Saturday, August 2, 2008

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On Wednesday I went to another Marlins game with my dad, Stu, Hans, Hans' girlfriend Christy, Tim(cane3418), and John. It was the Marlins vs. Mets and it was a really exciting game. The Marlins ended up winning 7-5 I think but there was excitement up to the end. It was pretty amazing how many Mets fans were there. There were about 30,000 people total which is a good turnout for a Marlins game and I would say at least 10,000 were Mets fans.

After the game we went to one of my favorite places in South Florida named Sushi Room. It is in downtown Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. They have great sushi and sashimi there and we always go there when we are in the area. They have a yellowtail jalapeno dish that is awesome just like Kaizen. I guess it's a pretty popular dish because I am starting to see it on every menu, everywhere I go. I had my dad try some sashimi and he didn't like it too much lol. I guess he doesn't like the texture since he isn't really used to it. I remember when I first started trying to eat sushi and sashimi I didn't like it but I have gotten used to it and love it. I think there's just that first barrier you have to get through when eating foods with weird textures, then you can enjoy it.

The Roots basketball tournament has started and our first game is in about an hour and a half. Everyone is in town and we went down to Los Olas (Downtown Ft. Lauderdale) and hung out for a little bit last night. I'm really excited to see everyone play and see how they've improved their games like I said before. Hopefully we can win the tournament again. It's going to be harder this year. There are more teams and everyone is gunning for us. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I'll be on the bench coaching lol. I think Hans and Stu are coming to the games today.

I will just keep this entry short and update it later about my other buddies who are down and what happens at the basketball tournament. Thanks for all the support for those of you who leave comments or contact me other ways. It helps to write when I know people enjoy reading what I'm posting and I definitely appreciate the support, thank you.

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