Thursday, June 18, 2009

$1500 No good, Venetian No good, 2k Tomorrow...

So the $1500 WSOP didn't go so well. I played good and that's all that matters. I have the hand histories from that tournament and I also played a Venetian $550 today which didn't go my way. I have hands I played in both but I will probably just post some of the $1500 WSOP hands. It's pretty late and I'm pretty tired.

My initial table in the $1500 WSOP started off with two Internet guys to my right. One being SloppyKlod who I've played with quite a bunch online. Everyone else at the table was a good spot. I actually had Shannon Elizabeth at the table again (the lady from American Pie.) I say again because on Day 2 of the HORSE tournament she was at my table as well.

For those that don't know who she is. I have to add something other than my boring text to this blog =)

Anyways, the table was incredibly good, and I had position on the better players at the table. I was trying to splash around a little bit early but I had to sit back and watch because the table was a little loose. The first pot I played I raised Ac6d on the cutoff and the button calls at 25/50. The flop is AT9cc and we both check. The turn is the Qc and I bet 200 and he calls. The river comes 7d and he bets 300 pretty quickly. Well I have the nut blocker with the Ac and I didn't think he would fire a lot of hands here unless bluffing, especially with how fast he bet. I didn't love my hand or kicker but I called and he showed red jacks and I won the pot. This guy actually got into a big pot with me later in the tournament at another table so remember him.

Next hand I raise KhQs and the bb defends. He has been a pretty big calling station. Calling Shannon down with AK on a K94TQ board when she three barrelled. He was right and she was bluffing. The flop comes J83hh and he check calls my 200 bet. Turn is 2h we check and the river 9c we both check and his AQ wins. I knew I should of barreled twice here even with the Kh but oh well. He didn't have a heart, just floating OOP hoping I shut down.

Raise Q9hh later on and the bb calls. Flop comes Q85dd and he check calls 200. Turn is Ah and he leads 275 into me. I didn't think he would lead Ace high flush draws turned pairs or A8 so I decided to call here again and see what he would do on the river. The river was the As and he checked. I decided to knuckle because I didn't think he would call with worse. Any Queen has me outkicked QJ QK QT etc. and he had JJ as well. Up to 5300.

I raise to 300 in Middle position with T8cc and a new player to the table who is young and has a hoodie calls in the big blind. Flop comes Qh8s3s we both check. The turn is the Th and I turn two pair on a very draw heavy board. He leads into me for 400. It crossed my mind to raise here but I decided against it. I would only make hands I beat fold and only get action if I'm beat I figured. The river comes the Kc and he checks to me. I decided to value bet small and get paid off by QJ type hands. I bet 550 and he calls me with QQQ for 2nd set. I go down to 3500. I was shocked that he had QQ here as well.

My table then breaks and I sit down at a new table and my buddy Rob Mizrachi sits down at the table as well. It's nice sometimes to have a friend at the table. I have never played with Rob so I wanted to see how he played. Unfortunately the table broke about two orbits in but I did play one notable pot. A tight player limped in middle position and I limped in the small blind with As2h. The big blind was a guy with a full tilt patch on and only had 1100 behind. I knew that he might shove here a wide range because the first limper was pretty tight and limp folded before. He ends up shoving and it comes back to me. I already knew I had to call because I wasn't going to limp fold if that situation arose. He turns over A7o and the board runs out A76hhh5h8d and I hit a flush and knock him out. I move up to 5800.

I raise AQo to 400 at 75/150 and the tight guy who limp folded from above makes it 1200. I muck and he shows KK. I get moved to a new table where another buddy of mine is sitting, Far (thats his name.)

The first pot I play at this table a guy in early position makes it 375 at 75/150 one person calls, I call 300 in the sb with K8dd and the bb calls. Flop is 962hhd we all check. The turn is the 3s and I decide to stab at the pot and bet 1250. They all fold and I'm up to 6600.

Now at this new table I am squeezed between one guy who is on his 2nd Double jack and coke and another guy to my right who is on his 10th Bud Light. This table is awesome. The guy to my right was playing a ton of hands and there was also the guy from my first table there as well. The guy from my first table limps for 200 in late position, the cutoff limps, and I limp the button with 77d. Far checks his option in the big blind and we see a flop of 724dd. Far leads out in the bb for 575 and the guy from my first table calls 575 with about 4k behind. I make it 1875. Far tanks for a minute, asks me my stack, and ends up mucking lol. He almost got stacked. (He mucked Q7hh thinking I might be on a move or draw or something) The other guy calls 1300 leaving himself 1900 behind lol. The turn is the Ad and he checks to me, and I put him all in and he calls and slams down JTdd. The river doesn't pair the board and I lose a 10k pot and go down to about 2k.

The very next hand the same guy limps for 200 again and the other beer drinker to my right limps as well. I look down at KK and tilt shove my 2300 stack. The first limper calls and the other folds. He turns over QJhh and I have KhKc. The board runs Q89ddd ... 7d... 6s and I somehow fade to go back up to about 5k.

An older guy limps in middle position and the drunk guy to my right completes. I check my option with A5o. The flop comes A84hh and the drunk guy leads for 500. I call 500 and the limper folds. (We are now at 100/200 25a.) The turn is the Qd and we both check. The river comes the 4d and he fires a pot sized bet for 2k into me. This was quite the dilemma. This guy had already unsuccessfully tried to bluff 3 times on the river in the last 2 orbits by betting 1k into players in the same sort of line. I didn't think that he would bet a 4 on the flop and I thought he missed a draw. It's a tough fold because I chop with all aces for the most part and I haven't shown much interest in the pot. I really felt like I had to call this player in this spot and he turns over J4o. I got slowrolled actually. I called and he looked at his hand and just held it up for about 5 seconds and I said you have to show your hand. And then he turned it over, lol. I go down to 2500.

**Funny story from my first table -- this is why everyone should play these events**
A guy opens to 300 UTG with a 8k stack, small blind (3k stack) calls 300, big blind has 1800 total and makes it 1200 preflop. The UTG raiser moves all in and the small blind folds. The UTG shows his hand thinking that the big blind is already all in/called all in since he put 1200 of his 1800 in the pot already and he turns over TT. Now the big blind thinks about it for LITERALLY A MINUTE. He says he has overcards but "He doesn't even know the percentages." "I know I am beat I see your hand." He thinks for a minute, maybe even more, before finally calling with AKcc. He ended up losing the flip. He should of folded I guess!

So anyway, onto my bust out hand. I have 2300 at 100/200/25a and I have QQ UTG. I move all in and am called in middle position. He has AK and the board runs out 4552K. K on the river and I am out.

I played pretty good for the most part. I'm still adjusting to live play and slowing my game down. There were a couple pots I could of played differently but for the most part I liked my play. Who knows how the tournament would of went if I won the 10k pot and had 12k at 100/200.

Tomorrow I am playing the 2k WSOP NLH event and hopefully this goes much better. The extra 1500 chips should help me out and I am prepared to make a deep run. Gotta sleep. Venetian didn't go so well but that was also a great tournament. Won Aces vs 99 then lost a flip when a guy limped for 600 (there was another limper) I made it 3200 with 88 on the cutoff and the 2nd limper shoved in his 6kish stack. I snap called and he said "Oh crap!" and then screamed in joy when he realized he had two overs. It's funny he thought he had fold equity or something? Then I lost a huge cooler pot vs this kid who was bragging about his IQ lol. I had the only one hand he could ever beat in his spot, so that was frustrating. At 400/800/75a I had 12k and the limper with QJ from above limped for 800 (like he had done 50% of the hands he played) with 7k behind and I had TT next to him and moved in and he had AA and won. Then I got my last 4k in with 9To vs KJ and the board ran 925KJ so not my day there.


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