Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Missing Tournaments..

I went to the Bellagio today to play their daily 1k tournament at 2pm. When I got there a tournament was already running and deep into it. Apparently they started their poker tournament series today which started at noon. I really was looking forward to playing a nice tournament today so that was pretty frustrating. I've gone over to the Bellagio before to play a week ago and they only had 50 people in their daily so I skipped that time too.

This week is like limbo week because the WSOP is gearing up for the Main Event and just running a bunch of satellites. It seems like the Bellagio tournaments will have good turnouts. There were like 325 people registered for the tournament when I got to the Bellagio today. I am assuming people will be playing there and there still is the Venetian as well.

I'm not sure which day I will play the Main Event yet. Guess I will just wait and see. Other than that I am just playing online for the night. I busted the 100r on stars and the 300NL so far. I am still in the 6max 100r on FTP and deep in the 163 on FTP. Getting close to the money in the 163 so maybe I can get hot in that. I'll keep the blog updated with what's going on in the next couple days.

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