Friday, November 13, 2009

Gilbert's Syndrome...

(Continued from Sober Life/November Grind...)

Apparently I have Gilbert's Syndrome. No need to panic though. Basically what it means is that my body can't process bilirubin, which is a function of my liver. My bilirubin count is high and will always be high throughout my lifetime. Normally your body turns the bilirubin into bile and it gets flushed out of your system but my body doesn't do that. There are only a side effects and the disease/syndrome doesn't seem harmful at all. I read one study that said... "Researchers at the University of in Utah School of Medicine showed that men and women with high blood levels of bilirubin have an extraordinarily low chance of getting heart attacks and those with low blood levels were at significantly increased risk for developing heart attacks." That's good news.

Fatigue happens to be one of the symptoms of GS. I'm not sure if any of these symptoms apply to me. I feel like I live a pretty normal and healthy life. I know I am capable of sleeping 12 hours a day no problem lol, but that's probably due to being lazy some days. I'm not really the type of person to have something hold me back. Although this syndrome might affect my everyday life, I don't feel it. I guess that's my main point.

So that's that. I have to get checked again in two months. I am allowed to drink alcohol again in moderation. I don't know if I will drink though. I feel pretty good without drinking and I know I will hate the next morning if I do decide to get crazy one night. Haha. It's a good streak to have so far (coming on 5 months I think) so I might see how long I can take it. I still need to do more research on GS. There are a bunch of useful websites I just stumbled upon right now that I need to take a closer look at later.

I have been in Orlando the last couple of days and haven't grinded as much as I've wanted. I had car trouble one day, took Thursday off, and haven't played as much as I should have. It's pretty frustrating because I had a nice thing going on in South Florida with the daily grind. I'm only 13 days into November though so there is plenty of time left in the month. I have been thinking about maybe making a December goal like 100k profit, or maybe a PLB bet, -shrug- something. I'm not sure yet though. December is always a busy month with the Holidays and all so I'll figure it out in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is the FTOPS $2500 buyin event. I'm pretty sure I'm playing it. Normally I play a bunch of tournaments but I think this time I'm just going to focus on the $2500 tournament. It's tough to one table when there are all these great tournaments on the Internet on Saturday, but you don't have a $2500 tournament on the Internet often. It is probably best to just focus on that one but we'll see. Maybe limit my play to 4 tables (with my main focus on the $2500.) I will actually be missing a great Hard Rock tournament this weekend, which sucks, But the FTOPS calls.

I'll just keep this update short. Next blog I am going to offer some free coaching lessons if someone can help me out with something. I will post about that later.


Tycou said...

Good to hear that your health situation is not more serious.

Poker Buff said...

Heyy there again! Sorry to be bugging you, at your leisure please go through my blog and if you feel you can post any comments that would be very nice of you! Hopefully I dont piss you off with these comments at random. Would look forward to your post on the event at full tilt.