Thursday, September 18, 2008

Near Death and WCOOP Failure...

The other day I woke up early and planned to get a workout in. I had a cable guy coming over between 2-5 and at about 11:15am I got on my bicycle and decided to ride to the gym. Its probably about 4-5 miles away. I was riding my bicycle and received a phone call around 11:30 from an unknown number. I answered it and they mumbled some words and I told them "Sorry, Wrong number." After the phone call I was stopped at an intersection waiting for my crossing light to change white. There was a car that was going to turn right, into the path I was going to go, and I took that into consideration when the crossing light changed for me to go. I started to go and I kept my eye on the car and they were completely stopped. They had been stopped for at least 5-7 seconds and I was now halfway across the intersection. All of a sudden, when I am a couple feet from their car they punch it and head right for me. Apparently the person had been looking left for oncoming traffic although all the traffic was stopped at a red light. So feet from hitting me they slam on their breaks and I slam on my breaks and there is a huge screech from their tires and the car misses me by about 2-3 feet. The lady is mouthing to me "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" I started to smile and shook my head and continued on my way. I had laughed in the face of death at that moment! Haha, not really.

About halfway to the gym I get another phone call and see its the same unknown number, and decide not to answer, figuring they are trying the number they thought was right again. I then arrive at the gym and get another phone call from the same number. I answer it and the person is speaking more clearly this time. It's the cable guy and he says hes in the area. I had just stepped into the gym and I was really annoyed that he was 2 hours early and I told him he was supposed to come between 2-5. He said he was close and wanted to get it done so I told him I could not be home for 30 minutes. I had to leave the gym and ride the bike all the way back home to meet him. Luckily no near accidents this time.

The city I live in in South Florida is highly populated with elderly people. Most of them can not drive worth a lick and almost everyday there is someone who pulls out in front of you or cuts you off. They really have no clue what they are doing and don't know any better and shouldn't be driving. There is a point where you are just too old and your reflexes are not good to drive. Elderly should be tested again for driving licenses every 5 years or so when they hit 65-70. Just the other day I was in the right lane of a two lane left turning lane, and an older woman was in the left lane. We both were turning left. My lane led me to the middle lane and she was supposed to turn into the left lane. Well, she decided that my car was invisible and she tried to turn into my middle lane and I swerved over into the right lane just barely having her miss my car by inches. I was in front of her car and to the right and she still did not see me. Seriously... I don't know how that was possible but luckily it takes two bad drivers to get into an accident and I avoided it. This is a regular occurrence in this city.

Anyway, those are all the traffic and life stories I have. Some of my family have arrived into town for the wedding on Saturday so its nice to see all my aunts and uncles I haven't seen in a while.

As far as poker goes, it's the same. I play well, get my money in good, and lose. It gets frustrating but I'm trying to accept it still. I just don't understand when people make the stupidest plays and get lucky, that really frustrates me. Its one thing to lose AA vs KK, that's fine, but when someone shoves 69 suited vs your QQ and you lose then its frustrating. I feel like I cant win on pokerstars and they are out to get me, but I am going to stop saying all this conspiracy theory shit and start to be positive and not think that this website is rigged. Hopefully down the road I don't find out it really was rigged, haha, just kidding.

I also watched Joe Hachem bitch and moan on the WSOP episodes on ESPN and it made me pretty sick to see that. I know I have acted like that online recently and it's pretty sickening to think I've been a baby like that. It's hard when you want to win so bad and continue to play well and get close, but don't win. I got Heads up in the WCOOP Shootout today for my first table and then proceeded to brick an 11 outter to double the opponent up, then I got it in as a 60-40 favorite with 63hh vs Q3cc on a 632cc board. The turn was safe 7h so I think I improved to a 75% favorite (or 70% since he can now hit a 7 as well) and he rivered the Jc. Pretty frustrating and it always seems to go like that. I lost the 55r when I was top 15 in chips by getting it all in KK vs AKhh for 100 big blind pot at 150/300 and he flopped the flush. Then I raised the button at 300/600 with a 10k stack with 99 and the big blind shoves QTo and got there. I only played a couple tournaments today to focus on WCOOP but I'm playing great. I just need to keep focusing on my confidence, and working on my game, and I'm sure great things are to come.

I wish everyone good luck, and keep a positive attitude when you play poker. You are not the only one who gets unlucky. Everyone gets unlucky. Everyone runs the same over time. The poker sites ARE NOT RIGGED (I hope lol.) Continue to play and put in more time and effort to your game. The more you play the more results you will see and you will also see the "running bad/good" even out over time. Good luck to everyone and I will update again soon. Hopefully I've been saving all my luck for the $5200 WCOOP Sunday =)

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