Thursday, October 8, 2009

14th In Chips With 86 Left..

Okay. I am surprisingly in 14th place in chips. I was up to almost 180k in chips earlier in the day and felt like I was probably in the top 10-20 stacks. I then lost a couple real nasty pots. I played one hand bad towards the end of the day which cost me 20-25k in chips. I really am mad about that hand since I feel like I played mistake free for the most part the rest of the day.

Like I said I have 126k in chips (which is like 50k less than I had) and I am still sitting 14/86. Tomorrow is day 3 and Phil Hellmuth is to my DIRECT RIGHT. This should be fun. All I am going to do tomorrow is play my best, and try to make no mistakes. I have about 80 big blinds and the field is still soft. I really hope I can survive. We play down to 36 tomorrow and I can't wait to make it to the final 36. It goes to 6 handed play after that so I really will love that. I feel like my 6max tournament game is top notch and I am really ready to play for 750k. The top 45 players make the money, so we should only be playing for 4-5 hours tomorrow.

On other notes, of course I have a bunch of sick pots still. I went pretty card dead the last two levels and I just slowly lost a couple pots when I raised and got 3bet and then the big pot towards the end. If I would have ended with 150k I would of been happy but since I misplayed that one hand I was pretty frustrated. But I like my chances and like my stack after looking at the rest of them.

I am just trying to give quick updates for whoever is sweating. I am out of Club Arias because the drives were too long and I actually ended up missing 20 minutes of the first level today. I am now staying at the Radisson where the event is held. I will keep everyone updated with my progress. ON TO DAY 4! Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! gogo!! Phil Hellmuth is in for a tough day!! I am sure you will keep the pressure on him and KNOCK HIM OUT!!! Update again when you are chipleader at the final table! :)