Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sober Life/November Grind...

A couple months ago I posted about some blood work that I had done. I had an elevated bilirubin which is a function of my liver. They told me not to drink alcohol for three months and stay away from high cholesterol foods/fried foods. I didn't drastically change my diet. I drank more water and stayed away from soda and tried to eat fast food less frequently. I have never been unhealthy really so I wasn't sure how to tackle that request.

Anyways, this morning I went in to get my liver tested again. I won't know the results of the test for a couple days. Being sober and not having a sip of alcohol in my system for almost three and a half months wasn't so bad. I didn't go out too often but when I did it was boring for the most part. I only enjoyed going to places that played good music since that was all I could vibe to really. Most of my friends would drink and I would just feel left out. On the flip side I feel really healthy and don't mind not drinking one bit. It's funny to be on the sober side of nightlife and see how drunk people act (including myself when I would drink.) I never drank a lot anyways. In college I would drink a couple times a week like any normal college student. Since graduating, I probably would go out once every two weeks.

I'm not sure what will happen with this. They might tell me that my bilirubin levels have gone down to normal levels and I shouldn't drink anymore. They also might say it is still elevated. For the latter I would probably be more worried. I have been in a medical situation where doctors couldn't diagnose what was wrong with me. That was very scary. I ended up having surgery because a doctor thought it COULD fix the problem. The problem went away but it could have just been because of time (one doctor said I might have aggravated something and to take a couple months off from basketball -- I was a sophomore in college and was in the gym everyday so I wasn't going to do that since he didn't even know what was wrong.) I need more information all around. I have done some of my own research on the bilirubin and some elevated levels don't mean much so I will just have to wait and find out what's going on. They did an ultrasound on my liver, gallbladder, and kidneys which they were all normal. I'm not worried. We'll see what they say.

I plan on grinding hard online in November. I am debating if I should try to play all 30 days in November or not. I might go insane if I do that. I need to work on my mental toughness anyways. The fields on Thursday/Friday aren't as good as other days of the week and they don't have as many majors on those days either. I don't know if I will take those days off throughout November. It would probably be better if I didn't and I played every single day. Whatever I decide I am going to stick to it and hopefully I can accomplish whatever goal I set out to do.

My schedule would be: Wake up 9-10, go to the gym, eat lunch, play poker, go to sleep. I would probably start around 1pm or 2pm and play through the whole night. It's tough to sit in front of the computer for afternoon and night sessions but it can be done. I would probably be playing 10-12 hours of poker a day on average. That would be pretty insane over a 30 day period. 300-360 hours of poker in a month. Wow. Haha, maybe I shouldn't be thinking of it like that. I have a couple days to decide what I want to do and then I'm going to attack November. Either way I think it will be good to put that much time into poker and I should be able to fine tune my game and fix some of my leaks. The game is constantly changing and you have to adapt with it.

There is also a $1k Hard Rock tournament this weekend on Saturday. They run it the last Saturday of every month so I will most likely play that instead of play online. Sunday will be November 1st and the first day of the grind. If I do play that Hard Rock tournament I will blog about it and post the interesting hands.

I don't have any plans for Halloween but I might be down for something when it comes around. If I don't get deep in the Hard Rock tournament I might get in the mood to do something. I don't have a costume but I can handle it on a whim.

That's all I have for now. If anyone has any suggestions or advice about playing 360 hours in a month let me know! Just kidding. I probably won't do 30 days straight. Any advice is welcomed though. I'll update tomorrow or this weekend.


Tycou said...

Good luck on the health front.

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be fine.