Friday, November 20, 2009

Favor (Continued)...

I have been super busy all day. Woke up early, worked out and then had a dentist appointment. I need to have a root canal re-done to this tooth I already had one done to. I scheduled it Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with my Thanksgiving dinner! After that my nephew and sister came by because she had to show me something. My nephew who is almost a year old is now walking and taking his first steps! It was pretty amazing to see him walk around here and there. He's growing up really fast. Just last week I could play with him and he would hold objects and not be too rough with them but now he's throwing them around. It's really crazy how quickly things change for babies.

Yesterday I played a bunch of tables and had a couple shots. I got 3rd in the 55r and took a couple nasty beats at the final table. I lost JJ vs A4o three handed which would have had be heads up about even in chips. I am playing well for the most part (when I can focus on individual tournaments.) I am excited to play more and more poker. I played one tournament today, which was a $33 rebuy PCA qualifier to win a seat to the PCA. I didn't win. After that I got back to editing video footage and handling a bunch of other stuff. It's now about 5am and I am just about to head to sleep. Approaching 20 hours of being awake.

I have had some people contact me about the last blog and I really appreciate everything everyone has said. We will see if anything works out. Those that have suggested something or sent me an email I really am grateful. Hopefully with all this work I am putting in recently I can help Brian get a job somewhere. Tomorrow I have to upload more game footage for him to the youtube page we created. Then I am going to attack the professional basketball world. They better watch out. I have done it before but this time I'm coming harder and won't stop until I have set out what I plan to do. Here's the new highlight reel from Brian's camp in Germany a couple months ago. He was named one of the Top 5 players at the camp. He's #20 in case you can't tell.

Youtube link in case the video above doesn't work.

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress and let everyone know how it goes. Thanks again. I will probably play some poker tomorrow and definitely a bunch this weekend. Maybe I will write another blog tomorrow too. I tried to pump this one out since I just finished editing his video.

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