Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Day In The 2k But Busted...

The 2k WSOP NLH didn't go so well. I played pretty good so I am not upset. I was all in about 10 times without getting a call until I finally busted out. Let me tell you some hands from the day.

I went to my table in the Amazon Room and recognized one player who I later met and was HemiPowerSWT/Hunter. He played pretty good and we stayed away from each other from the most part. He wasn't involved in many showdowns, which is a good thing.

Early on I got involved in a couple small pots. The small blind raised to 175 at 25/50 and I called with QJo. This tournament started with 6k in chips. The flop came 942ss and he bet 200. I raised to 575 and he folded AQo face up. I then raised KTo to 150 on the hijack and the small blind made it 325. I weighed my options and decided it was small enough to call and play post flop in position. The flop came K68cc and he checked to me. I checked back and the Ad fell on the turn. We both checked again and the river came the Ts. He checked again and its pretty obvious he has JJ or QQ here and I bet 475 and he mucked QQ face up.

I raised T8cc in third position and the cutoff calls and the small blind calls. The flop comes KJ5r and I decide to fire at this flop and bet 300. The cutoff folds and the small blind calls. The turn comes 3 and he checks again. I wanted to put him to the test here and I decided to fire another bullet for various reasons. He called my 650 bet pretty quickly and another K fell on the river. He checks and I think for a little bit to get a read from him. He didn't seem so interested and I really didn't think he had a king here. It would be tough for him to call another bullet with just a jack. I bet 1400 and he mucked instantly. My stack was now up to 7200.

I raise QKo in 2nd position to 300 at 50/100. The cutoff calls and the small blind (same guy from above calls.) The flop comes K83r and I bet 500. The cutoff folds and the small blind makes it 1300 with 1100 behind. I'm pretty sure he has a king here and I rule out AK and figure him for KJ. I move all in and he shrugs and calls with KJ. Board comes 2 and K and I scoop and am up to 10k.

My table breaks and I get moved to a new table. There is an aggressive European three to my right who was in 4 of 6 pots. He was pretty active overall but later on seemed to not be as loose as I thought. None the less, he was active for the time being and I got a good feel for his game. He has a 4200 stack in middle position and I'm on the cutoff. He makes it 600 and I look down at JJ. I make it 1700 and he shoves. I make the easy call and he turns over QQ. Pretty frustrating. I'm down to 7k going into 100/200/25a.

I pick up KK and AA and get no action. Last hand before break a tight guy in early position makes it 450. The cutoff calls and I call with QJo on the button. The flop comes AJ7r and they check to me. I fire 900 and they both fold. I go up to 8100.

Now that the antes have kicked in I'm just hanging out waiting for a good spot to double up. The blinds are now 150/300/25a. Guy makes it 825 early position. I shove 6k with JJ he claims to muck 99. He had about 9k chips so it was for his tournament as well. Up to 7500.

Button limps for 300, sb completes, and I look down at TT in the big blind. I make it 1200 more and they both muck. 7700. The Euro guy from earlier makes it 1200 on the cutoff and I shove ATo in the big blind for 5400 more and he mucks. 8200. I limp QQ in the small blind at 200/400 and the big blind makes it 1600. I shove 5400 more and he mucks. Up to 9300. I raise with QQ to 1525 at 300/600/75a in 2nd position with a 9k stack. My range is pretty tight here. The big blind who was a smaller stakes Internet player played a crazy hand vs another Internet player a little bit before. The Internet player at 200/400 made it 1200 on the button. The big blind made it 3600 or so with 6k behind and the button shoved for 5k more. Now the big blind tanks it for a minute or so before calling with KTo vs the buttons AJ. The KTo wins and he goes on defending his play. I am not a fan of his play to be honest. I think it's best to just shove, but given the way he played the hand he is automatically priced in with almost any two cards he's reraising with and shouldn't ever 3 bet unless he's calling the 4bet shove for 5k more. So him tanking it for a minute thinking about folding kind of gave insight to the type of player he is. Anyways, instead of going off on a tangent, back to the hand. I raise with QQ to 1525 at 300/600/75a in 2nd position with a 9k stack. My range is pretty tight here. The guy with KTo from above calls in the big blind. The flop comes AT2cc we both check. Turn is 3s putting two spades up, we both check again, river is the 4d. He checks again to me and I think for a little bit. Normally my QQ is way good here but I don't think I get called rarely here by worse and I can't afford making a bad value bet. I check and the big blind tables A7o. Definitely not a fan of his call preflop but it worked for him and I go down to 7200.

I shove 64hh from the small blind at 300/600/75a he mucks. I shove AKo on the button next hand for 8k or so they both muck. I then blind back down to 7500 and decide to shove QcJs UTG 8 handed 10 minutes before the blinds go up to 400/800/100a. It folds to the Euro on the button who tanks for a little bit and calls with AQdd. The board runs out AJ7cc8c so I have a little sweat for 11 outs. And the river bricks 4d and I'm out after 10 hours of playing.

I played well overall. I didn't have to shove the QJ under the gun but my image was well and my table was good for it I think too. I think its a good shove. Tough with the blinds going up to 400/800 in a couple minutes. I battled hard. Hopefully tomorrow's $1500 WSOP NLH goes better and I can get some chips instead of playing the short stack the whole time.

Today I took the day off and hung out with my buddy Hans for a little bit and then played basketball with my other friend Alex Prendes. We met up with Huck Seed and Nenad Medic and played some 21 and 2 on 2. It was a good workout. After basketball I lifted some weights. That was about my day I didn't do too much. Time to sleep and get ready for tomorrow's tournament. Goodnight.

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