Friday, June 5, 2009

2nd In WSOP $1500!!!...

Congratulations to my buddy Steve Karp who just got 2nd in the WSOP $1500 Event!!!! He was a 3-1 dog heads up and lost 55 vs AQ but he played great. He's more of a live player and plays online sometimes but he is a sick grinder and he definitely is very deserving. All the updates I saw he got his money in good/flipping and eventually grinded his way through the tournament and got Heads up and just couldn't win the last couple of key pots he needed to take the tournament down. VERY IMPRESSIVE I AM VERY PROUD AND HAPPY FOR HIM!!!

It just ended, I'm still getting updates from everyone, but I'm super psyched for him and really excited.

He got deep in the Sunday Million on Sunday and busted with like 3 or 2 tables left and was pretty disappointed. Then he had a deep run in the 1k WSOP, and now this. Hopefully that's the start to a heater and he can continue winning. It's 5am, I'm pooped. I was sweating my computer/text messages/IMs all day. Goodnight everyone. Congrats again buddy!!!! $415,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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