Monday, July 6, 2009

Advancing To Day Two (Edited)...

I survived day one of the $10k Buyin Main Event at the WSOP. I was up to 43k early and then down to 16k. I had the best table ever to start at. People were going nuts the whole time playing huge pots and putting so much money in every pot. I made some hands early to get up to 43k then I couldn't hit anything. Some people at my table were calling stations, some were just too passive, and some were just funny. One guy three to my left all day who ended up with 140k played about 70% of pots and just made the nuts with any two cards. He never folded a 3bet and was in every pot. He gave me the most trouble because he was so horrible.

The first decent pot I played was against the above guy, lets name him No Fold Joe. I raised the cutoff to 250 at 50/100 with QJo he defended his big blind. The flop came 894r I fired 250 he calls. Turn is T he checks I bet 725 he calls. River J and he bets 1500 and I call he has T5o LOL and I am up to 33k early.

I don't feel like writing all the hands right now but that's how my table was. This guy was in every hand and some other people were just crazy. I somehow went up and down and ended up with 32.4k when the average is probably 40k or so. I'll write more tomorrow I'm too tired, Goodnight.


Here's some more hands and information from yesterday. This is definitely one of the craziest hands I played and some might even say I played it bad. I'm not sure either and definitely want some input on this hand.

UTG was pretty active and he makes it 300 in the first level of play. I call in 3rd position with AcAd. Everyone else mucks. The flop comes J9s3s and he bets 800 into about a 750 pot. This was the norm at the table also. I made it 2250. He didn't think very long and he made it 7k. This line is pretty sick and I went into the tank for a couple minutes. I moved all in and he mucked. I was now up to 40.2k. I can explain my process in this hand later but I'd like to hear some comments from people before I do that.

Another guy who was in every pot early makes it 5x preflop to 500 and I call on the cutoff with 88. It comes 847dd and he chk calls 800. The turn is the Kh and he leads into me for 2k. He had taken these lines a lot and I made it 5700. He mucks and I'm at 43k.

I blind down to 36/37k and play this stupid pot. The cutoff makes it 700 at 100/200 and I looked down at Ac2s in the small blind. I decided to 3bet here because this guy was really active in late position and I wanted to start 3betting a little bit light before the antes kicked in. I made it 2200 and he called quickly. The flop came T5cc4 and I flopped a gutterball and the nut flush blocker. I bet 3300 and he called. The turn was the Qs and I decided to check here. He checked back and I was pretty sure he was weak at this point. His whole demeanor and everything I thought he might of floated the flop with like 66 or something. The river was the Jc and I tanked for a little and decided to fire 7700 to pick up the money out there. He snap called me and tabled AK. Pretty nasty float he did on the flop but oh well. I made a stupid unnecessary play and now I am down to 23k. Crap.

I tried not to panic and regained my composure during break. My table was so amazing I was so frustrated watching these guys play huge pots and just being clueless in some spots. I decided to tighten up a lot since I had this No Fold Joe three to my left playing every hand and never folding ever ever ever.

I raise to 800 UTG with AKo at 150/300. The cutoff/button and big blind call. The flop comes AKTr and the big blind leads for the pot 2600. This guy got into the main on a $5 satellite from 888 poker and he was absolutely wild. He was 5xing it preflop and calling with AT on T9JQ boards and stuff. I definitely thought this guy would bet AT/KT/AQ here like this and I decided to just call. The other two folded and the turn came a 5. He fired out 10k and I had 16k behind. I tanked for a couple minutes and decided to give up the pot. I talked to him a little and got a read and he seemed like he had it. I showed my AKo and he ended up showing me QJo. So I made a good fold but it still hurts. Being down to 16k I felt in bad shape but didn't worry.

I raise JJ black to 800 and get 3 callers. The flop comes K72ss and we all check. Turn is 9c and the sb bets 1600. I called, river 9h and we both check and I beat his A8ss. Back to 20k.

The very last hand before break No Fold Joe limps 2nd position and it folds to me in the small blind with QQ. This guy has never folded in his life to any preflop action and I raise it to 1200. He calls. The flop comes 234r and I bet 1600. He calls. The turn is the 5 and I check and he checks. The river is the 7 and I check and he checks. He tables J7dd like he has the nuts and I show my QQ. What is this guy doing? Look at his flop call. This is how he was playing all day and it was extremely annoying. I can't believe this guy got up to 140k. He played another hand with me earlier where I raised 9Tdd and he called on the button. It came AQ6 and I cbet and he thought for like 45 seconds and then mucked 35 of hearts and said there isn't much I could hit to catch up! But the fact that he is thinking of calling flops like this with backdoor draws and pair draws is just crazy.

Tight guy makes it 1k at 150/300 cutoff calls, button calls, I call in the bb with J9ss. The flop comes K44ss and it checks to the button who bets 2k. I call. Everyone else folds. The turn is the Qh and we both check. River comes 5c and I bet 6400 and she mucks and I am now back up to 31k. She seemed uninterested on river I didn't think she had QK or anything. I thought maybe a hand like JJ-66 she was really passive.

Those are about all the hands I wrote down. I didn't play many hands in the later levels of the tournament yesterday. I did play another hand against NO FOLD JOE when I raised TT utg to 1050 and he 3bet me in middle position to 3600. I peeled against him and definitely thought I could have the best hand preflop. He 3bet earlier in the day real small with KK and I felt like his 3x was lighter and he just thought I was super tight because he commented on this lady who busted out at our table for "playing way too tight." This guy was limping 24o on the button and tank mucking to a 6x preflop raise and showing his hand saying they made it too much for him to call. This guy was an animal I swear. Anyways, he 3bets me and I almost 4bet reraised but just called. The flop came K64r and I checked and he bet 6500. He loved this flop I could tell and I mucked. I thought about it for a minute though and he said "GOOD FOLD. I had a set." So at first I assumed he had KK then he said he had 66. LOL Wowowowowow. This guy must of just outplayed me all day. I really didnt get anything going or hit any hands the whole second half of the day. I raised NO FOLD JOE's big blind from the cutoff with AQo and he called me with Q3ss and we checked it down and it ran out KT39T and he won that pot but this is how this guy was playing. Pretty frustrating I couldn't get any chips from this guy. He was firing flushes on paired boards and firing two pair on straight/flush boards like he had the nuts.

Gotta love the main event. Hopefully my Day 2 table can be just as good and I can get something going. I really couldn't of asked for a better table today. Everyone started out so crazy and playing huge pots. When we busted a couple (I think we lost 3/4 players from the original table) people started tightening up. The 5x $5 satty winner tightened up A LOT and so did some other players when Day 2 was approaching.

I'll try to get some opinions about this one hand I played and hopefully I can continue with the Main Event and not make anymore mistakes.


Daniel said...

Hey man,

Love your blog, read it from start to finish. I'm not sure why you didn't 3 bet the AA hand pf. I mean I could see you not wanting to play a big pot early in the ME, but you do have position on him. Besides, you ended up playing a big pot anyways. I mean you say people love looking you up with your young aggressive image and calling you light so I think it woulda been a great place to 3bet with an actual hand. With the way the hand played out, shove and fold are both really close, since you were at the table you had the read and made a good one to shove. Anyways, I love reading your blog and hope you continue to update frequently even after the series is over.

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

I definitely should of 3bet preflop, but at the time I was more or less under the assumption that most players would fold to 3bets early in this tournament which is defintitely wrong. That's why I said I played this hand wrong in a couple spots. I should of 3bet preflop, built the pot in position, and had completely control from there on out.

I said I was lucky to win that pot the way I played it and I believe that. Apparently the only hands that would of ever called my all in shove have me beat. Although I was right with my read on the guy for him to make the 7k raise with QQ/KK/etc.