Monday, September 8, 2008

Latest Updates And Apologies...

I've had a couple close shots lately. I've made it to the final two tables or final table of a couple tournaments in the last couple days. I got 4th in the Saturday $200 PLO Tournament for about $5k and I've had some close calls in a bunch of other tournaments. Things just aren't coming together in the end and that's alright. It will all come together soon as long as I continue working on my game and adjusting.

Pokerstars is having their World Series of Online Poker, which basically means a ton of online tournaments with huge buyins and huge prize pools. I got pretty screwed today in every event. I will spare the details but basically today was a horrible Sunday just getting beat after beat and losing flip after flip in crucial, big spot situations. I got deep in the 55r and then proceeded to lose AQ vs KK, AQ vs A7, AK vs TT, and 88 vs AT. After all of that I was pretty pissed off and people had been making stupid plays at me all there and getting there, or just giving me brutal beats and I was so fed up. I was really disappointed I got that far and couldn't have a better finish in that tournament. I lost about $4k today in tournaments. I played some cash after and won so my losses weren't so bad.

Anyway, I blew up in the 55r chat at HitUr2Outer and some other people throughout the day and I would like to apologize. I definitely came off as a crybaby, a jerk, and unprofessional. If I'm going to make this my life I have to be able to handle the ups and downs of any given day. It gets frustrating but I really need to grow up and handle it. If people play bad, and get lucky, that's the nature of what I do; I have to live with it. So for that, and everything I have said in the past, I apologize to everyone. I am going to try to be professional from here on out, wish players good luck, good game, and move on to the next tournament without saying anything. It's going to be tough but I need to learn to control my emotions in this business.

So aside from me being a little girl and crying about losing and players playing bad, poker has been alright. I keep getting close, keep having chances, and that's all I can do. I still have a lot to learn. I know nobody will ever know everything there is about poker but you just have to be able to learn as much about poker at the present time as possible. "At the present time" is the key to that statement. Like I have said before poker is constantly changing and you have to be able to make the changes before they become mainstream. Hopefully with me continuing to play a lot of poker I can realize tendencies and what's going on and adapt faster than the other players. I'm still working on that heater and I need to stay positive. There are a lot of big events with the WCOOP (pokerstars tournaments) where I could win a lot of money.

Anyway, aside from all of that, life is going pretty well. My sister gets married in about two weeks where I am the Maid of Honor. Luckily I don't have to wear a dress or anything... come to think of it I'm really not sure what I have to do lol. I probably should look into that more. I have been working out just about everyday as well trying to get my knee back to 100% and just improving my overall health. I am in good shape but there's always something to improve. All I do really is wake up, work out, play poker, throw in another activity here and there, sleep, repeat. Once I take down a huge tournament I will have time for other activities but I'm pretty motivated to make a lot of money, improve my game, and win a huge tournament. I just want to get on a wave and ride it to the shore.

So to recap, sorry to everyone I have offended at the tables. Sorry for crying, being a jerk, or just being plain stupid. Sorry for berating fish and sorry for yelling at people who have made crazy/stupid plays. I have done stupid stuff at the poker table as well and I should never criticize people ever. Nobody is perfect. Again, I'm sorry.

I'll leave everyone with a picture from the live tournament the other day. They took a picture of chip leader when we chopped it then another guy jumped in to get his picture taken so I figured it would be good for the blog, lol.

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