Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bored and Blogging...

What's up world? I got a little bit to talk about I suppose. This week has been going alright so far. I had a pretty good day Monday, making two final tables, and have had some shots yesterday and today. The luck wasn't there in the end of the tournaments from Tuesday and today though. I'm getting there and that's all that matters.

I booked my flight for the Bahamas. I'm going a day early with my girlfriend on January 3rd. It will be nice to have a couple days of relaxation before I play the main event on Day 1b and ship her back to America lol. I'm excited to have her come out for a couple days and she is excited as well. I am definitely focused and ready for the tournaments out there and won't be distracted.

As far as my last blog about the free coaching I was looking towards doing something this Saturday night. I might have to change those plans because there is a $1k tournament at the Hard Rock this Saturday. It's a pretty good tournament that runs the last Saturday of every month and I will probably play that. If I survive in that I won't be around Saturday night. If anything maybe I could do it tomorrow night. I know that's kind of short notice but it's better than nothing. I could always do it again I suppose but I like the idea of a one time thing. Thursday is Christmas Eve so that might not be the greatest idea either. I guess I won't rush it and I will look to do something very soon before the Bahamas. I will keep everyone updated don't worry. I don't want anyone left out.

I'm kind of distracted and tired right now so I don't remember everything else I had to say. Hopefully everyone enjoys the Holidays and has a great time. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever else anyone might celebrate enjoy it! Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

still waiting on your poker lesson :-) Good luck at the tables for the Sunday.