Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Shots...

Alright. I messed up today. It was a typical Sunday. I started at 2pm with the 100r and Knockout tournament on Full Tilt Poker. I played $55 No Limit Freezeouts, $109 NL Freezeouts, Sunday Million, 55r, FTP Main Event, $530 NL, $100 6max cubed, $215 Heads up, and probably some other tournaments but thats the gist of it right now. I cashed in either 4 or 5 of them I believe. I came like 40th in the $530 NL (for 1250), then I got screwed deep in the $109 Freezeout in like 20th place (Shoved QQ for 38k UTG at 3/6k and the BB called with 72o in the bb and it ran out A8972 ... horrible) and then I BLEW THE 6max 100 CUBED ON FULL TILT POKER. I came in 4th place in that for 6600. I absolutely blew this tournament. I was in control the whole time since 1 hour into the tournament I was chip leader the whole way and I was 2nd in chips at the final table with 6 people and I played a 100bb pot vs a donkeyish player and I played it horribly and I just played very bad and got 4th which I deserved.

I would continue on and talk about my poor final table performance but I made a mistake, and I'm learning and moving on. So today was a decent sunday given the fact I had a couple chances at 20k scores and a 90k score. I have been tweaking my game and its definitely helping. I did get lucky at some points in some of these tournaments for the most part too. The $530 No limit I got deep in I dont think I got lucky in that. I am pretty sure I got it in great everytime. I lost a couple big pots where I was a favorite deep that would of changed the outcome in that tournament but whatever. The big one is coming soon. Or at least hopefully all the little ones will start coming. I'll take a 15k score every day, no problem =)

I'm starting to play more and put in the volume and see results, so hopefully I can get sick hot like Johnny Storm and just completely destroy some people in the next couple weeks/months. LETS GET HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I not add a picture of myself? =)

Thanks to my buddy Hans for some ideas on things that are hot!!! He got 7th in the 6max I got 4th in, congrats to him too. I tried to bust him one hand since he raises so small preflop but he coolered me but he was shortstack. Then he bubbled the final table with TT vs QQ 4 handed, rough. I'll keep you guys updated on everything. Everyone think... HEATER....

Okay, thats enough lol... Enjoy!!!

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