Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Much Needed Update...

It's been a while since I updated everyone. I still am not finished with my project yet to reveal what I have been working on. Soon I will be able to let everyone know what the "BIG NEWS" is. I beat thedonator in the October PLB bet. He made a run in the end but I had to put the nail in the coffin towards the end of the month. I didn't play as much as I should have the whole month so I am planning on changing that in the month of November. I am going to play a lot this month, like I stated before.

My Halloween was pretty uneventful as well. I went out with some friends and my girlfriend to a club in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue. There were a bunch of people dressed up in costumes getting drunk and having a good time. I didn't partake in the costume festivities this year. I have had some great costumes in the past though.

This costume was from my Sophomore year in college. I took a costume made for 8-12 year olds and tailored it to my fitting. Lol. Here's what its supposed to look like:

Haha. Pretty funny costume I thought. I had fun with it. I had so much fun with the costume that I decided to do the same thing the next year.

I had to buy some girl's velvet material like pants from Walmart that were green to match and then I wore one of my dark green button up shirts to make the costume complete. Hahaha. Its supposed to look more like this:

This costume takes the cake. I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie BIG when he goes from a child to an adult. Except I transformed while I was wearing the costumes on Halloween! Too bad none of my friends were into wearing costumes this year or I would of had to try and top my last costume from two years ago (above.)

I just busted from all my tournaments tonight (bubbled like three big nightly's.) I think I am about to go to the gym and workout a little bit and then get ready to play some more tomorrow. Hopefully I can share my big news soon with everyone. I want everyone to be as excited about it as I am, so I guess its not bad to have a little hype and delay to the announcement. Don't let the suspense kill you! Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I can't take the suspense! Hurry up with the BIG NEWS!!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs used to be good. They have went downhill lately.

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Well anonymous, why don't you tell me what you enjoyed reading about like I've asked in many blogs, instead of just telling me they have gone downhill? =) Help me out and give me ideas and topics that you like to hear about.