Monday, September 1, 2008


I probably had the best Sunday of my life today in online poker. The money I won or lost today was exactly +$0. What this means is basically, I took the Sunday off. I had some friends in town and my girlfriend was in town, and when she left in the afternoon today I really didn't feel like playing any poker. It's hard to miss all the opportunities Sunday's bring but I probably saved myself from losing a couple thousand today, hence resulting in my best Sunday ever!!!

It feels good to take a couple days off but like I said in previous blogs, the grind is about to start. I am starting to enjoy the pain behind the daily grind of playing poker 10-12 hours a day and I know I will see results. But before I can start grinding, there is a live tournament tomorrow at a local casino. The buyin is $550 and there is 100k guarantee. I've never been to this casino (Pompano Isle) but I've heard good things about it. There is no smoking in the casino/poker room which is always a plus. The tournament you start with 10k in chips and 30 minute blinds but I have no clue of the structure. I'm assuming it will be pretty bad, but the players will probably be even worse. It will be fun to play some live tomorrow. If I don't do well I can always make it back home for the nightly tournaments and the 1k on FTP. The tournament starts at 12:30 tomorrow and I have no clue how long it will last, so I guess I will find everything out tomorrow and hopefully take it down.

So as you know my buddy Hans is one of the laziest humans on the face of the earth. I tried to convince him to go play the tournament with me and here's the conversation we had.

Hans: huh?
Tristan: 550 tourny
Tristan: at this casino tomorrow
Tristan: 100k guarantee
Hans: u playing?
Tristan: yes
Hans: what casino is it at?
Tristan: isle
Tristan: come play it
Hans: oh ya I've heard of that casino
Tristan: you gonna go, its not too early
Tristan: 12:30
Hans: nah prolly not
Hans: too small
Tristan: gonna be 30k+ to first
Tristan: and all donks
Tristan: but ok hansy
Hans: my cousin invited me on boat, not sure if I'm going on it
Hans: depends weather
Hans: but i wouldnt play even if i wasnt goin on boat
Hans: dont like live really
Tristan: why do you make excuses
Tristan: why not just say you dont want toplay it
Hans: uh read what i wrote donk
Tristan: if you weren't going on the boat
Tristan: you wouldn't play
Hans: are u retarded?
Hans: are u brain dead?
Tristan: no I'm just saying lol
Tristan: why even bring that up lol
Hans: Hans (2:52:56 AM): but i wouldnt play even if i wasnt goin on boat
Hans: Hans (2:52:56 AM): but i wouldnt play even if i wasnt goin on boat
Hans: Hans (2:52:56 AM): but i wouldnt play even if i wasnt goin on boat
Hans: Hans (2:52:56 AM): but i wouldnt play even if i wasnt goin on boat
Tristan: lol
Tristan: iknow
Tristan: come play win 30k
Hans: why would i ever do that when u can play online
Tristan: ok bud
Tristan: i knew i shouldnt even of wasted my breath telling you
Hans: good thing u didnt, just ur worhless fingers
Tristan: it could be 1mil freeroll HU tourny you vs blind guy and you still wouldnt play
Hans: sometimes the dumbest shit comes outta ur mouth
Hans: glad u have the blog
Hans: so u dont waste the dumb stuff u say
Hans: loool
Tristan: you should start a blog
Tristan: youd update it never
Hans: lol
Tristan: youll like next blog might wanna stay up for it
Hans: man i wish it was possible for u to update blog every couple hours
Tristan: oh dont worry its getting updated now
Tristan: hope you enjoy

LOL.. We like going at it with each other constantly. I get on him, he gets on me. Good times. I'll let everyone know how the tournament went and I'll save hands to my BlackBerry while I'm playing so I have some interesting hands to post. Goodnight guys.

Have fun on the boat tomorrow Hans!!!

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