Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally a 1st...

Last night I was lucky enough to win the $100 Cubed (1 rebuy 1 addon) 6 max tournament on Full Tilt Poker.

The final table was pretty crazy. I have a good story for everyone. I was the chip leader and we were 6 handed. Nobody busted out for a while and I picked up Aces on the cutoff at 2k/4k. I made it 10k preflop. The button called and the big blind called. The flop came KK5r and we checked to the button who bet ~16k. I called. The turn came a J and I was thinking about what to do when my Internet cut out. I hesitated for about 20-30 seconds thinking maybe my connection had just flickered and then I immediately hoped on the phone to get a hold of someone who could log in until I could fix the problem. I was also deep with 20 left in the $117 Super Turbo which goes really fast and you definitely can't miss any hands there!

I called one of my friends who will remain unnamed (for his lack of urgency and help lol) and he was playing on his account and told me to call another one of our friends. I told him I was in a big pot with Aces and to log in my account immediately! He hesitated some more, I asked how much time I had left, he said 30 seconds and I reset my modem. I got it back up and ran back to my laptop just in time to hear the checking sound from sitting out and the guy in the pot immediately betting to take the pot. I'm not saying the guy is at fault for trying to win the pot when I time out and disconnect but he could of either 1) Used a little of his time bank to wait for me. Using all of his time bank would give him a disadvantage so that's fine. 2) Check the pot down. It most likely is completely my fault for not having a second connection if something like this happens but it was frustrating logging back in right as I sat out when the guy immediately bet and it folded my hand. Just some online poker etiquette I guess and I would wait a little bit for someone to come back but I definitely didn't fault the guy for trying to win the pot. He said he had QJ so that pot actually cost me probably 120k in chips. There was 70k in the pot and he most likely checks the turn and calls a 40-50k value bet on the river. The other thing was he was to my immediate left and him winning that pot gave him slightly more chips than me instead of me having 200k more than him.

After I got back on I settled back in and a couple players switched stacks with double ups and I finally busted the first guy out of the final table. At 3k/6k they shoved 70k UTG and I had AKhh in the small blind and reshoved my 230k stack. They had QQ and the board ran out QJ9xT and I hit the gutshot on the river and won the flip/pot.

Another player busted and we were 4 handed. I called a 12bb small blind shove in the big blind with A5o when he held 77 and I spiked an ace and we were now 3 handed. Three handed play the guy to my left was min raising the button every time. The third player had now lost all but 97k of his chips at 5k/10k. The button min raised and the small blind shoved all in for 97k. I had AQo in the big blind and with about 420k stack I elected to just call here. I didn't want the button to have a monster and knock me out in 3rd. Cold calling is pretty strong too and I don't think the button ever ever shoves unless im beat. He was a solid player so I really liked my play here. The button ended up calling as well and we checked a T42JT board (or something simliar) and the small blind had A3o, I held AQ, and the button had 88 and won the pot. I was now heads up.

Heads up I was a 2-1 underdog in chips. I had about 350k-400k to his 700k. I doubled up in a pretty awesome spot. The guy was min raising every button and then not playing too aggressive postflop. He min raised to 20k and I called with 56hh. The flop came 4h7h2d and I flopped a straight flush draw. He bet 28k and I check raised to 78k. He shoved A4ss and I called being a 70% favorite to win the pot although I only had 6 high at that point. I could win with a 3, 8, heart, 5 or 6. A lot of outs! I turned a pair of fives with the 5d and the river was a Js. I ended up doubling up there and taking a nice chip lead. I grinded the guy down keeping the pots small and value betting thin. When he was short like 15-12bbs he kept limping the small blind. I got to showdown a couple hands and he was limping T5o and other random hands so he was limping with his whole range and since I now had him over 4-1 I started to shove on him. He limped for 12k and I shoved 97o and he snap called with AQ and I ended up winning the tournament there. I had a discussion with Hans about the profitability of shoving when he limps since he folds such a high percent of time and we kind of argued about it but we think way differently about the game. Maybe I will go deeper into that in another post.

I wish I had the hand histories but my Internet kicked out again after the tournament before I could save some of them. Hopefully my memory is pretty fresh and I got most of the details right. Felt good to win a tournament outright but I would of liked to see how Full Tilt's Chop system works.

I just did a Podcast for Pocketfives which will be up tomorrow. Other than that the FTOPS is here and congratulations to Hans for probably being the first person to Final table both super turbos on Full Tilt yesterday. He took 5th in the $59 6 max and 3rd in the $117. I ended up getting like 15th or something on a nasty beat QQ vs 36cc on 855cc board for a big pot. First place in that was 11k so that might of made my night better last night but I am not complaining!

Don't ever say you run bad Hans.

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