Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going For Triple Crown...

Okay.. So far my November is going really well. At the Hard Rock on Saturday I ended up making the Final table but losing a monster coin flip with 8 people left. So that was pretty disappointing. I will write more about that tournament tonight when I don't have 10 tables up. So expect that tournament summary tonight or tomorrow.

On Sunday I put in another full day of poker and ended up running super hot and taking down the $100 turbo on Pokerstars. Shout out to "Reel_Em_In" who was sweating me on Stars when I took down the tournament. He might have been my good luck charm.

On Monday night I final tabled a $24 tournament with 1800 people on FTP. I was 1/9 going into the final table and I played one huge pot where I bluff shoved the river. I basically made a really advanced play with the nut blocker vs. a basic thinking opponent. Very stupid. I ended up busting 9th in that tournament after I donked off that huge pot. That was very disappointing. Coming into a FT 1/9 you should never get 9th. It was completely my fault and I really butchered the hand. First was 9k in that tournament. It wasn't huge but it would have been another nice win. Oh well.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, I got heads up in the afternoon FTP $163. I had the guy all in twice for his tournament life. A2o vs his JTcc and AQo vs 77. He won both. We started talking a deal. I had about 1mil to his 700k and we ended up chopping it. I am a wuss. The blinds were pretty big but I definitely had an edge over this guy. I cost myself some equity. I guess I am just scared to place 2nd after all that work. I am thinking about adopting the motto "No Chopping!" for the rest of November but I'm not sure yet lol.

So I've had 4 Final Tables in 4 days. Two wins, and two disappointing finishes. I am now on the hunt for a triple crown. I have 4 days to win on another site. I don't even play on other sites really so I just had to get money on them. Hopefully I can accomplish this. It's something I've always wanted to do along with get ranked and some other things. I've never put in the time and volume to do so. I have 4 days to win on another site and I know I will do it. I won't stop until I win another tournament for the triple crown!

I will update the blog later and talk about the Hard Rock tournament that I always either bubble or never win! Some pretty interesting hands there too. I have some good content for the blog this week. So I should have at least 3-4 posts because I will be playing a ton. Good luck to everyone! I will be grinding! NOVEMBER GRIND BABY!!!!

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