Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow Up Post/FTOPS Frustration...

"Its hard to do when you've got nothing to prove. Everybody knows you better, you're in a lose lose. Cause even when you win, ultimately you lose. Real dudes like, 'Why Hov talking to Dude?'" Jay-Z - Dig A Hole

Okay, Okay, Okay! I guess my last blog was a little outside the box and over some heads. I know it was pretty crazy in itself. Haha. It's pretty funny to see the responses from some people on the Internet and some at the poker tables. I just posted that hand and explained the situation because I had seen that situation played before and knew what would likely happen in the hand. I am not saying I am 3 betting light and calling 4 bet shoves light all the time in my poker game. It just so happened I did that in that specific example. When push comes to shove that is a way a hand might play out.

In the hand K8 is the absolute worst I would probably ever call with there. Obviously I wish I had AT or QK or a hand that plays better but I still called and gambled. I am not advocating calling 4 bet shoves with K8 or anything like that. All I wanted to show you in the blog was taking previous situations and using them in the future, and not being scared to do it. I wasn't bragging that I was ahead with K8 vs JT or trying to make any other implications like that. Simple stating I knew that the player I was up against was capable of 4bet shoving really light there which I could be a favorite in the hand and gamble. It's a gamble from both ends. The shover is hoping the 3 bettor doesn't have a real hand and the caller is hoping the shover doesn't have a real hand. It's a big gamble regardless but there is obviously way more to the hand if you want to get into that, but I am not going to. That's all I will say about that topic I guess. So to all those eThugs and Internet Gangsters who hide behind their computers and forum posts, enjoy. Call the play stupid, call the blog stupid, call me stupid. It's fine. No worries here lol. Come back and read the next blog!

On to some other poker talk. The FTOPS just finished and I am probably the biggest FTOPS failure ever. I got 7th in the PLO 6max Event, 11th in the 300 NL 9 handed, and 9th in the PLO 9 handed Event. I had a couple other cashes in the FTOPS and ended up 2nd overall on the FTOPS Leaderboard. I think the winner of the leaderboard got a custom avatar, which would of been... interesting lol. I've seen other avatars and maybe its better I got 2nd! Haha Just kidding. It's just pretty frustrating to get close in a couple big tournaments and end up where I did. I don't think I necessarily did anything wrong (except in the PLO 9 handed bustout hand.) I've analyzed the hands and situations in the tournaments and didn't find anything that cost me the tournaments, I don't believe. I don't know what else to look forward to in poker in the near future. Every Sunday is fun, but aside from that I guess I will get excited for whatever big live tournament I play next.

Tonight I had my semifinals YMCA basketball game. We played the gold team two weeks ago and we lost by two points. The final play of the game I had the ball and drove past my man and got double teamed, leaving another player wide open under the basket for a layup. He missed the layup and we ended losing. I now know why some people don't give the ball up at the end of the game. =) We played the same team we lost to two weeks ago and smashed them by 30 points this time. The Championship game will be on Friday. If we win I will be 1 for 1 in YMCA Championships (Which doesn't say much lol.) It's been about a year since I had ACL surgery and my knee is feeling pretty good. It will take a couple more months before it doesn't bother me at all but at least I can play once again, even if im not 100%.

I guess that's all I really have to say. I will post a couple more interesting hands in the future to give some more insight on how I view poker. I also would like to say that poker is not a science. You can never ALWAYS be right when you play poker. You can never be the best. Anyone who thinks they are the best or thinks that they are that much better than Player A, B, and C are completely ignorant. There are plenty of ways to view this game and there are different ways to succeed. Goodnight guys.

P.S. - Although I don't post a whole lot on either site, I am a member of pocketfives and twoplustwo for anyone who cares =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is This What Poker Will Come To?...

"I'm searchin Victory, she keeps eluding me. If only we could be together momentarily. We could make love and make history. Why won’t you visit me?" - Jay-Z - History

I decided I am going to start all my blog posts with a quote or a line that has a lot of meaning from a song of my choice. I guess I might use lines from the same songs on different days but I figured it would be interesting none the less. For anyone who knows me and talks to me on AIM, I have always used lines from songs in my away messages for years and years now, so I decided to incorporate it into my blog. Hopefully I don’t have to explain any quotes to everyone but some of them are pretty deep and have hidden meanings so I guess I'll explain if needed.

Anyways, today’s post is actually going to be a hand I played last night in the $100 1Rebuy 1Addon Tournament on Full Tilt. It's a pretty crazy hand and I might get some flack for it because I immediately got flack after the hand. Here's the hand and I'll explain.

Full Tilt Poker Game #8944346342: $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (67523634), Table 12 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:05:48 ET - 2008/11/12
Seat 1: charder30 (16,030)
Seat 2: McNallyville (16,831)
Seat 3: pokerarg (48,835)
Seat 4: sampson724 (20,901)
Seat 5: tedsfishfry (36,311)
Seat 6: Cre8ive (64,880)
Seat 7: Sleepy_Hippo (27,487)
Seat 8: zestfulyclean (18,850)
Seat 9: kenaw (18,758)
charder30 antes 100
McNallyville antes 100
pokerarg antes 100
sampson724 antes 100
tedsfishfry antes 100
Cre8ive antes 100
Sleepy_Hippo antes 100
zestfulyclean antes 100
kenaw antes 100
Sleepy_Hippo posts the small blind of 400
zestfulyclean posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Cre8ive [Kh 8c]
kenaw folds
charder30 folds
McNallyville folds
pokerarg has 15 seconds left to act
pokerarg folds
sampson724 folds
tedsfishfry raises to 2,000
Cre8ive raises to 5,950
Sleepy_Hippo folds
zestfulyclean folds
tedsfishfry raises to 36,211, and is all in
Cre8ive calls 30,261
tedsfishfry shows [Tc Jc]
Cre8ive shows [Kh 8c]
*** FLOP *** [5d Jd 9h]
*** TURN *** [5d Jd 9h] [As]
*** RIVER *** [5d Jd 9h As] [7h]
tedsfishfry shows a pair of Jacks
Cre8ive shows Ace King high
tedsfishfry wins the pot (74,522) with a pair of Jacks
tedsfishfry: sick call
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 74,522 | Rake 0
Board: [5d Jd 9h As 7h]
Seat 1: charder30 folded before the Flop
Seat 2: McNallyville folded before the Flop
Seat 3: pokerarg folded before the Flop
Seat 4: sampson724 folded before the Flop
Seat 5: tedsfishfry showed [Tc Jc] and won (74,522) with a pair of Jacks
Seat 6: Cre8ive (button) showed [Kh 8c] and lost with Ace King high
Seat 7: Sleepy_Hippo (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: zestfulyclean (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: kenaw folded before the Flop

Let me give you some background information before you immediately look at this hand and think I'm an idiot or a monkey or just lucky he had JT suited and not had me dominated. I had played this tournament very good up until this point. I gained chips by waiting for good hands and taking advantage of position and players when I got my stack. I just got moved to this table 2-3 hands prior. I know tedfishfry is Shaun Deeb and I know how Shaun Deeb plays. I also know that with me coming to a new table with chips, people automatically assume I'm going to put pressure on them. Since I was to the immediate left of Shaun Deeb, I knew he would think the same. I have seen Shaun Deeb shove really light in this spot before. I have a pretty good memory so I realized when he led out his raise. He had raise one of the first couple hands I was at the table so I knew he was being aggressive as well. He opens to 2k (we are about 20-30 away from the money and I'm top 3 in chips probably) and I look down at K8o. He's on the cutoff and I'm on the button. I reminded myself about the earlier statement where I know he’s most likely going to shove if I reraise and I told myself that if I do 3bet him I know he will shove lighter than K8 so I am going to call him. I know it’s probably bad to automatically dictate what you are going to do in a hand before the action happens but I had reasoning behind it. I make it 5950 and he thinks about it for a second and shoves. With the timing and everything of his shove I was pretty sure that this was his 4bet reshove move and I snap called. He turns over JT and he wins the pot.

After the board ran out and the hand had played he said "sick call" as you can see in the chat but I think it was more sarcasm than anything. People at the table assumed I misclick called and then tried to take credit for making a call where I was ahead (I wont say good call -- but I was ahead lol.) I wouldn't ever do that. If I misclicked I would have said I misclicked, but I already knew what he was going to do before he did it and therefore called. There was some discussion after the hand and people kept saying I misclicked, blah blah blah, and then Shaun stated that his range for reshoving there isn’t as light as I tried to make out. He said I beat 4 hands and race with 7 others and dominated by everything else (he said something like that.) But I figure his range is more open than that.

So what I want to talk about here is stubborn poker. I am a stubborn person, and sometimes a stubborn poker player. This is what case of when push comes to shove and I am going to shove you right back. He opens light, I reraise light, and he thinks I am re-raising light so he 4bet shoves light. Since I know that he knows this I decide to call his shove light with my hand (K8) because I assume that it is ahead of the hands he is going to shove on me. I normally don’t play 100bb flip at this stage in the tournament (flip as in how this hand played out) but like I said, if people are going to start playing poker where they 4bet shove light, then sometimes you’re going to have to take a stand and call light. I'm not scared to call with K high if I think I am right. I know I might be crazy for playing a pot like this and thinking "yeah I am ahead and I am going to combat 4bet light shoving with calling with marginal hands that I think beat their range" but I might have to sometimes.

Learn this lesson. I finally am. Poker is always evolving and you can't be scared to try to do different things or be the person that is doing something everyone is not doing. If I was going to play poker like everyone else then what would set me apart from the rest of the world? How would I beat players if we play identical? I wouldn't. It would come down to who wins the coin flip or is on the right side of the cooler or runs better every time. I don't want to have to base my livelihood off of winning a coin flip. I am going to keep experimenting with my game and keep adjusting to how others play and try to make drastic jumps ahead of the pack. So call me stupid, call me an idiot, and call me a misclicker (lol)... But if this is what poker will come to we better watch out =)

Now for some more evidence... To back up everything I said. This hand was about one hour after the hand with me and Deeb. Same exact scenario. We are now in the money and down to 2 tables. We have just gotten to the new tables and Deeb has a stack on his immediate left again. Here's the hand history.

Full Tilt Poker Game #8945353332: $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (67523634), Table 3 - 1200/2400 Ante 300 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:11:03 ET - 2008/11/13
Seat 1: blizair (99,876)
Seat 2: dswdo (43,230)
Seat 3: 9InchRich (32,502)
Seat 4: thatcher1979 (68,753)
Seat 6: a_zuzolo (70,741)
Seat 7: tedsfishfry (117,069)
Seat 8: paddiewaddie (123,135)
Seat 9: LURCH PAPA (45,708)
blizair antes 300
dswdo antes 300
9InchRich antes 300
thatcher1979 antes 300
a_zuzolo antes 300
tedsfishfry antes 300
paddiewaddie antes 300
LURCH PAPA antes 300
blizair posts the small blind of 1,200
dswdo posts the big blind of 2,400
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
9InchRich folds
thatcher1979 folds
a_zuzolo has 15 seconds left to act
a_zuzolo folds
tedsfishfry raises to 5,555
paddiewaddie has 15 seconds left to act
paddiewaddie raises to 15,555
blizair folds
dswdo folds
tedsfishfry has 15 seconds left to act
tedsfishfry raises to 116,769, and is all in
paddiewaddie has 15 seconds left to act
paddiewaddie folds
Uncalled bet of 101,214 returned to tedsfishfry
tedsfishfry shows [Jd Qh] Queen Jack high
tedsfishfry wins the pot (37,110)
9InchRich stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 37,110 | Rake 0
Seat 1: blizair (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: dswdo (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: 9InchRich folded before the Flop
Seat 4: thatcher1979 folded before the Flop
Seat 6: a_zuzolo folded before the Flop
Seat 7: tedsfishfry collected (37,110)
Seat 8: paddiewaddie folded before the Flop
Seat 9: LURCH PAPA (button) folded before the Flop

Look familiar?

So many I'm not as crazy as I think after all. I did end up coming back from the 100bb pot loss and losing a big flip on the bubble of the final table and finished in 9th when I was last in chips going into the final table. At least I outlasted tedfishfry, lol. =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back To Back FTOPS Final Table Bubbles...

It's 4:30am and I just got 11th in the $300 NL FTOPS. It was 278k to first place. I received 15k for my 11th place finish but I am very disappointed. It's not often where you get so close to a large amount of money like that. I missed the 6max bounty in the morning, so technically my last 2 FTOPS Events I have played I bubbled both final tables, pretty sick. I also got 6th in the 100r 1+a 6max tournament and then 14th in the $500 NL on stars. Man tonight is crazy. I had three shots. The 6max was only 19k to first, but the $500 NL was 92k and the FTOPS was 278k. Jeez. I am really devastated. I lost AK vs 99 to bust tonight. I had no shot, it came JJ9 flop. I played really good and was really short after losing KK vs AQ and battled back from only about 3 big blinds. In the end I got involved with the chip leader in a couple pots (bigdogpckt5s) and he was really loose and aggressive and he got the best of me in a couple of pots so I regret going up against him. It looked like he was getting smacked by the deck though. Oh well.

Sorry guys for sounding so depressed and disappointed. I have had such a great week from last Sunday to this Sunday. I am up a LOT of money in tournaments, but no huge wins. I guess everything is clicking and as soon as everything falls into place I will have a big win. My money is getting in good and I am seeing the game differently than I did in the past. I'm not too upset because I played good in all my tournaments just a little disappointed that I was so close to so much money. I guess there is always tomorrow where I can go for my third FTOPS final table bubble in a row.

Oh wait, I didn't bubble the 100r FTOPS that my buddy cane won, but still.. back to back days of bubbling a FTOPS final table hurts. But guess what, It's done with. Time to move on and get ready to play tomorrow. Night everyone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

FTOPS Final Table Bubble And A Win!...

Earlier in the day I got 7th in the 6-max PLO FTOPS tournament. It was very very very disappointing to get so close and lose. First place was 75k and I was the chip leader, or close to the chip lead for almost the whole end of the tournament until I busted. I got unlucky, or didn't get lucky, in the end. Obviously there were some hands where I got lucky along the way but in the end it wasn't my day. I lost AAA9ss vs AKT3hh all in preflop for 300k (to knock a player out) and then lost a big coinflip with AA75cc vs JTQ6 on a JTcc5 board. I am about 45% to win that hand and that was a huge pot. That hand was basically my tournament. I lost another 300k pot where I was a favorite and then a couple other pots could of went my way. I think I played very well and hopefully I can continue to play well. There was one hand on the bubble that I would like to talk about though.

85 get paid or something like that. We are only a couple people away from the money. I have about 15k or 20k and I have AT24dd in the big blind. The blinds are 300/600 or 400/800. I'm not exactly sure. It folds to the button and he raised it to lets say 2k. Now my hand is garbage, but I like bubble play, especially in a field like the FTOPS where people really want to make the money. This guy was an unknown so I assumed that he wanted to make the money as well. I also assumed that he could only continue with AA or KK (whatever plo combos) and that would be it. I decided to 3bet him to 6k roughly, and if he shoved in his last 12k I would fold. Again, I only thought he would continue with made AA or KK here or a huge hand like AQJKds -- double suited -- etc... He ended up just calling! I definitely didn't expect that to happen. The flop came 886 I believe. I had him covered by about 200 chips and decided again that I had to go with it and keep the pressure on the bubble. He ended up thinking about it for a second and called with KKxx. I turned the Ace and won the pot. I don't know if he was trapping me preflop or what. I don't think he was trapping me. If he was then I think he played his hand perfectly, but I think he wanted to see a safe flop and then decide to continue or not. This is really the only hand that I feel I played questionably and I was very happy with how I played today.

Now on to the FTOPS WINNER!!!! CANE3418!!! My buddy TIM! Congratulations man!!!! I was getting ready to go out tonight when Stu texted me and told me cane was chip leader with 7 left in the 100r FTOPS. I decided to turn on my laptop and sweat him a little before I went out. Fifteen minutes later he was three handed with the chip lead and then heads up. I watched the heads up battle in excitement and anticipation of what could be a 6 figure score for my friend. He battled back and forth with the guy keeping the chip lead for the most part and then ended up finally beating him on the river to a pretty sick beat =). BUT... I am not here to talk about a bad beat he put on someone so congratulations again man and I am glad you won!

Cane won his jersey now it is my time to win my jersey and a 6 figure score. I was only 6 people away today from a jersey and 75k so hopefully I can have another chance again, which I'm sure I will.

I am kind of offended that someone said my BLOG USED TO BE GOOD AND NOW IT SUCKS. Actually, I'm not offended at all. Haha. I constantly say to whomever reads this blog if you have ideas and topics that you want me to talk about or things you like that I talk about, let me know. And if you don't like my blog then don't read it. Period. =) But I'd rather have constructive criticism than someone just telling me "Oh your blog used to be good now it sucks and you suck too."

I don't know if I told you guys but go buy JOE BUDDEN's CD at Joe Budden is one of the most underrated hip hop artists and he is a genius. Honestly. This guy says some of the craziest things but anyone who has ever gone through some problems can relate and Joe is just so smooth and creative and man. I definitely want to get this guy into my studio when I get a studio and I can't wait to see what we work out and what kind of record we make. Anyway, I'm gonna let you guys watch another documentary from Jay-Z which is good and then a new song from Jay-Z. Jay-z is another rapper who is unique as well. These guys are honestly geniuses. People look at rap music and rappers as thugs and hoodlums, etc etc.. but I am telling you these people are Sui generis individuals. Someone set me up with a dinner with these guys, thanks. A&Rs I hope you read my blog!! Haha. Alright, enough of me dreaming but music is amazing and I will most definitely be talking more about these guys in future blogs and for the rest of my life. This whole last paragraph sounds really corny but I will leave it anyway. Oh well =)

JAY-Z -- History (I don't think its necessarily about Obama.. but I guess some people are trying to make it out to be)

Below is a link for a video from the BBC. They did a documentary on Jay-Z. Basically anyone who is a Jay-z fan should check it out. You kind of get more of a view into his life and everything. You actually have to go to this site to watch the videos. Its called "He came. He saw. He conquered." So anyone can look it up since the video I watched previously isn't working. Here is the link.

P.S. On a side note I am really excited that Barack Obama was elected President and I think he will do a great job. I just think anyone who is in situation is made to succeed. He has everyone counting on him and I don't think he will fail. I think everyone is coming together at this point and realizing we need to make lots of changes in the United States. Hopefully Obama will have all the right people around him and the world can be a better place. We will see what happens but I am excited to see where the United States is heading. I am glad we have had a change like this. Okay, enough politics. Goodnight.

ALSO -- Check out my buddy Brian's (who lives with me) blog. Apparently he just started one and I'm gonna send him some hits. He doesn't play poker or anything but his blog should be interesting in general. Him and I think alike and our minds are constantly thinking so I'm sure he'll have some interesting blogs.

With so many plugs in my blog maybe Joe Budden or Jay-Z will see how I'm adding to their success and come down to South Florida. =)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Much Needed Update...

It's been a while since I updated everyone. I still am not finished with my project yet to reveal what I have been working on. Soon I will be able to let everyone know what the "BIG NEWS" is. I beat thedonator in the October PLB bet. He made a run in the end but I had to put the nail in the coffin towards the end of the month. I didn't play as much as I should have the whole month so I am planning on changing that in the month of November. I am going to play a lot this month, like I stated before.

My Halloween was pretty uneventful as well. I went out with some friends and my girlfriend to a club in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue. There were a bunch of people dressed up in costumes getting drunk and having a good time. I didn't partake in the costume festivities this year. I have had some great costumes in the past though.

This costume was from my Sophomore year in college. I took a costume made for 8-12 year olds and tailored it to my fitting. Lol. Here's what its supposed to look like:

Haha. Pretty funny costume I thought. I had fun with it. I had so much fun with the costume that I decided to do the same thing the next year.

I had to buy some girl's velvet material like pants from Walmart that were green to match and then I wore one of my dark green button up shirts to make the costume complete. Hahaha. Its supposed to look more like this:

This costume takes the cake. I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie BIG when he goes from a child to an adult. Except I transformed while I was wearing the costumes on Halloween! Too bad none of my friends were into wearing costumes this year or I would of had to try and top my last costume from two years ago (above.)

I just busted from all my tournaments tonight (bubbled like three big nightly's.) I think I am about to go to the gym and workout a little bit and then get ready to play some more tomorrow. Hopefully I can share my big news soon with everyone. I want everyone to be as excited about it as I am, so I guess its not bad to have a little hype and delay to the announcement. Don't let the suspense kill you! Goodnight.