Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Poker Results...

My weekend was alright. I didn't play poker Thursday or Friday and then Saturday I put in a full schedule. I had 4-5 cashes and one final table. I final tabled the $100 rebuy on Full Tilt Poker and got 6th. Was pretty card dead at the final table, lost QKdd vs JTo to have average stack, bust out a player, and be 5 handed. Then I doubled A6 vs AK when I only had 5 big blinds. Ultimately I lost AQ (bb) vs KdT (sb) when he shoved all in for my last 18 blinds (Flop A56dd9dJd - running diamonds ouch.) So close yet again but didn't go my way. I also got 10th in the $200 Heads up on FTP, 18th in the $200 PLO on Stars, and I think a cash in the $55r on stars. It wasn't a bad day but anytime you make a final table you want to win it.

Now.. onto today. My Sunday was absolutely horrible. I ran really really really bad for the most part of today. Variance so they say. I have been running pretty good the last couple of weeks and definitely hit a road bump today. It was really frustrating losing some of the hands the way I did since I had gotten used to my hands holding up/running decent lol. Yeah it was really bad all day. I just was getting crushed by everyone. The day looked like a complete failure with no cashes until I had a couple tournaments left. I told myself stay positive and keep playing good. I busted two more tournaments and finally got some chips in the $163 on FTP. I ended up getting down to 12 or 13 people left in that tournament and ended up losing.

I shoved Q8o from the small blind for ~175k at 5k/10k into the chip leaders big blind (who had about 450k) and he called and had AQo and won. With 21k out there to pick up I don't hate my shove. The tournament really did get shortstacked towards the end but I feel like my edge is bigger in these tournaments than to pick a spot like that. I'll have to do some pokerstove calculations. I'm pretty sure I'm 35% against his range to call my shove (one of those unexploitable shoves us Internet players talk about.) It's probably a profitable shove but I'm sure its close. Even with 17bbs left in that tournament short handed I think I can get it in better than that.

That tournament was my only shot to have a decent Sunday and I guess I blew it. I'll be back at it again tomorrow and hopefully I shook off all the bad luck lol.

Other than poker I have just been going to the gym and hanging out with friends here and there. My ultrasound results said everything was fine but the doctor wants me to come back in 3 months and get my blood work redone. So until then they recommended I don't drink alcohol and I watch what I eat. No fried foods and other foods high in cholesterol. Going out will probably be pretty boring now that I can't drink so you will either find me in the gym working out or playing poker for the most part. Those are my plans for now. FTOPS is coming up too this week. Hopefully the little heater continues and I keep running good. Variance in poker is really crazy especially in MTTs. I was able to witness it first hand this week and it's a scary thing. I hope I stay on the positive side of variance for a long time! Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - I was watching the $100 final table play at FTP where you came in first. Congratulations. You played really well.