Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello World...

"Now the road to the riches is takin me longer. It ain't kill me yet so it's makin me stronger. I don't know if it's the hate, frustration or hunger; that keep a dude goin, workin for a reason. Ish don't just happen, Ish happen's for a reason. I'm that dude like it or love it..." Jadakiss - Still Feel me.

Hello again to the Internet Blogging world! I've been busy, busy, busy. Trying to get a bunch of stuff done with a lot on my plate. I haven't been playing too many MTTs only on the weekends. They have been going alright. Couple scores here and there. I did recently play in some live tournaments locally in South Florida.

Yesterday I played in a $900 Heads up Tournament. It was capped at 128 players and I think it might of sold out. It was 50k to first. I drew an unknown in the first round. If I won my match and my buddy Jason Mercier (treysfull) won his match we would play against each other. The second hand of his match he got it all in preflop AK vs 99 and lost. My opponent was pretty easy. He kept showing me all of his hands. He was making it 250 preflop at 50/100 (as was I.) I originally thought he was going to play well and control pots, etc, but I was wrong about that.

We went back and forth the first ten pots or so. I was trying to figure him out. He kept showing me AK AQ, etc. He was showing his hands and he was starting with good hands. One hand I made it 250 with J7dd and he reraised me to 600. We both started with 7k so I decided to peel. The flop came 522r and he bet 1500. I folded and he turned over A5o. I knew this match was going to be easy and he would get his money in bad. Another pot that was interesting early was when I made it 250 with 66. He called. The flop came 78ss2d and he pot bet into me 500. I decided to float, and we checked the rest of the way and he turned over Q2o. So the guy was pretty aggressive and seemed eager to get his chips in with any piece. About 12-15 hands into the match he makes it 500 preflop (which he did in another raise preflop) and I looked down at AKo. I made it 1700 and he instantly moved all in. I called and he tabled ATcc. The board ran out Q94c2c6c and he won the match. He said sorry for the bad beat etc, and I wished him good luck. Frustrating losing like that. I really wanted to do well in that tournament and felt like I would have. Heads up tournaments are great and hopefully they run some more at the casino.

I also played in a $900 main event the casino ran as well. I had a great starting table and ended up busting 4 hours in or so. I misplayed three hands which cost me big. There's a couple interesting hands from that tournament but I'd rather leave them out. I didn't last long enough and play well enough to post any hands from that tournament lol. Just a couple big mistakes and I am pretty disappointed about it.

The big project I was talking about forever ago... (Probably 4-5 months ago but it seems like forever) is still going on and I'll let everyone know about it when I can.

Other than that stuff I am just doing the same poker thing, working out, playing in two basketball leagues, and some other stuff. Just have been busy and haven't had much to blog about really. If and when I get involved in more live tournaments or have some more to write about I will start blogging some more. Once a month updates is unacceptable. I apologize.

I'll leave you guys with this hand from the $900 Main Event at the Isle Casino I played at the other day.

Previous history with opponent: I believe he thinks I am active and aggressive. He thinks I am some Internet player who is on the looser side. He defended his big blind twice against me. The second time I made it 75/150 with J7o from the cutoff and he called. The flop came J78h and he check called my 600 bet. Turn came 4h we both checked and river Qd he bet 1200 and I called and his 95hh missed (gutter on flop.)

Hand in question: He raises UTG 800 at 100/200 with probably 20k stack. I call on the button with T7hh. Flop comes KT5h and he bets 1100. I decide to float. The turn comes the 4h and he bets 3200. He has about 15k behind and I started the hand with ~30k. What is your action on the turn? I think his range here is AA KK or AK. He wasn't particularly active preflop but his 800 raise made me initially feel like he had AK. His turn bet made me feel like he was committed and loved his hand. Now if I put him on those three hands the next question is can he fold AA or AK? Obviously he is not going to fold the nuts (KK), but is he a solid/tight enough player to think I could have him beat here if I shove the turn? This was the dilemma I faced during the hand and on the turn. Tell me what you guys think.

Until next blog...It wont be that long away I promise! I will be playing online tomorrow so maybe I will have something to blog about after then.