hands so head over to pocketfives and look for the thread if you guys want to take part in that. Night.

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