Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's Heating Up....

Fuck that. I'm flaming hot. (Those lyrics [He's heating up. Fuck that, I'm flaming hot]) are lyrics from a Jurassic 5 song about basketball I used to listen to back in the day, years ago.

But anyways, THE HEATER IS STARTING. Today I GRINDED. Grinded like I NEVER HAVE EVER BEFORE IN MY EXISTENCE. I woke up, went to the gym for about an hour, got home, made some lunch, and sat down at my computer at about 2:15pm and played just about every tournament on Full Tilt and Pokerstars that had a decent prize pool up until the 9pm big tournaments.

I played both 100rs (night and afternoon), 55r, 50 nls, 100nl, 50 cubed, 100 cubed, 22r, the big $1k on full tilt, both 162/163, EVERYTHING.

I finished about 45 minutes ago when I tilted off the Pokerstars 162 because I was pissed off about a final table I bubbled.

In the Pokerstars 50 cubed I got heads up vs gutshotallin and we chopped it up cause we both had a bunch of tables going and didn't want to play a long HU match (we both had about 80bbs or so) so I took 4400 and he took 4600 (first was like 5300 no chop.) So that was good to take down a tournament although we just moved in and of course I got 2nd on my database like what always happens when I chop.

Next I came in 10th in the 11r that I played for 8 damn hours. I was like 6/10 in chips and this guy was being aggressive hand for hand raising 4x and he raised 4x on the button to 200k at 25/50k and he had been really active lately, he had 950k total. I had 800k and I shoved 89ss from the small blind. I had been very tight recently and hadn't been in any hands. So I figured I would get a ton of folds and didn't think his 4x raise was strong. Well he tanked it for about 15 seconds and decided his QJo was good for his tournament life, and called leaving himself with 140k chips if he lost. And his QJ held up and I fucking bubbled that tournament which was 12k to first. It was a rough 8 hours. Oh well.

Then I got deep in a couple other tournaments and just got screwed in some and got lucky in some others. I guess that's just how poker goes. I might make a thread on pocketfives tomorrow about all the big hands I'm involved in during the day to let off steam/bring up discussion about hands since people seem to enjoy that. I would post them here but I don't want to fill my blog with a million hand histories.

I'm pretty tired and pooped out. I played about ten and 1/2 hours and I don't think I've ever grinded like this before unless it was a Sunday. I had about 6-8 tables up all day until the end and at one point 9 tables (although I can really only fit 8 comfortably.)

Stu came by around 7:30 and watched me chop the 50 cubed and then watched me bubble the 11r. He stayed til around 11:30 then left after I got 10th. Thanks for the support Stu.

So I guess I'm starting to play better, and look at different poker situations differently. I'm still trying to figure out the best plays in some instances but I guess you can never know the right play because any given situation can always have a different outcome. I feel like things are starting to come together and If I keep putting time into becoming a better player then I am bound to see great results. Thanks everyone for the support and lets keep the heater chants going and everything else going because I KNOW ITS COMING. ITS LIKE A BALL OF FIRE SHOT FROM THE SUN ITSELF. IT IS A GREAT BALL OF FIRE LIKE A METEORITE SHOT FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE SUN AT A MILLION DEGREES FAHRENHEIT AND YOU CANT STOP IT YOU JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR FATE OF RUNNING INTO THE BALL OF FIRE AND BURNING TO DEATH. SO BURN TO DEATH!!!! BURN!!!!!

Okay, 11 hour sessions make me crazy.

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