Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been Busy...

I have been pretty busy with a project I'm working on that I will talk more about later in another blog post. I haven't played too much poker lately. The streak I had actually ended the day after I posted, which I probably jinxed myself. I have gotten close in a couple of big events. I got deep in the 200r again yesterday placing 13th or 14th. I lost two flips in a row and I was out. Today I got deep in the 100r at night, which was 30k to first, and I lost a big pot. I'll explain how it went.

LosChiefs had about 120k in mid/late position, I had 90k in the small blind, and skalexjung had about 60k or so in the big blind. Los made it 5200 preflop at 1k/2k with 25 people left in the tournament (in the money). I had 22 in the small blind and called, skalex called as well. The flop came AQcc2d. I checked, ska checked, and Los bet 10k. Los had been pretty aggressive and its a pretty big flop for action regardless. I decided to raise here and made it 23850. Ska tanked it for a little while before folding (I Thought he mucked a hand like AT or something like that maybe AJ) and I was hoping los had AK or AQ. Los decided to just call. The turn came the Kd. I didn't really like the turn. But I really don't think Los would of checked with JT on the flop. And the flush draw missed as well. I am now hoping he hit QK or AK. I decide I still need to bet so Los doesn't check behind and I bet 28k leaving myself with 32k. I did this because I wanted the impression of fold equity to still be there if Los had maybe Kxcc or some kind of hand where he was semi bluffing. He moved in and I called and he ended up having QQ and he scooped the 100bb pot. Pretty frustrating, but oh well. I think everything is pretty normal with the hand, and I'm going to go broke there always. Just is annoying being on the losing side of the pot deep in a big tournament when I had a nice stack already.

Anyway, aside from poker I have just been working out and getting other things done. I will reveal what I have been working on in a week or so and let you guys into my project. I'm still ahead of stu in our PLB bet but he said hes going to bring it this week and try to beat me. So we will see what happens. Since I didn't play much in the last week or so he caught up a little but tomorrow I will get back to the grind and keep improving my results. Grinding really helps a lot with your game and your results and I need to continue to do it.

I'm not really sure about what else to write about. I don't want to get boring and mundane with my blog. I would like to give you guys some interesting content every time I post but that's not always so easy =) I believe I have a basketball game tomorrow at the YMCA. I had my ACL surgery about 11 months ago and I'm still not 100% but I am back playing here and there and working my knee out until it is fully recovered and everything is alright. We are 4-1 in the YMCA league and its nice to shake the rust off and be back playing again. I am still rehabbing my knee and improving its strength as well in the strength in my legs. I talked to a fellow basketball player who had the same injury as me. He plays college basketball and he said it took him a year and a half before he was 100% and back playing. He said I looked good for having surgery 10 months ago. It was reassuring hearing this from someone who has gone through the same thing I've been going through. Each day I wonder if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I wonder if my knee is getting stronger and healthier, etc. Hopefully it doesn't take a year and a half to be 100% but the way things have been going for the rehab I don't doubt it. The surgery was pretty major and I guess I didn't have realistic expectations of when I would be back. I always thought I would be back in 6-8 months.

Oh well. That's it for now. Talk to you guys later. Goodnight.

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