Monday, October 5, 2009

Survived Day 1 of Aruba 5k Main...

I made it to day 2 of the Aruba Poker Classic. I currently have about 65k in chips and I believe the average is probably around 25-27k. We go into 200-400-50a (I think) on day 2. I was up to 73k-75k but lost a decent pot where I triple barreled with like 5 minutes left in the night. I had a pretty tough table all day. The three seats to my left were mostly occupied by Internet players and it was tough. I did well though and won a couple key pots and was able to acquire a nice stack. I wrote down some keys hands from today and let me tell you, there are some pretty amazing and intriguing hands! I won't post them yet because it could definitely hurt me in the tournament with players having extra information like that. It will be a great read when I get to write it all up.

Other than that I am just going to enjoy the island tomorrow. I will probably lay out in the pool or head to the beach or something. I want to relax. I didn't get much sleep last night and woke up at 10am on about 4 hours of sleep. I wanted to play today so I am glad I woke up and got over to the Radisson.

When I bought into the tournament Ultimate Bet gave me a bag full of goodies. In this bag there was a very strange item. Located in what looked like an over sized match pack was a condom. Now the last thing I would do would be to trust an online poker website to provide me with sexual protection. I don't know where UB got this idea from but the condom definitely doesn't look safe haha. Maybe just a practical joke on their part somehow. You open it up and it's bubble gum or something!

Anyways enough of that rant I just thought it was crazy that they gave something like that away. I would like to say all the dealers we had today were really good. The structure of the tournament is alright. I will have to see what the levels look like for the future days. I think we only got around 180 players today and there were roughly 110 left. I am predicting tomorrow gets 300-350 players hopefully. They said they were going to get about 500 for the main event. It won't be a million to first but it should be nice. Another thing that I thought was crazy is the fact that UB pays you through your UB account if you win and they don't give you cash. I don't know if that's really fair but that's how it is I guess. If you win their 10th Anniversary Main Event I doubt you will have trouble trying to get the money off their site but you never know.

That's all I will say for now. I can't wait to talk about this tournament. There have been some great hands for discussion. Hopefully I survive the Main Event 5-6 more days and can write one big summary about how I won the tournament! Wishful thinking but I will do my best. If I think of anything else to say I will update the blog.