Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hard Rock/Free Coaching/Vote!...

Friday I played the $1100 buyin Hard Rock $175k guaranteed. They have two day 1's where if you bust out the first day you can buy in on Saturday again. All the survivors from Friday and Saturday return on Sunday to fight for the prize money. I played on Friday and didn't survive. I logged a bunch of my hands but I don't know if I should write about them. I had a couple interesting hands but the day didn't go my way and I lost about an hour and a half before play was over for the night. I decided to play again today. I had an even worse day.

I basically just hovered around the 20k starting stack until we got to 400/800/100a. It was the 7th level and the levels lasted one hour. We had just finished dinner break and the antes finally kicked in. I had about 14k. I shoved a couple hands and my stack was up to 16k. My table had one player who literally limped every hand and lots of people would limp behind him. He limped in 2nd position and another player limped in middle position. I had 33 on the button and moved all in. The first limper folded and the second limper snap called me. I thought I was in rough shape vs 88 or 99. He turned over ATo and won the race. It would of been nice to win that pot because I really couldn't get anything going today. I battled though and I cant complain. I didn't have many spots to accumulate chips today. I whiffed every flop and always had the second best hand. That's just how it goes some days.

I guess I am destined to win a huge tournament online tomorrow. I had two chances to miss some online poker tournaments tomorrow. Since I didn't make day 2 (which probably happens 10% of the time with two shots) I know I am supposed to play online tomorrow. Why else wouldn't I make it to day 2? :-)

That's just my wishful thinking. I haven't played online since I had that sick day Monday. I was in Orlando for some business and to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriend and friends. I'll talk more about all that later on in the week.

I am planning on doing some free coaching before Christmas if I can. I figure I will load up Ustream, Skype, etc. and give a free couple hours of coaching to whoever is available to watch. I guess it's just my way to give back a little bit for the Holidays. I am currently looking into a website I could use so that I could have as many users as possible. Once I find out some more information I will update the blog and let everyone know when this will take place. If anyone has any site suggestions that would be good for this let me know. I want to share my screen so I could go through a hand history from one of my tournaments but I don't think Skype conference calls allow for that and I'm not sure how many people I could get in one conference call. I don't want anyone left out. I think if I do it through Ustream you would only be able to see me and not my screen. I will try to figure it out but if anyone has any ideas let me know ASAP.

Also one last thing. Vote for my good buddy "Tim0thee" for Mid-Stakes Cash Game player of the year! He has absolutely crushed the games on Full Tilt this year! He is currently second in votes. You can vote for him by going to website for their player of the year. Here is the link. VOTE FOR Tim0thee for Mid-Stakes player of the year!!! He is a great guy and a great player and definitely deserves some recognition. I know the money he has won speaks for himself but I'm sure this is something he would like to win. Best of luck to him in the voting.

I'll update again soon. Lot's more to talk about!

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