Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hard Rock/No Triple Crown...

This summary won't be as detailed as usual. I didn't write down all the hands how I normally do it. The tournament took place two Saturday's ago which was Halloween. We started with 11k in chips (1k addon) with 40 minute levels I think.

My stack was immediately up to 25k in the first hour. I won JJ vs 77 on a T62 board. I raised UTG, bet the flop, and a shorter stack player shoved in 77. He was pretty solid so I was shocked to see him turn over 77 but I guess that's standard vs. me. I also won a b ig pot with 67 vs 89 on a 679 board.

I was at about 23k when this next hand took place. There was a guy to my right who was limping just about every hand. I was isolating him a lot of the hands I played. He limped for 200 and I made it 700 with JTcc. He then reraised to 2650 and I thought he had about 12k behind. He was covering another stack in his hand. I thought this was a good spot to pick up the dead money because I had isolated him enough and he was tired of it. I hadn't gotten out of line yet and all the hands I showed down were real good. I decided to jam all in, and he thought about it for a little bit and said "Oh well its Halloween I will go play with my daughters." and called and turned over QQ. He told me I made a good play and he would normally fold and etc. He had more chips than I thought and I went down to about 4k-5k.

My first table broke then I was moved to a new table. At 200-400 with an ante there were a lot of limpers and I moved all in on the button with QJo for 4k or so. One limper moved all in and another limper called all in. They both turned over AK and I was in good shape. I turned a straight and won that hand and was back up to having a decent chip stack.

There was one maniac at my new table who was playing every hand. I had his game pinned pretty much and we ended up getting all in on 689 board. I bet the flop with ATo he raised and I shoved on him. He called with JT and my ace high held up for a pretty big pot. I think this pot got me up to about 25k-30k.

I hung around the same stack, hovering below and above 30-40k. We were now down to 3 tables. My friend RAJ made it 3k preflop at 600/1200 and I called right behind him with 97ss and about a 40k stack. He had about 100k in chips. The flop came KT7ss and I flopped a pair and flush draw. He led the flop into me and with my stack my only play was to move all in. I couldn't really reraise the flop without him knowing I wasn't committed. So I thought an all in was the best bet. He ended up tanking all the way down to 2 seconds left (someone called the clock) and tabled KJ. I rivered the flush and won a nice pot to become one of the chip leaders.

We were now down to two tables and about 18 players. I picked up AA and just flat called a UTG raise. The flop came Q69 and he check called my bet. The turn was J we both checked, and the river was another 6. I fired big on the river and he called. The very next hand I picked up KK and raised. The same player from the hand before called and defended his BB. The board came Q423T and I was able to get three streets of value on this hand. I bet the flop, turn, and river and he called every bet. I had about 150k and the blinds were 1k/2k.

I made it to the final table with 210k at 2k/4k. There was about 1.1million in play so I had almost 1/5th the chips in play. I made it 9500 on the cutoff with KJo. The button was a real short stacked player who had about 33k after losing a big hand. He moved all in for his last 23k. I call and he has A8o. The board comes Q83Tx and I bricked a ton of outs to knock out the first player at the final table. I was now down to 170k.

I lost a couple smaller pots and finally I had about 140k at 2k/4k. UTG made it 12k and 2nd UTG called 12k. I looked down at AKdd. The blinds were about to go to 3k/6k. I decided to make it 34k to go preflop. UTG folded and the 2nd caller moved all in. I called. He turned over QQ and we were off to the races. The board came Jxxxdd and I missed A, K, or diamond on the river. The 2nd UTG player had me covered and I was eliminated in 8th place. I won about $3500 but first place was $35k. I ended up making a little since the buyin was $1100 but it was disappointing. I really wanted to win after fighting back from everything. I play that tournament a lot and haven't won it recently so it would be real nice to do that.

Sorry for the lack of details. I just didn't write them down at the time being and just was focused on playing at the time. Next time I will have much better details.

As far as the triple crown goes I did not end up winning it within the time period. I was actually playing tournaments that didn't even meet the 10k guaranteed rule lol. I was playing a $7500 tourny on cake that was a $10k prize pool when you included the bounties. So I wasted a couple days doing that. I think the triple crown is definitely attainable but I don't know the best tournaments to play on the smaller sites. Cake doesn't have many good tournaments during the day. UB has a couple that seem decent. If I put in the time and volume into the other sites I am sure I can win one. I will see if that's something I want to do and if the other sites have enough good tournaments on them to make me want to play on them. I don't like most of their software, so I don't really like playing there. I'll see in the next couple of days I suppose.

FTOPS is here and I took the day off yesterday (Monday.) I will be playing most of the events and hopefully I can get deep in one of them. I ran pretty bad overall on Sunday, getting my money in real good in a lot of spots and getting unlucky. I had a couple cashes but nothing worthwhile. Plenty more poker to be played in the month of November!

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