Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ego In Poker...

One thing I've been meaning to talk about recently is Ego in poker and life in general. I think trying to separate yourself from your ego when you play is definitely something that can help your game. I know sometimes I get frustrated because I feel I'm being outplayed, or feel like xxx cant have a hand every time!!! I definitely sometimes make plays out of spite or just react and click buttons because I let my emotions and EGO get the best of me. You need to always use your brain and think about the situation and separate yourself from the players and what has happened in the past. I know you guys understand.

Last weekend, when I was driving back home to South Florida from Orlando, I realized that ego actually is involved in life more than I realize. I was on driving on the Florida Turnpike. This is a two lane highway in which you pay tolls to drive on, but basically for those who don't know the rules for driving or were never taught them, the left lane is supposed to be used for PASSING cars and the right lane is used to cruise in until you are going to pass the car in front of you. Fair enough. It seems like a good system. The only problem is when you have people that sit in the left lane when they are not passing a car. I understand sometimes there are many cars in the right lane to pass and then there is someone in front of you in the left lane as well, so its hard to get in front of everyone, but its still frustrating. Well anyway let me get to the point. I have gotten a lot of speeding tickets recently so I have been trying to drive by the speed limit lately. When I go to pass people that are in the right lane I don't speed by them exceeding the speed limit too much. Let's say the speed limit is 70 I might pass going 75. The problem I have is someone who is going 80-85 comes up behind me in the left lane and gets on my ass when I am passing. They immediately think I am a driver that sits in the left lane, and I just want to not speed (too much) and pass the driver in the right lane and move back in the right lane. Sometimes I will merge back into the right lane very slowly and they will breeze by me before I am even in the right lane yet. But this is another situation where I let my ego get involved because these other people want to ride my ass and try to pressure me to get in the right lane when I already have the intention to do that!

Yeah, don't let your emotions and ego get involved when you're playing poker.

Today I took down the $200 Turbo 6 max on Full tilt.

Feels good to have a nice score. That turbo tournament they run you have to get hands and get lucky. I folded a couple hands deep that I could of played and had some other situations where I could of panicked when I got short on chips but luckily I was patient and got my money in good every time in the big pots and they held up. I played the tournament a different style than I normally would. I think I've played it enough where I know how most situations are and how to handle the turbo structure. But anyway, yeah it was nice to be lucky enough to take down a substantial win.

Tomorrow is the 500 cubed in the WCOOP and I'm very excited!!! I am super excited for the upcoming WCOOP events. I haven't cared for too many of them really but the shootout, the plo tournys, and the $5200 and other holdem events really have me excited. Hopefully I can play well and we will see how the cards fall.

My sister is getting married this weekend so I'm not sure how much time I'll have Friday/Saturday to play poker. Lots of my family and friends will be in town so hopefully the wedding can go well and I can be prepared for the $5200 buyin tournament come Sunday. Not sure what else to talk about. I have a lot to do over the next couple of days for this wedding and everything else. Hopefully everything goes as planned and everyone is happy come Saturday night after the wedding.

If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for the blog or things you want me to talk about let me know. I will go over hands, give you guys a run through of the daily grind, whatever. Send the ideas over. Goodnight guys.

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