Friday, May 8, 2009

FTOPS Has Started!..

"We just tryin to get by. Tryin to make it to the top but the mountain's so high. Good thing I know how to rock climb. Swingin over you dudes like monkeys, I find vines." Juelz Santana - Days Of Our Lives.

The FTOPS is here!!! Although it seems like there are huge online poker series almost every month I still am excited for the FTOPS. I bubbled event #2 (the shootout) tonight. I got heads up and we were about even in chips and I misplayed one hand to give him a lead and then lost top pair vs. overpair in a hand where I probably go broke everytime only having 15-20bbs. Frustrating to make a mistake heads up in a tournament I feel like I have a huge edge in. I really enjoy shootouts. Tomorrow is the one rebuy, one addon. I have a feeling I'm going to do well in this. I love 1r1a tourneys too lol.

I'm excited to play these FTOPS and big multis in general. I guess it's just refreshing having shots at big money every night. I'm trying to gear for WSOP and fine tune my game and all my leaks. I guess my style of play is pretty high variance people would say. I've been analyzing a lot of things I do and I'm trying to make sure I'm not playing spots where it's hurting me more than helping me.

I could go on for a while about my play in this blog and the things I do right and wrong but I really am trying to just look at so many different aspects that are completely the opposite of my game. I don't want to give too much detail but I'm just trying to look at poker in a different light than I have been looking at it in the past. I feel like I adjust pretty well to how the game is evolving but its all about your opponent; their game, their thoughts, how they play. It's easy to become satisfied and content with plays, situations, and scenarios in poker. I pretty much know when and where my hand is a favorite over x's range or y's shove, etc. Sometimes instead of taking my knowledge for granted and being content with what I have learned over the years, maybe I should rethink my thought processes and see what else I can do instead of trying to make every play I make completely "standard."

Oh well. I hope I got that thought across right. It's almost 5am. I'm pooped. Goodnight.

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