Friday, October 9, 2009

I Chopped The Tourny!!!!

Sorry for the deceiving title, lol. I actually busted from the 5k Main Event today about 1 hour in. There were 3 hands that caused my bustout. I won't talk about those yet but after I busted the 5k at around 1pm I was super bummed. I wasn't mad because I felt like I played really well, I was just disappointed I bubbled and didn't do better. Especially since the tournament goes to 6 handed play at 36. So anyways I came back up to the room, told some buddies my hands, tried to get the big hand which was over 100bb pot out of my head, and I decided I would play the 1k side event at 3pm.

Well my buddy Matt wanted me to return a car with him so I went with him and we ate and got back to the casino around 4pm and I registered for the 30 minute level 1k tournament. I am fine with these fast structures because it's just like the isle tournament too I played last week. Well I ended up getting 7 handed being 2nd in chips (There wasn't much difference in stacks. First had 180k, i had 120k, and some stacks between 70-100 and two short stacks around 40k) The blinds were going to be 4k/8k/1k and we started talking a chop. The payout was real top heavy as a 7 way even chop would give everyone 15k. The regular payouts were 1st-40k 2nd-22k 3rd-12k etc.. So in an even chop everyone would get more than 3rd place which is crazy. The pay jump from 7th to 3rd was only 6k. So anyways I negotiated the deal and played with the numbers and everyone was happy. I wanted to play it out but I got 17.5k which is about 5k more than 3rd and 5k less than 2nd so it wasn't too bad. The structure was real bad and everyone wanted to do it. Always mixed emotions about chopping but after busting the 5k I will take it.

The 5k like I said...well it was real sick. I immediately got up to 165k. I won a nice pot off of Hellmuth and was picking up a lot of pots. I then ran a big bluff and Eric 'basebaldy' made an amazing call against me. After that I lost KQdd vs Hellmuths JJ when he was all in for 10bbs and then I lost set over set for my last 30bbs. I will talk more about everything in my tournament summary blog.

I'm going to get some food its about 2am. I'm happy I got a decent cash today but I am still disappointed about what could have been in the 5k Main. I had a lot of hope and expectations for myself in that but it didn't go my way. I am very confident in my plays I made and don't regret them. I feel like I played really well. I will talk more about it in the next blog. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog from AD/AT and been following you ever since. I think I have played with you a while back on PS. Anyways, sorry to hear you busted out of the ME and congrats on the chopped win on the side event. Keep writing man, love your blog!