Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Busy...

Hey everyone. I've been super busy busting my behind trying to win this triple crown and put up some big scores. I have final tabled a couple tournaments on Cake but no wins yet. I had all the chips on the bubble of the UB 30r today but lost a monster pot AQ vs A4cc when a guy called 30bbs preflop when I shoved on him. Then I lost KK vs 99 vs AQ for a monster pot right near the bubble. I have one more day I think to win the triple crown and I'm not sure if I will do it. I'm not giving up though because I will still be grinding all of November so I'm sure I will have another shot.

Today was a good day. I didn't do as well as I wanted but I did have a good day. I made three final tables. Two were big final tables being the $300 6max on FTP and the 55r on Stars and one was a small tourny on Cake.

The 6max was pretty crazy. I got lucky in one pot where I 4bet shoved QJ vs AJ on the bubble and then I won a monster pot AA vs QQ. I made it to the final table with the shortest stack and doubled up KJ vs JJ. I then won a couple other smaller pots and got into a really sick hand. The button raised, the sb 3bet, and I made a 4bet with 88. I was intending to get it in vs the small blind. He was pretty loose and made some crazy plays. He instajammed on me with AT and he won the monster pot. I expected to see AQ/AK more than AT. I thought I would fold out hands like that but I guess he thought I was 4balling light, although I was pretty inline. Oh well. I then lost JJ to AA 5 handed to bust 5th. I could have played some hands differently but oh well.

In the 55r I was real patient and then ended up having all the chips 3 handed. I had 2.6m to like 300k and 400k. I think it was something like that. I ended up shoving T7dd vs AK and flopped a gutter and bricked to double up the guy in 2nd. Then the sb shoved QQ and I had AQo and he won that too. I definitely made a couple questionable plays when we were 3 handed and I need to go back and look at those hands. There is no way I should ever bust 3rd after having a chip stack like that. I'm not too mad though because I know I am playing better and getting better. I have a lot to learn still.

I will post about the Hard Rock tournament later. I have been super busy. It's not as detailed as I normally do it but there are some interesting hands. I didn't write down all the bets and everything because I thought I was going to be eliminated early lol.

If you've emailed me about coaching and I haven't responded I'm sorry. I have gotten a lot of e-mails recently and I have tried to respond in a timely manner. If it's been like 3-4 days and I haven't responded send me another e-mail because I might have read it and missed to respond.

The NOVEMBER GRIND IS STILL GOING STRONG!!! I will update more tomorrow/later. I have some other things I need to post and write about. I just haven't had time to blog at all really. Good luck everyone.


Tycou said...

nice work!

Poker Buff said...

Hey nice wins! I am constantly reading your blogs to draw more inspiration for my games. Good luck, hope to catch you on Cake sometime at one of the FT. I am pretty new there.