Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busted Horse, Tomorrow Another $1500 NLH...

I lasted a little over an hour in the HORSE tournament today. I actually drew a pretty decent table for the most part for Day 2. The first game we started in was Omaha 8b and I had about 14k at 300/600 600/1200 limits. I got involved in 3 pots vs short stacks early for 2-3 big blinds. I chopped one, and lost two. I then bluffed with A4dd2Q when I defended my BB and the flop came Kd5d9s. I check raised the flop, the turn was the 4h and I bet again, and the river paired the king and I bet again and my opponent had AK. I don't mind my play there, especially the check raise on the flop. Oh well. I went down to about 8k after all those hands and then folded split queens on 4th street when a guy had split aces. I thought he might of had aces up because he bet 4th and I raised showing KQ and he was showing A6 and 3bet me. If he just has aces I am supposed to call but I decided to muck so that hand hurt a little bit. I was 2 off the bring in (cutoff) and he was next to the bring in (button) with the ace showing. So that was a tricky stud hand but I played it well I think.

Then I blinded down to about 5k and we entered new limits. 400/800 800/1600. The cutoff raised in HOLDEM to 1600, I looked down at AKcc, and 3bet to 2400. The big blind who had about 7k called 2400 and the cutoff 4bet to 3200. I 5bet to 4k, trying to isolate the cutoff and the big blind called. I had 1k left and dark bet the flop 800. The big blind called in the dark and the cutoff raised the J56c flop. We both called off our last and I asked if he had queens? Unfortunately, he didn't. He had JJ, the big blind had AKhh, and I was drawing to running clubs or straight cards. I bricked and ended up busting there out of the money.

Overall I think I played a B game. I could definitely play better horse and probably should have adjusted in some spots to playing tighter. Overall I am not upset with my play but I missed some bets some hands and could have saved a couple bets as well. People weren't folding much in any game so it was tough in some games when people really weren't sure what they were doing. One guy today called in Stud 8b with 68 down Q showing saying he had position on the hand because he was last to act before the bring in. LOL. There is no position in stud games, sorry buddy.

Tomorrow I will be playing my second $1500 WSOP NLH event. Hopefully it goes better than the first one I busted on Saturday. I will let everyone know how it goes when I'm done playing tomorrow.

I went to the Mall today with Steve and we shopped a little and then we also went to get some food at this steak place called Del Frescos. It was pretty good. Other than that I took a nap and just got back from the gym playing a little basketball. It's about 4am and I need to sleep. Taking a nap at 9pm and waking up at 10pm wasn't a smart idea but I couldn't help it. Hopefully I can get something going tomorrow. Goodnight.

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