Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Third In The 1k For 46k...

Not trying to make this blog a brag blog or anything but news is news so here we go. I just got 3rd in the 1k on Full Tilt Poker.

Played pretty good overall. Coolered some people, won some flips, had some hands hold up. Don't think I had any major suckouts. I requested the hand history so I could post some hands but it hasn't come yet.

I ended up busting out at 8k/16k when BegsClutch limped in from the small blind like he had done a bunch of times and I had QKdd in the big blind. I hadn't raised his limp yet and made it 48k (I had about 400k something and he had like 1mil.) He jammed and I called. He had A7o and he held.

BegsClutch and GimmeDa1Time were the guys that I was three handed with and they played real well. I played a couple real sick pots vs Begs and kind of stayed away from Gimme for the most part. We didn't get in many pots together. Begs was real active and that's why we played some of the pots we did. Still haven't gotten the hand history back so I guess I will post some of those hands tomorrow. Not a bad night but still searching big victory. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Why do we need to see the tournament lobby in your fucking blogs? btw congrats!


Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

lol... Anonymous I try to keep this blog friendly but I know you got that foul mouth on you. Thanks =)

Lobby is just a visual for everyone.

Edward said...

Read about this on pokernews. Damn Tristan you are on fire right now. Congrats on the score.