Monday, November 10, 2008

Back To Back FTOPS Final Table Bubbles...

It's 4:30am and I just got 11th in the $300 NL FTOPS. It was 278k to first place. I received 15k for my 11th place finish but I am very disappointed. It's not often where you get so close to a large amount of money like that. I missed the 6max bounty in the morning, so technically my last 2 FTOPS Events I have played I bubbled both final tables, pretty sick. I also got 6th in the 100r 1+a 6max tournament and then 14th in the $500 NL on stars. Man tonight is crazy. I had three shots. The 6max was only 19k to first, but the $500 NL was 92k and the FTOPS was 278k. Jeez. I am really devastated. I lost AK vs 99 to bust tonight. I had no shot, it came JJ9 flop. I played really good and was really short after losing KK vs AQ and battled back from only about 3 big blinds. In the end I got involved with the chip leader in a couple pots (bigdogpckt5s) and he was really loose and aggressive and he got the best of me in a couple of pots so I regret going up against him. It looked like he was getting smacked by the deck though. Oh well.

Sorry guys for sounding so depressed and disappointed. I have had such a great week from last Sunday to this Sunday. I am up a LOT of money in tournaments, but no huge wins. I guess everything is clicking and as soon as everything falls into place I will have a big win. My money is getting in good and I am seeing the game differently than I did in the past. I'm not too upset because I played good in all my tournaments just a little disappointed that I was so close to so much money. I guess there is always tomorrow where I can go for my third FTOPS final table bubble in a row.

Oh wait, I didn't bubble the 100r FTOPS that my buddy cane won, but still.. back to back days of bubbling a FTOPS final table hurts. But guess what, It's done with. Time to move on and get ready to play tomorrow. Night everyone.

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