Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PLB Bet, Television and Jay-Z...

I started talking about a PLB bet I have with Stu (thedonator) for the month of October last blog. It's going pretty well. The last 3 days I have made 3 final tables. Today I got 3rd in the $120 knockout on FTP. I got pretty unlucky three handed and should of won the tournament but oh well. Hopefully I can keep the streak going of cashing/final tabling/having a chance to win. I didn't play too many tournaments today but I know I need to play more tomorrow. It gets draining sitting in front of a computer for 10-12 hours without doing anything else except staring at the screen. I try to stand up and stretch and do some pushups and sittups from time to time but sometimes there is just no down time from clicking the mouse. I have a good lead in the PLB bet so far but there is a long way to go and one BIG tournament can change it around.

I don't get HBO but my buddy Hans showed me the show "Entourage" a year or so ago, I think last summer. The new season has started and it's an awesome show. I actually went and rented the older seasons and am in the process of watching them again. It's a really good series and I suggest anyone who hasn't seen it to go and watch it!!! That's basically all I have to say about that. The show is about an actor and his friends and their lives. It's really entertaining and the agent in the show, Ari, is my favorite character. His acting is incredible.

Anyway, off to some talk about music. If you guys have the time and like Jay-Z you should definitely check out this documentary about Jay-Z's first CD, Reasonable Doubt. It is definitely one of my most favorite CDs, if not my favorite, and the documentary lets you into the thought and passion behind the CD. You get to learn where Jay got his inspiration from and what his songs really mean. It's really interesting because it shows that there is more to his music than just what you hear. His music is amazing and this documentary is great as well. I suggest you all check it out. There is so much more behind good music then meets the eye and I can say I appreciate music and artists like Jay-Z. It's interesting because I caught a glimpse of his Vh1 StoryTeller's episode where he talked about the meaning behind his songs on his last CD American Gangster. To hear his insight about his work and how he can bring stories to life is just truly amazing. I will stop rambling and let you guys watch the documentary below. Its almost an hour long, but if you like Jay-Z or hip hop you will definitely enjoy it.

About to head to sleep. Will keep everyone updated on everything. Night.

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TheJunkie said...

Very nice documentary. Brings back lots of memories. I remember being the first in my hood bumpin Reasonable Doubt when it came out after watching Dead Presidents debut on Rap City.