Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow Up Post/FTOPS Frustration...

"Its hard to do when you've got nothing to prove. Everybody knows you better, you're in a lose lose. Cause even when you win, ultimately you lose. Real dudes like, 'Why Hov talking to Dude?'" Jay-Z - Dig A Hole

Okay, Okay, Okay! I guess my last blog was a little outside the box and over some heads. I know it was pretty crazy in itself. Haha. It's pretty funny to see the responses from some people on the Internet and some at the poker tables. I just posted that hand and explained the situation because I had seen that situation played before and knew what would likely happen in the hand. I am not saying I am 3 betting light and calling 4 bet shoves light all the time in my poker game. It just so happened I did that in that specific example. When push comes to shove that is a way a hand might play out.

In the hand K8 is the absolute worst I would probably ever call with there. Obviously I wish I had AT or QK or a hand that plays better but I still called and gambled. I am not advocating calling 4 bet shoves with K8 or anything like that. All I wanted to show you in the blog was taking previous situations and using them in the future, and not being scared to do it. I wasn't bragging that I was ahead with K8 vs JT or trying to make any other implications like that. Simple stating I knew that the player I was up against was capable of 4bet shoving really light there which I could be a favorite in the hand and gamble. It's a gamble from both ends. The shover is hoping the 3 bettor doesn't have a real hand and the caller is hoping the shover doesn't have a real hand. It's a big gamble regardless but there is obviously way more to the hand if you want to get into that, but I am not going to. That's all I will say about that topic I guess. So to all those eThugs and Internet Gangsters who hide behind their computers and forum posts, enjoy. Call the play stupid, call the blog stupid, call me stupid. It's fine. No worries here lol. Come back and read the next blog!

On to some other poker talk. The FTOPS just finished and I am probably the biggest FTOPS failure ever. I got 7th in the PLO 6max Event, 11th in the 300 NL 9 handed, and 9th in the PLO 9 handed Event. I had a couple other cashes in the FTOPS and ended up 2nd overall on the FTOPS Leaderboard. I think the winner of the leaderboard got a custom avatar, which would of been... interesting lol. I've seen other avatars and maybe its better I got 2nd! Haha Just kidding. It's just pretty frustrating to get close in a couple big tournaments and end up where I did. I don't think I necessarily did anything wrong (except in the PLO 9 handed bustout hand.) I've analyzed the hands and situations in the tournaments and didn't find anything that cost me the tournaments, I don't believe. I don't know what else to look forward to in poker in the near future. Every Sunday is fun, but aside from that I guess I will get excited for whatever big live tournament I play next.

Tonight I had my semifinals YMCA basketball game. We played the gold team two weeks ago and we lost by two points. The final play of the game I had the ball and drove past my man and got double teamed, leaving another player wide open under the basket for a layup. He missed the layup and we ended losing. I now know why some people don't give the ball up at the end of the game. =) We played the same team we lost to two weeks ago and smashed them by 30 points this time. The Championship game will be on Friday. If we win I will be 1 for 1 in YMCA Championships (Which doesn't say much lol.) It's been about a year since I had ACL surgery and my knee is feeling pretty good. It will take a couple more months before it doesn't bother me at all but at least I can play once again, even if im not 100%.

I guess that's all I really have to say. I will post a couple more interesting hands in the future to give some more insight on how I view poker. I also would like to say that poker is not a science. You can never ALWAYS be right when you play poker. You can never be the best. Anyone who thinks they are the best or thinks that they are that much better than Player A, B, and C are completely ignorant. There are plenty of ways to view this game and there are different ways to succeed. Goodnight guys.

P.S. - Although I don't post a whole lot on either site, I am a member of pocketfives and twoplustwo for anyone who cares =)

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