Saturday, November 28, 2009

Short Update...

Hey guys. Been super busy with the Holidays and everything. I had a root canal done the day before Thanksgiving. Probably not the smartest idea. Luckily it didn't affect my dinner. My tooth is pretty sore now and I can't find any Advil.

I am going to play the Hard Rock $1k tomorrow. Hopefully I win it this time. It's been a while since I won it and I'm due. I have been very close every time there lately.

Follow me on twitter! I guess I was influenced to start doing this so I will most likely be talking about poker stuff when I tweet. Twitter page/follow me.

That's it for now update with hands and all that here later tomorrow.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Favor (Continued)...

I have been super busy all day. Woke up early, worked out and then had a dentist appointment. I need to have a root canal re-done to this tooth I already had one done to. I scheduled it Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with my Thanksgiving dinner! After that my nephew and sister came by because she had to show me something. My nephew who is almost a year old is now walking and taking his first steps! It was pretty amazing to see him walk around here and there. He's growing up really fast. Just last week I could play with him and he would hold objects and not be too rough with them but now he's throwing them around. It's really crazy how quickly things change for babies.

Yesterday I played a bunch of tables and had a couple shots. I got 3rd in the 55r and took a couple nasty beats at the final table. I lost JJ vs A4o three handed which would have had be heads up about even in chips. I am playing well for the most part (when I can focus on individual tournaments.) I am excited to play more and more poker. I played one tournament today, which was a $33 rebuy PCA qualifier to win a seat to the PCA. I didn't win. After that I got back to editing video footage and handling a bunch of other stuff. It's now about 5am and I am just about to head to sleep. Approaching 20 hours of being awake.

I have had some people contact me about the last blog and I really appreciate everything everyone has said. We will see if anything works out. Those that have suggested something or sent me an email I really am grateful. Hopefully with all this work I am putting in recently I can help Brian get a job somewhere. Tomorrow I have to upload more game footage for him to the youtube page we created. Then I am going to attack the professional basketball world. They better watch out. I have done it before but this time I'm coming harder and won't stop until I have set out what I plan to do. Here's the new highlight reel from Brian's camp in Germany a couple months ago. He was named one of the Top 5 players at the camp. He's #20 in case you can't tell.

Youtube link in case the video above doesn't work.

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress and let everyone know how it goes. Thanks again. I will probably play some poker tomorrow and definitely a bunch this weekend. Maybe I will write another blog tomorrow too. I tried to pump this one out since I just finished editing his video.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Poker Coaching (I Need a Favor)...

I said in my last blog that I would offer some free poker coaching. Well this coaching is actually going to come at a price. I need a favor. My best friend (who is currently living with me) needs a job playing professional basketball. His name is Brian Macon. He played for Boston University for two years and Miami Dade CC before that.

-Miami Dade CC - 03-04 – 8.1ppg 6.5apg 2.6rpg 1.7spg 79.4FT% 41.5FG% 37.8FG%(3’s)
-Miami Dade CC – 04-05 – 10.1ppg 7.1apg 3.4rpg 1.9spg 85FT% 40.3FG% 41.8FG%(3’s)
-Boston University – 05-06 – 5.7ppg 3.9apg 2.8rpg 1.1spg 85FT% 32FG% 28FG%(3’s)
-Boston University – 06-07 – 4.6ppg 2.4apg 2.1rpg 0.7spg 76FT% 40FG% 35FG%(3’s)

His stats at Boston University aren't that impressive because he was playing hurt his senior year and was also wasn't in an ideal system for his game, but that's not the point. The point to the matter is he should be playing professional basketball somewhere. We have friends in the NBA, D-League, and playing professionally all over the world and everyone agrees he should have a job playing pro. We can't catch a break.

We have gone through multiple agents. We have gone to countless camps, tryouts, games... I've sent over a thousand e-mails. I've called people, I've done everything. Everything ever good we've had has fallen through. Brian made a team to play in South America and then that fell through, along with a bunch of other things that just didn't work out. I know the economy is bad and the basketball market is dry at the current moment, but I don't care. Brian would be a steal for a team and without a doubt make his mark and move up the professional rankings. Someone just needs to give him an opportunity. So that's where you come in.

I need someone who has any kind of connections, ties, or knows the brother of a sister of a cousin who walks the dog of professional basketball team owner. Anyone. We have dealt with a couple agents (and still are) but they haven't helped. We've basically been doing it all on our own. I have asked everyone I know. I have talked to GM's of teams (who said they agree Brian can play Pro ball he just needs to find a place to take him since the market is bad...) Everything. I don't know what else to do. I feel like representing him as an agent and getting it done on our own but enough of that. Enough rambling. Can you help?

Here's the link to his old College highlight tape if the video doesn't work above.

We also have some "New" footage which is from a camp I sent him to in Germany. His college stuff is kind of old and he is healthy now and one hundred times better. He was named One of the Top 5 players at the camp in Germany. Here is the game footage from the camp in Germany. He said his best games were the Bonn vs. Frankfurt game and the All-Star game. His jersey number is 20 and he played for Bonn.

Link for basketball games played in Germany.

We are also waiting on some footage from a tryout he crushed a couple weeks ago. So once I get that we will have some more recent videos of him playing.

If you can help send me an e-mail (Cre8iveCoach =~-AT-~=

I will offer some more free coaching down the road but this is most important. If you can't help me out with this problem there will be other chances. I know this is a long shot but people read this blog all around the world and you never know who knows who. It's a shot in the dark but it's worth a try. If I just wasted 30 minutes of my life writing this blog then that's alright too. We'll see how it works out. Again, I will offer some more free coaching in the future so don't fret.

On the poker aspect of life it has sucked. Sundays I have been running horribly and the last two nights I have gotten deep in both the 1ks. On FTP last night I came 20 something in their 1k and tonight I got 13th place in PokerStars 1k tournament. It's really frustrating getting so close to big scores. I lost JTss vs QK no spade on a JK9ss board and then lost A9 vs 44 blind vs blind in the FTP 1k. Tonight I lost AK vs TT with 13 left. It was a 130k pot at 1k/2k I would have been the chip leader. I battled back from 4k in chips and then got my last 30k in 44 vs AQ and lost that flip too. That's poker. Not complaining, just explaining.

That's all I gotta say for now. November grind is still going and I'm sure I'll be back at the tables tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Goodnight.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gilbert's Syndrome...

(Continued from Sober Life/November Grind...)

Apparently I have Gilbert's Syndrome. No need to panic though. Basically what it means is that my body can't process bilirubin, which is a function of my liver. My bilirubin count is high and will always be high throughout my lifetime. Normally your body turns the bilirubin into bile and it gets flushed out of your system but my body doesn't do that. There are only a side effects and the disease/syndrome doesn't seem harmful at all. I read one study that said... "Researchers at the University of in Utah School of Medicine showed that men and women with high blood levels of bilirubin have an extraordinarily low chance of getting heart attacks and those with low blood levels were at significantly increased risk for developing heart attacks." That's good news.

Fatigue happens to be one of the symptoms of GS. I'm not sure if any of these symptoms apply to me. I feel like I live a pretty normal and healthy life. I know I am capable of sleeping 12 hours a day no problem lol, but that's probably due to being lazy some days. I'm not really the type of person to have something hold me back. Although this syndrome might affect my everyday life, I don't feel it. I guess that's my main point.

So that's that. I have to get checked again in two months. I am allowed to drink alcohol again in moderation. I don't know if I will drink though. I feel pretty good without drinking and I know I will hate the next morning if I do decide to get crazy one night. Haha. It's a good streak to have so far (coming on 5 months I think) so I might see how long I can take it. I still need to do more research on GS. There are a bunch of useful websites I just stumbled upon right now that I need to take a closer look at later.

I have been in Orlando the last couple of days and haven't grinded as much as I've wanted. I had car trouble one day, took Thursday off, and haven't played as much as I should have. It's pretty frustrating because I had a nice thing going on in South Florida with the daily grind. I'm only 13 days into November though so there is plenty of time left in the month. I have been thinking about maybe making a December goal like 100k profit, or maybe a PLB bet, -shrug- something. I'm not sure yet though. December is always a busy month with the Holidays and all so I'll figure it out in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is the FTOPS $2500 buyin event. I'm pretty sure I'm playing it. Normally I play a bunch of tournaments but I think this time I'm just going to focus on the $2500 tournament. It's tough to one table when there are all these great tournaments on the Internet on Saturday, but you don't have a $2500 tournament on the Internet often. It is probably best to just focus on that one but we'll see. Maybe limit my play to 4 tables (with my main focus on the $2500.) I will actually be missing a great Hard Rock tournament this weekend, which sucks, But the FTOPS calls.

I'll just keep this update short. Next blog I am going to offer some free coaching lessons if someone can help me out with something. I will post about that later.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Busy...

Hey everyone. I've been super busy busting my behind trying to win this triple crown and put up some big scores. I have final tabled a couple tournaments on Cake but no wins yet. I had all the chips on the bubble of the UB 30r today but lost a monster pot AQ vs A4cc when a guy called 30bbs preflop when I shoved on him. Then I lost KK vs 99 vs AQ for a monster pot right near the bubble. I have one more day I think to win the triple crown and I'm not sure if I will do it. I'm not giving up though because I will still be grinding all of November so I'm sure I will have another shot.

Today was a good day. I didn't do as well as I wanted but I did have a good day. I made three final tables. Two were big final tables being the $300 6max on FTP and the 55r on Stars and one was a small tourny on Cake.

The 6max was pretty crazy. I got lucky in one pot where I 4bet shoved QJ vs AJ on the bubble and then I won a monster pot AA vs QQ. I made it to the final table with the shortest stack and doubled up KJ vs JJ. I then won a couple other smaller pots and got into a really sick hand. The button raised, the sb 3bet, and I made a 4bet with 88. I was intending to get it in vs the small blind. He was pretty loose and made some crazy plays. He instajammed on me with AT and he won the monster pot. I expected to see AQ/AK more than AT. I thought I would fold out hands like that but I guess he thought I was 4balling light, although I was pretty inline. Oh well. I then lost JJ to AA 5 handed to bust 5th. I could have played some hands differently but oh well.

In the 55r I was real patient and then ended up having all the chips 3 handed. I had 2.6m to like 300k and 400k. I think it was something like that. I ended up shoving T7dd vs AK and flopped a gutter and bricked to double up the guy in 2nd. Then the sb shoved QQ and I had AQo and he won that too. I definitely made a couple questionable plays when we were 3 handed and I need to go back and look at those hands. There is no way I should ever bust 3rd after having a chip stack like that. I'm not too mad though because I know I am playing better and getting better. I have a lot to learn still.

I will post about the Hard Rock tournament later. I have been super busy. It's not as detailed as I normally do it but there are some interesting hands. I didn't write down all the bets and everything because I thought I was going to be eliminated early lol.

If you've emailed me about coaching and I haven't responded I'm sorry. I have gotten a lot of e-mails recently and I have tried to respond in a timely manner. If it's been like 3-4 days and I haven't responded send me another e-mail because I might have read it and missed to respond.

The NOVEMBER GRIND IS STILL GOING STRONG!!! I will update more tomorrow/later. I have some other things I need to post and write about. I just haven't had time to blog at all really. Good luck everyone.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hard Rock/No Triple Crown...

This summary won't be as detailed as usual. I didn't write down all the hands how I normally do it. The tournament took place two Saturday's ago which was Halloween. We started with 11k in chips (1k addon) with 40 minute levels I think.

My stack was immediately up to 25k in the first hour. I won JJ vs 77 on a T62 board. I raised UTG, bet the flop, and a shorter stack player shoved in 77. He was pretty solid so I was shocked to see him turn over 77 but I guess that's standard vs. me. I also won a b ig pot with 67 vs 89 on a 679 board.

I was at about 23k when this next hand took place. There was a guy to my right who was limping just about every hand. I was isolating him a lot of the hands I played. He limped for 200 and I made it 700 with JTcc. He then reraised to 2650 and I thought he had about 12k behind. He was covering another stack in his hand. I thought this was a good spot to pick up the dead money because I had isolated him enough and he was tired of it. I hadn't gotten out of line yet and all the hands I showed down were real good. I decided to jam all in, and he thought about it for a little bit and said "Oh well its Halloween I will go play with my daughters." and called and turned over QQ. He told me I made a good play and he would normally fold and etc. He had more chips than I thought and I went down to about 4k-5k.

My first table broke then I was moved to a new table. At 200-400 with an ante there were a lot of limpers and I moved all in on the button with QJo for 4k or so. One limper moved all in and another limper called all in. They both turned over AK and I was in good shape. I turned a straight and won that hand and was back up to having a decent chip stack.

There was one maniac at my new table who was playing every hand. I had his game pinned pretty much and we ended up getting all in on 689 board. I bet the flop with ATo he raised and I shoved on him. He called with JT and my ace high held up for a pretty big pot. I think this pot got me up to about 25k-30k.

I hung around the same stack, hovering below and above 30-40k. We were now down to 3 tables. My friend RAJ made it 3k preflop at 600/1200 and I called right behind him with 97ss and about a 40k stack. He had about 100k in chips. The flop came KT7ss and I flopped a pair and flush draw. He led the flop into me and with my stack my only play was to move all in. I couldn't really reraise the flop without him knowing I wasn't committed. So I thought an all in was the best bet. He ended up tanking all the way down to 2 seconds left (someone called the clock) and tabled KJ. I rivered the flush and won a nice pot to become one of the chip leaders.

We were now down to two tables and about 18 players. I picked up AA and just flat called a UTG raise. The flop came Q69 and he check called my bet. The turn was J we both checked, and the river was another 6. I fired big on the river and he called. The very next hand I picked up KK and raised. The same player from the hand before called and defended his BB. The board came Q423T and I was able to get three streets of value on this hand. I bet the flop, turn, and river and he called every bet. I had about 150k and the blinds were 1k/2k.

I made it to the final table with 210k at 2k/4k. There was about 1.1million in play so I had almost 1/5th the chips in play. I made it 9500 on the cutoff with KJo. The button was a real short stacked player who had about 33k after losing a big hand. He moved all in for his last 23k. I call and he has A8o. The board comes Q83Tx and I bricked a ton of outs to knock out the first player at the final table. I was now down to 170k.

I lost a couple smaller pots and finally I had about 140k at 2k/4k. UTG made it 12k and 2nd UTG called 12k. I looked down at AKdd. The blinds were about to go to 3k/6k. I decided to make it 34k to go preflop. UTG folded and the 2nd caller moved all in. I called. He turned over QQ and we were off to the races. The board came Jxxxdd and I missed A, K, or diamond on the river. The 2nd UTG player had me covered and I was eliminated in 8th place. I won about $3500 but first place was $35k. I ended up making a little since the buyin was $1100 but it was disappointing. I really wanted to win after fighting back from everything. I play that tournament a lot and haven't won it recently so it would be real nice to do that.

Sorry for the lack of details. I just didn't write them down at the time being and just was focused on playing at the time. Next time I will have much better details.

As far as the triple crown goes I did not end up winning it within the time period. I was actually playing tournaments that didn't even meet the 10k guaranteed rule lol. I was playing a $7500 tourny on cake that was a $10k prize pool when you included the bounties. So I wasted a couple days doing that. I think the triple crown is definitely attainable but I don't know the best tournaments to play on the smaller sites. Cake doesn't have many good tournaments during the day. UB has a couple that seem decent. If I put in the time and volume into the other sites I am sure I can win one. I will see if that's something I want to do and if the other sites have enough good tournaments on them to make me want to play on them. I don't like most of their software, so I don't really like playing there. I'll see in the next couple of days I suppose.

FTOPS is here and I took the day off yesterday (Monday.) I will be playing most of the events and hopefully I can get deep in one of them. I ran pretty bad overall on Sunday, getting my money in real good in a lot of spots and getting unlucky. I had a couple cashes but nothing worthwhile. Plenty more poker to be played in the month of November!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going For Triple Crown...

Okay.. So far my November is going really well. At the Hard Rock on Saturday I ended up making the Final table but losing a monster coin flip with 8 people left. So that was pretty disappointing. I will write more about that tournament tonight when I don't have 10 tables up. So expect that tournament summary tonight or tomorrow.

On Sunday I put in another full day of poker and ended up running super hot and taking down the $100 turbo on Pokerstars. Shout out to "Reel_Em_In" who was sweating me on Stars when I took down the tournament. He might have been my good luck charm.

On Monday night I final tabled a $24 tournament with 1800 people on FTP. I was 1/9 going into the final table and I played one huge pot where I bluff shoved the river. I basically made a really advanced play with the nut blocker vs. a basic thinking opponent. Very stupid. I ended up busting 9th in that tournament after I donked off that huge pot. That was very disappointing. Coming into a FT 1/9 you should never get 9th. It was completely my fault and I really butchered the hand. First was 9k in that tournament. It wasn't huge but it would have been another nice win. Oh well.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, I got heads up in the afternoon FTP $163. I had the guy all in twice for his tournament life. A2o vs his JTcc and AQo vs 77. He won both. We started talking a deal. I had about 1mil to his 700k and we ended up chopping it. I am a wuss. The blinds were pretty big but I definitely had an edge over this guy. I cost myself some equity. I guess I am just scared to place 2nd after all that work. I am thinking about adopting the motto "No Chopping!" for the rest of November but I'm not sure yet lol.

So I've had 4 Final Tables in 4 days. Two wins, and two disappointing finishes. I am now on the hunt for a triple crown. I have 4 days to win on another site. I don't even play on other sites really so I just had to get money on them. Hopefully I can accomplish this. It's something I've always wanted to do along with get ranked and some other things. I've never put in the time and volume to do so. I have 4 days to win on another site and I know I will do it. I won't stop until I win another tournament for the triple crown!

I will update the blog later and talk about the Hard Rock tournament that I always either bubble or never win! Some pretty interesting hands there too. I have some good content for the blog this week. So I should have at least 3-4 posts because I will be playing a ton. Good luck to everyone! I will be grinding! NOVEMBER GRIND BABY!!!!