Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Poker Coaching (I Need a Favor)...

I said in my last blog that I would offer some free poker coaching. Well this coaching is actually going to come at a price. I need a favor. My best friend (who is currently living with me) needs a job playing professional basketball. His name is Brian Macon. He played for Boston University for two years and Miami Dade CC before that.

-Miami Dade CC - 03-04 – 8.1ppg 6.5apg 2.6rpg 1.7spg 79.4FT% 41.5FG% 37.8FG%(3’s)
-Miami Dade CC – 04-05 – 10.1ppg 7.1apg 3.4rpg 1.9spg 85FT% 40.3FG% 41.8FG%(3’s)
-Boston University – 05-06 – 5.7ppg 3.9apg 2.8rpg 1.1spg 85FT% 32FG% 28FG%(3’s)
-Boston University – 06-07 – 4.6ppg 2.4apg 2.1rpg 0.7spg 76FT% 40FG% 35FG%(3’s)

His stats at Boston University aren't that impressive because he was playing hurt his senior year and was also wasn't in an ideal system for his game, but that's not the point. The point to the matter is he should be playing professional basketball somewhere. We have friends in the NBA, D-League, and playing professionally all over the world and everyone agrees he should have a job playing pro. We can't catch a break.

We have gone through multiple agents. We have gone to countless camps, tryouts, games... I've sent over a thousand e-mails. I've called people, I've done everything. Everything ever good we've had has fallen through. Brian made a team to play in South America and then that fell through, along with a bunch of other things that just didn't work out. I know the economy is bad and the basketball market is dry at the current moment, but I don't care. Brian would be a steal for a team and without a doubt make his mark and move up the professional rankings. Someone just needs to give him an opportunity. So that's where you come in.

I need someone who has any kind of connections, ties, or knows the brother of a sister of a cousin who walks the dog of professional basketball team owner. Anyone. We have dealt with a couple agents (and still are) but they haven't helped. We've basically been doing it all on our own. I have asked everyone I know. I have talked to GM's of teams (who said they agree Brian can play Pro ball he just needs to find a place to take him since the market is bad...) Everything. I don't know what else to do. I feel like representing him as an agent and getting it done on our own but enough of that. Enough rambling. Can you help?

Here's the link to his old College highlight tape if the video doesn't work above.

We also have some "New" footage which is from a camp I sent him to in Germany. His college stuff is kind of old and he is healthy now and one hundred times better. He was named One of the Top 5 players at the camp in Germany. Here is the game footage from the camp in Germany. He said his best games were the Bonn vs. Frankfurt game and the All-Star game. His jersey number is 20 and he played for Bonn.

Link for basketball games played in Germany.

We are also waiting on some footage from a tryout he crushed a couple weeks ago. So once I get that we will have some more recent videos of him playing.

If you can help send me an e-mail (Cre8iveCoach =~-AT-~=

I will offer some more free coaching down the road but this is most important. If you can't help me out with this problem there will be other chances. I know this is a long shot but people read this blog all around the world and you never know who knows who. It's a shot in the dark but it's worth a try. If I just wasted 30 minutes of my life writing this blog then that's alright too. We'll see how it works out. Again, I will offer some more free coaching in the future so don't fret.

On the poker aspect of life it has sucked. Sundays I have been running horribly and the last two nights I have gotten deep in both the 1ks. On FTP last night I came 20 something in their 1k and tonight I got 13th place in PokerStars 1k tournament. It's really frustrating getting so close to big scores. I lost JTss vs QK no spade on a JK9ss board and then lost A9 vs 44 blind vs blind in the FTP 1k. Tonight I lost AK vs TT with 13 left. It was a 130k pot at 1k/2k I would have been the chip leader. I battled back from 4k in chips and then got my last 30k in 44 vs AQ and lost that flip too. That's poker. Not complaining, just explaining.

That's all I gotta say for now. November grind is still going and I'm sure I'll be back at the tables tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Goodnight.

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