Sunday, November 9, 2008

FTOPS Final Table Bubble And A Win!...

Earlier in the day I got 7th in the 6-max PLO FTOPS tournament. It was very very very disappointing to get so close and lose. First place was 75k and I was the chip leader, or close to the chip lead for almost the whole end of the tournament until I busted. I got unlucky, or didn't get lucky, in the end. Obviously there were some hands where I got lucky along the way but in the end it wasn't my day. I lost AAA9ss vs AKT3hh all in preflop for 300k (to knock a player out) and then lost a big coinflip with AA75cc vs JTQ6 on a JTcc5 board. I am about 45% to win that hand and that was a huge pot. That hand was basically my tournament. I lost another 300k pot where I was a favorite and then a couple other pots could of went my way. I think I played very well and hopefully I can continue to play well. There was one hand on the bubble that I would like to talk about though.

85 get paid or something like that. We are only a couple people away from the money. I have about 15k or 20k and I have AT24dd in the big blind. The blinds are 300/600 or 400/800. I'm not exactly sure. It folds to the button and he raised it to lets say 2k. Now my hand is garbage, but I like bubble play, especially in a field like the FTOPS where people really want to make the money. This guy was an unknown so I assumed that he wanted to make the money as well. I also assumed that he could only continue with AA or KK (whatever plo combos) and that would be it. I decided to 3bet him to 6k roughly, and if he shoved in his last 12k I would fold. Again, I only thought he would continue with made AA or KK here or a huge hand like AQJKds -- double suited -- etc... He ended up just calling! I definitely didn't expect that to happen. The flop came 886 I believe. I had him covered by about 200 chips and decided again that I had to go with it and keep the pressure on the bubble. He ended up thinking about it for a second and called with KKxx. I turned the Ace and won the pot. I don't know if he was trapping me preflop or what. I don't think he was trapping me. If he was then I think he played his hand perfectly, but I think he wanted to see a safe flop and then decide to continue or not. This is really the only hand that I feel I played questionably and I was very happy with how I played today.

Now on to the FTOPS WINNER!!!! CANE3418!!! My buddy TIM! Congratulations man!!!! I was getting ready to go out tonight when Stu texted me and told me cane was chip leader with 7 left in the 100r FTOPS. I decided to turn on my laptop and sweat him a little before I went out. Fifteen minutes later he was three handed with the chip lead and then heads up. I watched the heads up battle in excitement and anticipation of what could be a 6 figure score for my friend. He battled back and forth with the guy keeping the chip lead for the most part and then ended up finally beating him on the river to a pretty sick beat =). BUT... I am not here to talk about a bad beat he put on someone so congratulations again man and I am glad you won!

Cane won his jersey now it is my time to win my jersey and a 6 figure score. I was only 6 people away today from a jersey and 75k so hopefully I can have another chance again, which I'm sure I will.

I am kind of offended that someone said my BLOG USED TO BE GOOD AND NOW IT SUCKS. Actually, I'm not offended at all. Haha. I constantly say to whomever reads this blog if you have ideas and topics that you want me to talk about or things you like that I talk about, let me know. And if you don't like my blog then don't read it. Period. =) But I'd rather have constructive criticism than someone just telling me "Oh your blog used to be good now it sucks and you suck too."

I don't know if I told you guys but go buy JOE BUDDEN's CD at Joe Budden is one of the most underrated hip hop artists and he is a genius. Honestly. This guy says some of the craziest things but anyone who has ever gone through some problems can relate and Joe is just so smooth and creative and man. I definitely want to get this guy into my studio when I get a studio and I can't wait to see what we work out and what kind of record we make. Anyway, I'm gonna let you guys watch another documentary from Jay-Z which is good and then a new song from Jay-Z. Jay-z is another rapper who is unique as well. These guys are honestly geniuses. People look at rap music and rappers as thugs and hoodlums, etc etc.. but I am telling you these people are Sui generis individuals. Someone set me up with a dinner with these guys, thanks. A&Rs I hope you read my blog!! Haha. Alright, enough of me dreaming but music is amazing and I will most definitely be talking more about these guys in future blogs and for the rest of my life. This whole last paragraph sounds really corny but I will leave it anyway. Oh well =)

JAY-Z -- History (I don't think its necessarily about Obama.. but I guess some people are trying to make it out to be)

Below is a link for a video from the BBC. They did a documentary on Jay-Z. Basically anyone who is a Jay-z fan should check it out. You kind of get more of a view into his life and everything. You actually have to go to this site to watch the videos. Its called "He came. He saw. He conquered." So anyone can look it up since the video I watched previously isn't working. Here is the link.

P.S. On a side note I am really excited that Barack Obama was elected President and I think he will do a great job. I just think anyone who is in situation is made to succeed. He has everyone counting on him and I don't think he will fail. I think everyone is coming together at this point and realizing we need to make lots of changes in the United States. Hopefully Obama will have all the right people around him and the world can be a better place. We will see what happens but I am excited to see where the United States is heading. I am glad we have had a change like this. Okay, enough politics. Goodnight.

ALSO -- Check out my buddy Brian's (who lives with me) blog. Apparently he just started one and I'm gonna send him some hits. He doesn't play poker or anything but his blog should be interesting in general. Him and I think alike and our minds are constantly thinking so I'm sure he'll have some interesting blogs.

With so many plugs in my blog maybe Joe Budden or Jay-Z will see how I'm adding to their success and come down to South Florida. =)


Anonymous said...

Much better content this time! Keep it up!

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

So what do you like me to write about so I know in the future?

Anonymous said...

More poker and less about yourself.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of David ''chino '' Rheems performance at WSOP final table?

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

I think Chino played well. The JJ Vs QQ hand I think its hard to muck there definitely and he just got unlucky in the end. I dont like his open with JTo that hand I think he was too short but from what they showed he played alright. Just wasn't for him I guess.