Friday, February 13, 2009

First Febuary Blog...

"Despite the accumulated success, If my attitude ever strayed I made it regress. I never want to win the lottery only because my uncle told me he who made it while struggling made it the best." Drake - What I'm Thinking Now.

Been a little while since I blogged. I guess I've just been busy and tired. Last blog I said I was going to tell a story about my first trip to Borgata/Atlantic City so let me get that out of the way.

I think I was a Sophomore or Junior in college. Pretty sure a Sophomore. Yeah, it was 2006. My buddy Stuart "Thedonator" Paterson was still in on the fourth day texting me updates on how he was doing. I wanted to take the first flight out of Orlando to Atlantic City but I waited and waited until I heard the good news, that he made the final table. I remember it was 1am or 2am and we were on the phone and I was asking him if he would mind If I flew up to watch his final table. He said he didn't mind and I immediately booked the flight that left at 10am (in about 6-8 hours.) I was pretty excited for him. The final table was stacked with Erick Lindgren and Michael Mizrachi, as well as Amnon Filipi and John D'Agostino.

I arrived into Atlantic city and the first thing I remember is taking a cab to the Borgata. I was looking around and it seemed like it was a city surrounded by swamp or marsh. It was pretty crazy. I got to the Borgata and met up with Stu. He seemed pretty excited and happy and we ended up going to lunch. We had lunch with Erick Lindgren, Gavin smith, and Bill Edler. It was pretty funny because at the time I was reading Gavin Smith's blog (when he used to write in it.) So here I am, my first taste of poker life on the road, getting to eat lunch with these guys I had seen on television. They were all really nice, especially Bill Edler. The lunch was fun and then after that we hung out and got ready for the final table. Stu had to do some interviews and get some makeup done, haha.

The whole production of the WPT was pretty crazy in itself. They transformed a room into a stage for the poker tournament. We were sitting in bleachers and pretty far away from the action. Stu ended up busting in 6th place. He wasn't happy but later in the night I remember we went to the craps table and Gavin, Bill Edler, Mike Sexton and others were there gambling. Bill Edler taught me how to teach craps, and not to say the "Forbidden number." It was a good time. I also believe I met Josh Arieh and his buddy who was on survivor. I ended up staying up pretty late and making my flight the next morning.

I wasn't in Atlantic City for more than a day but I at least got to see my buddy at a WPT final table and have my first poker road experience. I hadn't been exposed to life on the tour yet. It was before my first trip out to Vegas for the WSOP. I just remember thinking how glamorous and exciting everything was. I guess when you don't know better that's how poker is perceived.

Anyways, aside from that little side story things have been going well. I played that live tournament I bubbled a couple months ago again down at the Hard Rock and guess what? I BUBBLED IT AGAIN. I had all the chips with about 16 people left and made two bad plays and lost half my stack, and then got it in real good with one to come and got sucked out on. Oh well. I have the hand history in my phone but I don't know If I will post it. Maybe next blog. Let me know if anyone wants me to write about it and I will write about it. There's actually a lot of interesting hands so I guess I have some material for a blog If I can't think of anything one night.

Aside from that the FTOPS is going on right now. I have had a couple cashes and deep runs but nothing substantial. It hasn't been working out in the end. I did end up getting lucky and winning the $162 on stars on Tuesday night. I played well for the most part. I sucked out nasty a couple times. Once when I was short at 3k/6k with 80k I shoved AQcc in middle position 8 handed. The button reshoved, and the big blind called as well. They flipped over JJ (button) and the bb had AA. The board came QQ99x and I ended up tripling up. I also shoved A2 over a button raise on the final table bubble and he called with A9 and I won as well. Aside from a couple bad plays/suckouts, I think I played the final table perfect. It was nice to book a win in a big tournament and the getting lucky thing is actually pretty fun lol (although in any given tournament you have to get super lucky to make it to the end and win anyways.)

So that's what's been going on with me. I am going to go see my girlfriend over the weekend and don't know if I will play the 5k FTOPS. I probably won't but I'm not sure yet. I feel like I'm supposed to play it. The last 5k 9 handed FTOPS they had I bubbled it and really played my best poker. I would hate to miss a shot at 600k+ and one of the biggest online tournaments but sometimes missing poker is a good thing. It is Valentine's day after all and I can't neglect my girl! I am so torn lol. Maybe the 5k is the tournament that I'm going to get my first six figure score in. I really have that urge that I need to play it. Anyway, I am 99% not playing the 5k FTOPS on Saturday. Let me stop talking about it.

I am about to get to bed. Congrats to Stu "thedonator" Paterson tonight on winning the 100r! Goodnight.