Monday, June 29, 2009

$1500s At The WSOP...

I played the $1500 NLH WSOP Event on Saturday and it started out really good. My table was active and loose and I was 3betting early picking up some hands. In the first level of play at 25/50 I had chipped up to about 5k from the 4.5k starting stack and a guy limped the hijack. I raised with JTo on the cutoff and fold after the small blind led the flop into me.

The very next hand the same guy limps and I looked down at two black kings. I made the same 175 preflop raise. The cutoff and button both called and the small blind re-raised to 425. It folded back to me and with two other players waiting for action in the pot, I decided to 4bet here to 1225 to isolate. Nobody had seen a showdown from me yet and I'm sure they thought I was being active without hands. The other two players folded and the small blind instantly moved all in. I called and he turned over QQd against my black KK. The flop was pretty bad coming K89ddd with the turn being the Th but I faded and the river came the Ac and I was immediately up to 9550 during the first level.

I played a couple small pots like JJ out of position and reraised a guy in position with AK and he set mined me for like 1/4 his stack but I got away cheap. I have been 3betting more this tournament then I have my whole time in Vegas probably. The situations were there for it and my image was probably pretty loose.

My stack was now down to 7500 and the level was 75/150. An active player made it 425 from early position and it folded to me on the button with black KK. I had just 3bet the button the round before. I decided instead of just calling to 3bet here to 1225. Me and the opener were pretty deep. The small blind then reraised me to 3050. He had me covered with ~8500 chips. The first raiser folded and I decided with all the money in the pot already and my stack that the best play was to move in. I did and the small blind had AA and held. So a good start to this tournament was irrelevant. I played really good in that tournament and don't think I could do much else in that spot.

Today I was supposed to play another $1500 but apparently they sold out early last night and I didn't get the chance to register for it. I went last night to try to register but no dice. I'm not sure what I will do for the next couple of days leading up to the main event. Maybe some Venetian/Bellagio tournaments. I'll keep everyone updated. I am definitely ready to make a deep main event run.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

$2500 Mixed and $550 Venetian...

Yesterday I played the $2500 Mixed Holdem WSOP Event and busted it. Today I played the Venetian $550. I will talk about hands in both of them.

Mike Caro was at my table along with Ellix Powers (HE CALLED ME WITH JACK HIGH! Guy from the 2004 WSOP limit event.) I actually liked this guy when I watched him in 2004 but after playing with him he is absolutely clueless in limit poker lol. Here's the video I'm talking about if you haven't seen it. Ellix Powers Video.. I really miss these old WSOP episodes. They were the best.

Anyways Mike Caro played really weird/different I would say. I don't like saying people play bad because there are unlimited ways to play poker but I don't think his style is profitable long term lol. Someone help me come up with a new word that isn't disrespectful. Let me get onto the hands.

I was down from my original 7500 starting stack to 6200 early because of a couple limit hands. I was absolutely bricking every hand in limit holdem. AK vs 77 A5cc on a 24cc6xx board vs 88, just missing every hand possible. In the NO LIMIT round utg raised to 150 at 25/50 and I called in 2nd position with AJdd. There were 6 to the flop and it came 88s9d we all checked. The turn was the Js and utg bet 200. I decided to bluff raise here since I didn't think anyone had an 8 and made it 625. The button flat called (an older lady) and the utg raiser folded. The river came the Ac and I checked to the lady and she quickly bet 2k. I really didn't think she had an 8 here and I didn't think she would bet so quickly with QT on a scary board like that. So I put her on air for the most part or maybe AQss type hands. I ended up calling and she turned over AJ and I'm back up to 6600.

The game switched every 30 minutes between limit and no limit and let me say the structure for the limit rounds was pretty crazy. It would be like 100/200/25a in no limit and then 200/400 400/800 betting rounds in limit. If you lost pots in limit you were basically screwed and that's how my day went.

I'm now down to 4k from losing every possible pot in limit. I hadn't won one pot yet in limit. Because of this I decided to be more aggressive during the no limit rounds. There was an Internet/aggressive/loose player two to my left who decided to get in every pot I was in. I raised the cutoff with JTo and the button called and the sb Internet kid called. The flop came J94r and I bet 350 and the Internet kid called. The turn is the Js putting two spades up and he leads for 650. I just tank and call and the river comes Qc. He checks and I value bet 875 to get paid by QT or a 9 and he calls and mucks his hand and I am back up to 6600. I really wanted to bet more on the river but I couldn't imagine him calling me down for a big bet on the river here. My hand is either a jack or an over pair in his mind I would assume. So with that thinking I didn't think he would pay off a big bet if he thought I was betting aces on the river or a jack. I'm also not sure what type of hands he leads with on the turn but like I said, he either had QT or a 9.

This pot was the sickest limit pot I was involved in during the day. I had JJ vs TT vs Ellix Powers 45dd on a JT5cc flop which was 3bet on the flop. Turn was 8d and river was 3d and I saved a bet just check calling river but I ended up losing a lot in that pot. When we got to the no limit round I only had 2300 but doubled up AKcc in the big blind vs a cutoff raise with AQo to go up to 4700.

This hand is a pretty sick hand involving Mike Caro and maybe this will explain my thoughts on his game. A young player who was a little active raised preflop to 425 in no limit and I called on the hijack with 9Tdd. Caro called in the big blind. The flop came QJ9r and the first guy bet 550. I decided to gamble on this flop and go with my hand. I raised to 1875 with a little more than 2k (I am obviously committed to the pot) and then Caro moves all in from the big blind for 4500 total. The first guy folds and I call and Caro turns over ATss. I am looking in good shape lol. The turn brings a second spade giving Caro more outs (2s) but the river comes the 8c to chop the pot between me and him. Stack is now 5200.

Blinds are 150/300 with betting limits 300/600 in limit and I have the same stack. I am playing VERY tight during the limit rounds. I raise QQ in 2nd position and Ellix Powers calls from the button. The flop comes AK5r which is about the worst flop for me in the world. I checked to him and he bet 300. I know this guy plays very loose so I decided to call again and re-evaluate the turn. The turn is a 9 and we both check. The river comes another Ace and I check to him again. He bets once again and I figured my line looked pretty weak and he would bet his Kings, aces, and possibly every other hand/bluffs and value bets. I called and he tabled A2dd. I don't mind the way I played this hand vs. that player but I could of folded the river.

I shove 77 and JJ during the no limit rounds and get no calls. Here is one of the sickest hands I played for the no limit part of this tournament. Mike Caro limps in third position as he had done before, the small blind completes and I check with A7ss in the big blind. I have about 3500 to start the hand the blinds are 100/200 I think, possibly an ante. The flop comes 7c8s9s and I flop a pair and a flush draw. The sb checks, I check (planning on check raising Caro) and he checks behind. The turn is the Ah and we both check to Caro again (planning on check raising again!) He checks once again and the river comes the Qd. The small blind bets 550 and I decide to just call. Just how the hand played out I decided I couldn't get too much value from raising here and I could still be beat. The small blind ended up having 99 for a set and I was down to 2700. I shove 99 over a raise and get back up to 3500 chips.

Back to limit I raise QKo and get 3bet by the older lady on the button and fold on a jack high flop. I am now down to 2600 chips. Ellix limps for 400 and I raise AQo on the button to 800. He calls the flop comes J46r and he check calls my 400 bet. The turn is a 9 and he check calls 800. The 6 pairs on the river and I only have 750 chips and he checks to me again. I can't beat anything that he calls my river all in with but my hand still has a little value in showdown so I obviously check and he turns over A6o. So he limped in early position with A6 and went to town with it. The very next hand I have A5o on the cutoff and raise all in to 750. The button calls the bb calls. The board runs out 889ddA3 and I fade vs QTdd and xx to go back up to 2500. I'm praying for NL to come quick in 2 minutes.

100/200/25a I shove A3hh for 1925 on the hijack and everyone folds. Very next hand I get KK and shove again for 2450. The sb calls with 99 and I hold 566TK to go up to 5200.

My table breaks and I move to a new table with Internet player scrubbyz to my direct right. I lost one pot and won one pot during limit but my stack is now about 3500. Scrubby opens the cutoff with me and another short stack left to act with 34hh and the small blind short stack moves all in for 2200 with QTo. Scrubby calls and flops a straight and eliminates the player. The very next hand (dead button) scrubby raises the cutoff to 750 (at 150/300/25a) and I shove QJo for my 3500ish stack. I think I have plenty of fold equity and I also know I am well ahead of his range here. He talked before raising the hand about how he might have a better hand than last etc etc.. Anyways the small blind ends up reshoving all in and scrubby folds 78o face up. The small blind has AKo and I lose AT5T8.

That was how my $2500 mixed holdem WSOP event went. Limit poker sucks. Especially 9 handed.

Venetian Tournament - $550 buyin
Today's Venetian tournament I had the same luck. I can say I played very well though. I recognized nobody at my table. I played no showdown poker for the whole first 2 hours. That is what I wrote down at break at least, but I think my whole starting table never got to see one of my hands in a showdown which is pretty strong. I didn't play any big pots really.

I played in a 4 way limped pot when I was in the big blind with 57ss and I check raised the first limpers 600 bet to 1950 on a 3s4s2d flop. Then I got in a pretty interesting hand when I raised Ah7d on the button and a loose/active Asian kid defended his big blind. The flop came 95hhKc we both checked. The turn was the 7c pairing me up and he bet 500 chips. I called and the river came the 8h. He bet 1600 with a 5k chip and a 100 chip. I have the ace high flush blocker and I wasn't sure how much showdown value my 7 hand. I didn't think it had much value so I decided to reraise here. What I like most about my play in this hand is I decided to raise to 5100 using the exact same denominations the kid bet with. So I grabbed a 5k chip and a 100 chip and raised. I think the psychology involved in this is that he already has this amount in the pot (although he only is betting 1600) and it looks like I want him to call since he already has those chips out there. He mucks pretty quickly and I win the pot.

I then 3bet this active guy on the button with 56dd. He made it 575 preflop I made it 1875 and he called out of position. The flop came 932sss and he check folded to my 2300 bet. Those were the most memorable pots I played. I then folded for literally an hour or two until my original table broke and I was moved to a new table. I had 19k at the first break but had no blinded down to 17k at the new table.

It is not my 2nd hand at the new table. I raise 77 on the hijack at 300/600/50a to 1525 and the sb looks at his hand and starts thinking about making a move. I can already tell he doesn't have that strong of hand with his body language and his demeanor. He decides to move in for 6k more and I snap call. He turns over KTo and turns Broadway on a AJ8QT board. He was snapping his fingers or something on the river hoping he hit but I told him I couldn't win after the Q hit. He seemed like a foreigner who knows if he has any clue how to play poker, but he didn't know he turned the nuts. Nice hand buddy. I now only have 10k in chips. 2nd utg limps, 3rd limps, button limps, sb completes, I look down at TT. With about 3400 out there I decide to move all in for 10k total. I think it looks weaker like I'm just trying to steal. The first limper tanks for a little and reshoves his 25k. I'm lovin it. The button tank folds and I turn over my TT and he turns over AJo. I know I am wayyyyyy ahead of his calling range here and was surprised I saw AJo and not like 66. The board runs out 5637....J on the river and I am sent home after losing two coinflips.

It's pretty insane the action I get. People never think I have a hand. It is a blessing and a curse but I have been using it to my advantage as of late.

Tomorrow I'm either going to play the 2k at Venetian or the 1k Bellagio. I'm not sure which one I feel like playing. I haven't played a Bellagio tournament yet and I did well there last year, but the Venetian 2k will be a better prize pool and I am definitely due for a big tournament win. Soooooooooooo, you will probably find me at the Venetian tomorrow preparing to win the tournament =).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

$1500 WSOP NLH Tournament Summary...

As I said in the last blog I played for about two days in the $1500 WSOP NLH Event #39 before getting knocked out in 33rd place. It started with 2715 players so 33rd isn't too bad but of course not what I wanted. It's pretty late and I'm really tired but I will write a summary of the big hands/double ups throughout the tournament. I wrote down a bunch of hands but I will just try to keep it to the significant ones.

I played this tournament fairly tight overall. In the first 3 hours I think I only played about 5 hands. My stack got down to 3700 from my original 4500 and a tight player shoved 1825 in middle position at 75/150. I had 88 in the big blind and thought for a little bit and decided to call. He had AJ and the board ran out 956Q7 and I was up to 5500.

At 100/200 a little while later a solid player who had been active in position made it 600 on the cutoff. I have about 5.2k chips in the big blind. I have him covered by a couple hundred. I shoved 77 from the big blind and he thought for about 30 seconds asking himself if he should gamble. He eventually did gamble with AK and I held on a Q3336 board and was up to 10.3k

I'm going through the hands in my phone right now and I see some hands that weren't huge pots but pretty interesting. Like this pot: On the cutoff an Internet kid (I believe) made it 525 at 100/200. I looked down at AQo in the big blind and decided to just flat out of position. Him and I both had a lot of chips so I decided against 3betting. The flop came KK8r and we both checked. The turn was the As and I check called 700. The river was a 3d and I check called 2100 and he mucked his hand. 15.1k

Short stack shoves 2900 on hijack at 150/300 I make it 5500 on the button with AKcc the board runs QhTc4c4h5c and I hit the flush to go up to 18.5k

I have 16k stack and I make it 1525 on the cutoff with A3hh. The sb is short and he shoves 3k more. Sucks but I am committed to call here. He turns over AQcc (blinds 300/600/75a) and I river him on a K9254 board and go up to 22k.

I blind down to 18k and get moved to a new table. I raise ATo on the cutoff. The small blind calls 1525 and the bb shoves 8500 more. I was coloring up green chips at the time and asked if I could pay him in green chips if I doubled him up. He gave a kind of weakish laugh. He was also wearing a winnimax patch. With these two variables I couldn't see how I could fold =) and I decided to shove about 16k more. The small blind tanks and folds AQ he says and the bb turns over 44. The board runs out J63A2 and I scoop a nice pot.

The VERY next hand I raise AKo to 1525 on the hijack and the button (the Asian guy who mucked above and could have been tilted) makes it 4k more. We both have decent stacks. I tank a little bit and shove on him. He tanks for 30 seconds or so and calls with QQ. It comes K6653 and I go up to 50.3k

Two new guys with chips come to the table. One is Angel xxxx (guy who won 2k event from Mexico.) I don't know much about his play but hes raised a couple pots so far being fairly new to the table. He has about 35k-40k in chips and an Asian guy behind him new to the table has about 100k in chips. Angel makes it 2200 (at 500-1k) and the Asian guy calls. A tightish player shoves 14k total and it folds to me on the button with AKo. I tank and move all in for roughly 50k. Angel says he mucked AK and the Asian guy tanks with 77 (saying he should call and gamble cause his 100k stack isn't enough lol) The shover has JJ and the board runs AK675. 75k now.

6 Hands left in the night for day 1 and I raise QQ black utg. The crazy Asian guy calls from the small blind 2700. Flop comes AT6ddd and we both check. The turn is the Ah and he bets 3500. I call and the river comes the Qd. He checks to me and I decide to bet 11k. He shows AKo no diamond and mucks. I thought for sure he was calling with an ace here on the river that's why I bet so much. I was surprised he mucked. I ended the first day as one of the leaders with 84.2k


My Day 2 starting table was pretty fun. I had yellowsub to my direct right and Raymond Davis to my left. Everyone was having a good time at the table and the hands went by real fast. We were in the money very quickly.

I actually busted the bubble boy who we told to fold until he made the money. Well he folded down to his last 300 chips. He put his 200 ante in and had 100 chips behind on the button on the ABSOLUTE BUBBLE. For some reason he thought he should commit his last 100 chips when it folded to him on the bubble when he could of lasted one more hand and made the money. Yellowsub raised to 5k and I called in the big blind with J7hh. The board ran out AATJ2 and we checked it down and my pair of jacks knocked the guy out who turned up 62o and never had looked at his hand. It was very weird and shocking but nothing surprises me in these $1500 events.

That table broke and I had chipped up to about 110-120k at this point. Couple hands in to the new table I raise with TT and the big blind (some lag euro/swiss/etc) defends. The flop comes 942 and I cbet and he thinks about making a play on the pot and folds. I can already tell this guy is going to try to make a move on me. The very next hand I raise KJcc in middle position to 5200 at 1k/2k/300a and he flats in the small blind and the big blind flats. The flop comes 966r and they check to me. I cbet 8kish and he floats me out of position. The turn is a 2 and he checks. I was pretty sure he was on air here and decided to fire another bullet and bet 12kish. He shoved all in for 28k/30k total and when I folded he showed 23o. So he's calling my raise in the small blind with 23o and floating and shoving on two barrels. Immediately after the hand he got up and I told the table he was going to go brag to his buddy on the rail. I watched the guy go up to his friend and start telling him about the hand and laughing about it. It was a sick read by me but I know people just want to beat me in pots I guess. I tried to needle the guy but his English wasn't so good. I think he got the point anyways.

I was down to about 80k at this point and the euro guy limps utg for 2k, 2nd position makes it 7300, and 3rd position moved in for 14.5k. I had QQ in middle position and made it 23.3k. They both mucked and the shover had 99 vs my QhQs. The board ran out 962ccc47. I raise and cbet another pot and lose and go down to 50k.

I am pretty sad that my stack was 120k and now was down to 50k because this one guy wanted to outplay me so bad with 23o. It was alright though I was still okay in chips and I was now at a new table with chicagocards1. I waited for a good spot and I folded down to 32k. I shoved A2o on the button and was up to 37.3k I then shoved AKo in 4th position and the small blind tank called with TT. I tried to tell him to just muck it (because I wanted a call) and he finally called. I beat his TT on a AKQxx board and was up to 78k at 1200/2400.

One of the best pots for me that I played during this tournament is probably a pretty standard spot but this pot was special to me because I felt I could have gone broke preflop. First hand back from break the blinds are now 1.5k/3k/500 ante and a new player at the table who I have no idea how he plays makes it 7700 utg. Tight Full Tilt Pro Mandy B calls on the button to my right and I look down at AQo in the small blind. I HATE GOING BROKE WITH AQ TO UTG RAISERS. I absolutely hate it. But having said that, there was about 20k out there to pick up and I only had 70k. I tanked it for a while, about a minute, and decided to just call. The big blind called as well. The flop came J97s and we all checked. The turn was the 5s and I decided to rep JJJ. I know that's reaching but given my tank everyone could tell I wanted to shove preflop but wasn't sure about it. I decided to bet 9800 into a 30k pot and everyone mucked. I was up to 95k.

Mandy B limps from the sb and I check my option with Q2o. Flop comes QQ7dd and we both check. Turn is the 9h and she check calls 5k. River is the 3s and she check calls 15k. I win the pot and am up to 116k.

Cutoff shoves 32k I wake up with JJ in the big blind and fade vs a7cc on a Q42cc64 board. 171k.

I now get moved to Roothlus' table and am doing his direct left (which is a good thing.) He ends up busting in a flip and now with the blinds 2k/4k a short stack shoves 37k with 44. I have KK on the cutoff and call. Board runs K357J and I have 212k going into 4k/8k/1k ante with 62 left.

I raise 88c on cutoff with a 240k stack at 5k/10k/1k. The sb calls who I had played with all day and he loved to see flops. The flop came AQTccc and we all checked. The turn was the 7d and they checked again to me. I decided to bluff here and bet 38k. I know the sb sees me as solid and wont call too light here so I am just really hoping the big blind folds as well. He was also a solid tight player and that flop doesn't have to hit his range really since hes priced in to call with a lot of hands in that spot. The sb folded and the bb shoved. I mucked and was now at 160k.

The blinds are now 6k/12k/2k ante and I blind down to 94k before shoving 34cc under the gun 7 handed and everyone mucks. The table fills in with chicagocards and Brandon Cantu. The first or second hand Cantu shoves all in for 160k. There is 27k out there to pick up. It folds to me on the cutoff and I have AJo. I have 97k and think this is an easy call. I call and Cantu turns over AKss. I believe he's shoving really wide here and AJo is profitable. If he had 200k or so it would be a tougher spot but I could of probably found a fold. Oh well. I end up not sucking out and bust in 33rd place for $15,300.

That's about the gist of all the big hands I played and tomorrow is the $2500 mixed Holdem event I will be playing. I'll keep everyone updated. Night.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busted 33rd Place For $15,300...

I am dead tired. Two straight days of poker. I played from 2pm til about 1:40am and finally busted out in 33rd place. I made $15,300 for my efforts which doesn't make me feel any better lol. I played really good and am happy with how I played. I will update more tomorrow (after I wake up today -- its 5:30am) with hands and everything from the two days. Going to get some sleep now. Goodnight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 2 Of The $1500 NL With Chips...

Got 84,200 in chips going into 600/1200/200 ante. We are 50 away from the money. I will update hand histories when I finish Day 2. Gotta run. 270 paid, not sure how much to first but it will be in my pocket after tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Day In The 2k But Busted...

The 2k WSOP NLH didn't go so well. I played pretty good so I am not upset. I was all in about 10 times without getting a call until I finally busted out. Let me tell you some hands from the day.

I went to my table in the Amazon Room and recognized one player who I later met and was HemiPowerSWT/Hunter. He played pretty good and we stayed away from each other from the most part. He wasn't involved in many showdowns, which is a good thing.

Early on I got involved in a couple small pots. The small blind raised to 175 at 25/50 and I called with QJo. This tournament started with 6k in chips. The flop came 942ss and he bet 200. I raised to 575 and he folded AQo face up. I then raised KTo to 150 on the hijack and the small blind made it 325. I weighed my options and decided it was small enough to call and play post flop in position. The flop came K68cc and he checked to me. I checked back and the Ad fell on the turn. We both checked again and the river came the Ts. He checked again and its pretty obvious he has JJ or QQ here and I bet 475 and he mucked QQ face up.

I raised T8cc in third position and the cutoff calls and the small blind calls. The flop comes KJ5r and I decide to fire at this flop and bet 300. The cutoff folds and the small blind calls. The turn comes 3 and he checks again. I wanted to put him to the test here and I decided to fire another bullet for various reasons. He called my 650 bet pretty quickly and another K fell on the river. He checks and I think for a little bit to get a read from him. He didn't seem so interested and I really didn't think he had a king here. It would be tough for him to call another bullet with just a jack. I bet 1400 and he mucked instantly. My stack was now up to 7200.

I raise QKo in 2nd position to 300 at 50/100. The cutoff calls and the small blind (same guy from above calls.) The flop comes K83r and I bet 500. The cutoff folds and the small blind makes it 1300 with 1100 behind. I'm pretty sure he has a king here and I rule out AK and figure him for KJ. I move all in and he shrugs and calls with KJ. Board comes 2 and K and I scoop and am up to 10k.

My table breaks and I get moved to a new table. There is an aggressive European three to my right who was in 4 of 6 pots. He was pretty active overall but later on seemed to not be as loose as I thought. None the less, he was active for the time being and I got a good feel for his game. He has a 4200 stack in middle position and I'm on the cutoff. He makes it 600 and I look down at JJ. I make it 1700 and he shoves. I make the easy call and he turns over QQ. Pretty frustrating. I'm down to 7k going into 100/200/25a.

I pick up KK and AA and get no action. Last hand before break a tight guy in early position makes it 450. The cutoff calls and I call with QJo on the button. The flop comes AJ7r and they check to me. I fire 900 and they both fold. I go up to 8100.

Now that the antes have kicked in I'm just hanging out waiting for a good spot to double up. The blinds are now 150/300/25a. Guy makes it 825 early position. I shove 6k with JJ he claims to muck 99. He had about 9k chips so it was for his tournament as well. Up to 7500.

Button limps for 300, sb completes, and I look down at TT in the big blind. I make it 1200 more and they both muck. 7700. The Euro guy from earlier makes it 1200 on the cutoff and I shove ATo in the big blind for 5400 more and he mucks. 8200. I limp QQ in the small blind at 200/400 and the big blind makes it 1600. I shove 5400 more and he mucks. Up to 9300. I raise with QQ to 1525 at 300/600/75a in 2nd position with a 9k stack. My range is pretty tight here. The big blind who was a smaller stakes Internet player played a crazy hand vs another Internet player a little bit before. The Internet player at 200/400 made it 1200 on the button. The big blind made it 3600 or so with 6k behind and the button shoved for 5k more. Now the big blind tanks it for a minute or so before calling with KTo vs the buttons AJ. The KTo wins and he goes on defending his play. I am not a fan of his play to be honest. I think it's best to just shove, but given the way he played the hand he is automatically priced in with almost any two cards he's reraising with and shouldn't ever 3 bet unless he's calling the 4bet shove for 5k more. So him tanking it for a minute thinking about folding kind of gave insight to the type of player he is. Anyways, instead of going off on a tangent, back to the hand. I raise with QQ to 1525 at 300/600/75a in 2nd position with a 9k stack. My range is pretty tight here. The guy with KTo from above calls in the big blind. The flop comes AT2cc we both check. Turn is 3s putting two spades up, we both check again, river is the 4d. He checks again to me and I think for a little bit. Normally my QQ is way good here but I don't think I get called rarely here by worse and I can't afford making a bad value bet. I check and the big blind tables A7o. Definitely not a fan of his call preflop but it worked for him and I go down to 7200.

I shove 64hh from the small blind at 300/600/75a he mucks. I shove AKo on the button next hand for 8k or so they both muck. I then blind back down to 7500 and decide to shove QcJs UTG 8 handed 10 minutes before the blinds go up to 400/800/100a. It folds to the Euro on the button who tanks for a little bit and calls with AQdd. The board runs out AJ7cc8c so I have a little sweat for 11 outs. And the river bricks 4d and I'm out after 10 hours of playing.

I played well overall. I didn't have to shove the QJ under the gun but my image was well and my table was good for it I think too. I think its a good shove. Tough with the blinds going up to 400/800 in a couple minutes. I battled hard. Hopefully tomorrow's $1500 WSOP NLH goes better and I can get some chips instead of playing the short stack the whole time.

Today I took the day off and hung out with my buddy Hans for a little bit and then played basketball with my other friend Alex Prendes. We met up with Huck Seed and Nenad Medic and played some 21 and 2 on 2. It was a good workout. After basketball I lifted some weights. That was about my day I didn't do too much. Time to sleep and get ready for tomorrow's tournament. Goodnight.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

$1500 No good, Venetian No good, 2k Tomorrow...

So the $1500 WSOP didn't go so well. I played good and that's all that matters. I have the hand histories from that tournament and I also played a Venetian $550 today which didn't go my way. I have hands I played in both but I will probably just post some of the $1500 WSOP hands. It's pretty late and I'm pretty tired.

My initial table in the $1500 WSOP started off with two Internet guys to my right. One being SloppyKlod who I've played with quite a bunch online. Everyone else at the table was a good spot. I actually had Shannon Elizabeth at the table again (the lady from American Pie.) I say again because on Day 2 of the HORSE tournament she was at my table as well.

For those that don't know who she is. I have to add something other than my boring text to this blog =)

Anyways, the table was incredibly good, and I had position on the better players at the table. I was trying to splash around a little bit early but I had to sit back and watch because the table was a little loose. The first pot I played I raised Ac6d on the cutoff and the button calls at 25/50. The flop is AT9cc and we both check. The turn is the Qc and I bet 200 and he calls. The river comes 7d and he bets 300 pretty quickly. Well I have the nut blocker with the Ac and I didn't think he would fire a lot of hands here unless bluffing, especially with how fast he bet. I didn't love my hand or kicker but I called and he showed red jacks and I won the pot. This guy actually got into a big pot with me later in the tournament at another table so remember him.

Next hand I raise KhQs and the bb defends. He has been a pretty big calling station. Calling Shannon down with AK on a K94TQ board when she three barrelled. He was right and she was bluffing. The flop comes J83hh and he check calls my 200 bet. Turn is 2h we check and the river 9c we both check and his AQ wins. I knew I should of barreled twice here even with the Kh but oh well. He didn't have a heart, just floating OOP hoping I shut down.

Raise Q9hh later on and the bb calls. Flop comes Q85dd and he check calls 200. Turn is Ah and he leads 275 into me. I didn't think he would lead Ace high flush draws turned pairs or A8 so I decided to call here again and see what he would do on the river. The river was the As and he checked. I decided to knuckle because I didn't think he would call with worse. Any Queen has me outkicked QJ QK QT etc. and he had JJ as well. Up to 5300.

I raise to 300 in Middle position with T8cc and a new player to the table who is young and has a hoodie calls in the big blind. Flop comes Qh8s3s we both check. The turn is the Th and I turn two pair on a very draw heavy board. He leads into me for 400. It crossed my mind to raise here but I decided against it. I would only make hands I beat fold and only get action if I'm beat I figured. The river comes the Kc and he checks to me. I decided to value bet small and get paid off by QJ type hands. I bet 550 and he calls me with QQQ for 2nd set. I go down to 3500. I was shocked that he had QQ here as well.

My table then breaks and I sit down at a new table and my buddy Rob Mizrachi sits down at the table as well. It's nice sometimes to have a friend at the table. I have never played with Rob so I wanted to see how he played. Unfortunately the table broke about two orbits in but I did play one notable pot. A tight player limped in middle position and I limped in the small blind with As2h. The big blind was a guy with a full tilt patch on and only had 1100 behind. I knew that he might shove here a wide range because the first limper was pretty tight and limp folded before. He ends up shoving and it comes back to me. I already knew I had to call because I wasn't going to limp fold if that situation arose. He turns over A7o and the board runs out A76hhh5h8d and I hit a flush and knock him out. I move up to 5800.

I raise AQo to 400 at 75/150 and the tight guy who limp folded from above makes it 1200. I muck and he shows KK. I get moved to a new table where another buddy of mine is sitting, Far (thats his name.)

The first pot I play at this table a guy in early position makes it 375 at 75/150 one person calls, I call 300 in the sb with K8dd and the bb calls. Flop is 962hhd we all check. The turn is the 3s and I decide to stab at the pot and bet 1250. They all fold and I'm up to 6600.

Now at this new table I am squeezed between one guy who is on his 2nd Double jack and coke and another guy to my right who is on his 10th Bud Light. This table is awesome. The guy to my right was playing a ton of hands and there was also the guy from my first table there as well. The guy from my first table limps for 200 in late position, the cutoff limps, and I limp the button with 77d. Far checks his option in the big blind and we see a flop of 724dd. Far leads out in the bb for 575 and the guy from my first table calls 575 with about 4k behind. I make it 1875. Far tanks for a minute, asks me my stack, and ends up mucking lol. He almost got stacked. (He mucked Q7hh thinking I might be on a move or draw or something) The other guy calls 1300 leaving himself 1900 behind lol. The turn is the Ad and he checks to me, and I put him all in and he calls and slams down JTdd. The river doesn't pair the board and I lose a 10k pot and go down to about 2k.

The very next hand the same guy limps for 200 again and the other beer drinker to my right limps as well. I look down at KK and tilt shove my 2300 stack. The first limper calls and the other folds. He turns over QJhh and I have KhKc. The board runs Q89ddd ... 7d... 6s and I somehow fade to go back up to about 5k.

An older guy limps in middle position and the drunk guy to my right completes. I check my option with A5o. The flop comes A84hh and the drunk guy leads for 500. I call 500 and the limper folds. (We are now at 100/200 25a.) The turn is the Qd and we both check. The river comes the 4d and he fires a pot sized bet for 2k into me. This was quite the dilemma. This guy had already unsuccessfully tried to bluff 3 times on the river in the last 2 orbits by betting 1k into players in the same sort of line. I didn't think that he would bet a 4 on the flop and I thought he missed a draw. It's a tough fold because I chop with all aces for the most part and I haven't shown much interest in the pot. I really felt like I had to call this player in this spot and he turns over J4o. I got slowrolled actually. I called and he looked at his hand and just held it up for about 5 seconds and I said you have to show your hand. And then he turned it over, lol. I go down to 2500.

**Funny story from my first table -- this is why everyone should play these events**
A guy opens to 300 UTG with a 8k stack, small blind (3k stack) calls 300, big blind has 1800 total and makes it 1200 preflop. The UTG raiser moves all in and the small blind folds. The UTG shows his hand thinking that the big blind is already all in/called all in since he put 1200 of his 1800 in the pot already and he turns over TT. Now the big blind thinks about it for LITERALLY A MINUTE. He says he has overcards but "He doesn't even know the percentages." "I know I am beat I see your hand." He thinks for a minute, maybe even more, before finally calling with AKcc. He ended up losing the flip. He should of folded I guess!

So anyway, onto my bust out hand. I have 2300 at 100/200/25a and I have QQ UTG. I move all in and am called in middle position. He has AK and the board runs out 4552K. K on the river and I am out.

I played pretty good for the most part. I'm still adjusting to live play and slowing my game down. There were a couple pots I could of played differently but for the most part I liked my play. Who knows how the tournament would of went if I won the 10k pot and had 12k at 100/200.

Tomorrow I am playing the 2k WSOP NLH event and hopefully this goes much better. The extra 1500 chips should help me out and I am prepared to make a deep run. Gotta sleep. Venetian didn't go so well but that was also a great tournament. Won Aces vs 99 then lost a flip when a guy limped for 600 (there was another limper) I made it 3200 with 88 on the cutoff and the 2nd limper shoved in his 6kish stack. I snap called and he said "Oh crap!" and then screamed in joy when he realized he had two overs. It's funny he thought he had fold equity or something? Then I lost a huge cooler pot vs this kid who was bragging about his IQ lol. I had the only one hand he could ever beat in his spot, so that was frustrating. At 400/800/75a I had 12k and the limper with QJ from above limped for 800 (like he had done 50% of the hands he played) with 7k behind and I had TT next to him and moved in and he had AA and won. Then I got my last 4k in with 9To vs KJ and the board ran 925KJ so not my day there.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busted Horse, Tomorrow Another $1500 NLH...

I lasted a little over an hour in the HORSE tournament today. I actually drew a pretty decent table for the most part for Day 2. The first game we started in was Omaha 8b and I had about 14k at 300/600 600/1200 limits. I got involved in 3 pots vs short stacks early for 2-3 big blinds. I chopped one, and lost two. I then bluffed with A4dd2Q when I defended my BB and the flop came Kd5d9s. I check raised the flop, the turn was the 4h and I bet again, and the river paired the king and I bet again and my opponent had AK. I don't mind my play there, especially the check raise on the flop. Oh well. I went down to about 8k after all those hands and then folded split queens on 4th street when a guy had split aces. I thought he might of had aces up because he bet 4th and I raised showing KQ and he was showing A6 and 3bet me. If he just has aces I am supposed to call but I decided to muck so that hand hurt a little bit. I was 2 off the bring in (cutoff) and he was next to the bring in (button) with the ace showing. So that was a tricky stud hand but I played it well I think.

Then I blinded down to about 5k and we entered new limits. 400/800 800/1600. The cutoff raised in HOLDEM to 1600, I looked down at AKcc, and 3bet to 2400. The big blind who had about 7k called 2400 and the cutoff 4bet to 3200. I 5bet to 4k, trying to isolate the cutoff and the big blind called. I had 1k left and dark bet the flop 800. The big blind called in the dark and the cutoff raised the J56c flop. We both called off our last and I asked if he had queens? Unfortunately, he didn't. He had JJ, the big blind had AKhh, and I was drawing to running clubs or straight cards. I bricked and ended up busting there out of the money.

Overall I think I played a B game. I could definitely play better horse and probably should have adjusted in some spots to playing tighter. Overall I am not upset with my play but I missed some bets some hands and could have saved a couple bets as well. People weren't folding much in any game so it was tough in some games when people really weren't sure what they were doing. One guy today called in Stud 8b with 68 down Q showing saying he had position on the hand because he was last to act before the bring in. LOL. There is no position in stud games, sorry buddy.

Tomorrow I will be playing my second $1500 WSOP NLH event. Hopefully it goes better than the first one I busted on Saturday. I will let everyone know how it goes when I'm done playing tomorrow.

I went to the Mall today with Steve and we shopped a little and then we also went to get some food at this steak place called Del Frescos. It was pretty good. Other than that I took a nap and just got back from the gym playing a little basketball. It's about 4am and I need to sleep. Taking a nap at 9pm and waking up at 10pm wasn't a smart idea but I couldn't help it. Hopefully I can get something going tomorrow. Goodnight.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Advancing To Day 2 of Horse $1500...

I survived day one of the $1500 WSOP Horse tournament. It was a pretty good grind throughout the day and the field is one of the softest fields I have played in. During the day I gave a little too much credit to some of the players for actually knowing what they were doing and it cost me a couple pots. When I did have hands they were paid off for the most part.

My original starting table wasn't so bad. Everyone seemed to have an IDEA of what they were doing but some were still doing some pretty bad plays. I saw a lot of razz players playing 9s with lots of action behind them and some guys playing stud with T67r starting hands. I got up to 12k from my original starting stack of 4500 at dinner break 4 hours in. I kind of just cruised and won some big pots and my hands held when people were making questionable call downs in Stud 8 and Omaha 8. I was absolutely card dead the whole day during Stud hi.

I saw my stack go from 12k down to 8k, then 5k, then 2k, then back up to 4k right before the last 2 hours of play. I was getting crushed. One hand in razz an 8 opened for 200 completion, the guy to my right 3bet with a 6 showing and I 4bet with a 3 showing and 25 under. I hit paint on the turn and he hit a 9 and bet it. I still had to call a street and I hit a 6th on 5th and bricked out the rest of the hand going to the river and folding to his bet when I didn't improve. They just fired without really knowing what was really going on in some hands so it got frustrating.

Right before the last break I played a Limit Holdem hand vs Jean Robert Bellande. He raised the hijack to 600 with about a 2.5k stack and I 3bet from the small blind with ATo. The flop came A34r and I bet 300, he raised to 600, and I had about 900 chips left and made it 900. He mucked and I was back up to 4k. I don't really know if I could just call his flop bet to get all the money in on the turn. -Shrug- Guess he had air and was stabbing the flop hoping I'd fold all non aces even though no matter what I had I wouldn't of folded most likely.

After the last break I came back to the table prepared to do some damage. I ended up making some hands and busting some players and getting back up to 12k or so. The guys who were real active at the table ended up dusting off their stacks (they originally were the ones who were beating me in pots.) Towards the end of the night I got moved to a new table where this one drunk younger guy was being a maniac and we got into a razz hand where he bluffed me on the river showing KJ83 and I had ATJJ up. I actually started with A23 that hand lol and made a bad 9T low on the river when he bet again after we checked 6th street. I decided to muck figuring I couldn't beat an 8 and could only beat a J bluff or something and he slammed down a bluff. That pot hurt me pretty bad. I never like losing to people like that anyways haha. I took it in stride and battled back and won a couple nice stud pots before the night was over and ended the day with 14.4k in chips. The average stack is 14k. The blinds are 100 ante, 200 bringin, and I believe 500/1k blinds about to go to the next level. It's going to be a pretty fast tournament today I believe. Hopefully I can get lucky and some hands hold up and these guys will just give it away.

I'll keep everyone updated, we start playing in about 2 hours. Wish me luck! You might be able to follow some updates on

Friday, June 12, 2009

Onto LAS VEGAS!!!!...

I am currently typing this blog while staring at my gate for my flight to Las Vegas. I will arrive in Las Vegas around 10pm tonight and am going to play the $1500 WSOP Event tomorrow. I am more than prepared to play some poker. I haven't played live in a little bit so I'm pretty excited and ready to have a go at some big tournaments.

Not sure what else to say. Hopefully I didn't forget anything and my bags arrive safely in Vegas along with me lol. I will definitely be updating the blog a bunch with tournament information and hand histories, etc. Check back frequently to see how I'm doing. I'm sure I'll be able to give some good news in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hall Of Fame...

This is not some Internet lingo "hof" (hall of fame) blog. This blog is to recognize my father who was inducted into the Florida Flag Football Hall Of Fame on Saturday. Luckily, I was around (not in Vegas yet) and was able to attend the ceremony for the INAUGURAL INDUCTION for the Hall of Fame. They inducted I think 10 people. Some of the guys were the men who promoted the league back in the late 70's and early 80's and then the other guys were the players.

There were 3 quarterbacks, one wide receiver, a couple guys who promoted the league, a referee, and then my father (who was a rusher.) I believe he was the only defensive player inducted.

Let me give a couple more details about the league so everyone can understand the magnitude of it. At first I didn't understand but after talking to all the players and the people involved with the league, it's pretty amazing. The league started back in the late 70's/early 80's. There were about 10 teams in every city league with 10-15 people on a team. There were roughly 3k-5k teams in the state of Florida. The teams would play Tues/Thurs in their city league and then they would travel during the weekends to tournaments. Any teams could pay their way into the tournaments but basically all the good city teams would meet up and play against each other in these weekend tournaments. Depending how they did in their city leagues they then moved onto regionals and then the state championship. So if you won a state championship you bested the other 3k teams. My father won 4 State Championships and played in 2 National Championships. He was a two-time All-American Rusher and I'm sure a laundry list full of other accolades. I'm not sure how accurate all my information is but it's late at night and I can't ask him to confirm so bare with me.

The ceremony was held at Palm Bay Regional Park and there was actually a flag football tournament going on during the ceremony. The league is still strong and kicking 30 years later. Everyone who was inducted gave a little speech, they all reminisced, and had a blast.

Let me just say that none of them expected this to happen. My dad actually received the phone call a week ago about the induction. He was pretty excited. They played Flag Football and loved to play. They never expected something like a Hall of Fame induction would actually happen, or that a Hall of Fame would ever exist in their sport.

My girlfriend and her family live in Palm Bay so they came and enjoyed all the festivities. After we all went out to eat and some of the guys who were inducted came as well. We finished eating and everyone left. Me and my father stayed and hung out with the other guys who were there that were inducted and they were all telling me stories and talking about my dad. One of the quarterbacks was telling me that he knew every time he was going to play against "jimmy" (my dads name is James/Jim but they called him Jimmy in the league I guess) he had to bring his A game because he knew Jimmy was going to. He also explained to me how many teams, how many players, and how long the league had been going on; and how my dad was the best rusher ever. Granted there was liquor involved, but I believe him.

I always knew he played Flag Football back in the day (I was 2 or 3 when he stopped) but I never knew the magnitude of it. It was nice seeing him have his moment and learning more about his life and what he's accomplished. The league had ex-college players and even some professional players play in it. They all loved the game and had a passion for it and looked forward to the weekends where they would meet up and play against all the other good teams in the tournaments.

There was one story about one guy who played in a tournament in Jacksonville against them on Sunday and then come Monday Night Football the guy had been picked up by the 49ers and was playing that night on T.V. Haha, that was a pretty funny story. I saw some of the teams out there playing during the weekend and there were some serious athletes playing. It's a recreational league but definitely one of the most competitive and organized leagues I have seen.

Hopefully the Hall of Fame continues and the league also keeps growing. I have some pictures that I will put up here -- they are on my other computer. I will add them in the morning.

(My sister, my dad, me, and my nephew touching the trophy)

(Mom, dad, sister, nephew)

(Dad giving his little 30 second speech about not believing all the quarterbacks and that he ate their lunches lol)

(Hall of Fame Trophy)

(Me, dad, and one of the quarterbacks who was inducted -- he was the one who told me all the stories later in the bar and bragged about how good my dad was)

I am heading to Vegas on Friday and am going to start my summer poker schedule Saturday with the $1500 NLH WSOP. I will definitely be blogging A LOT. I will give tournament summaries and all of that good stuff. I am definitely prepared to win a big tournament. That's all I will say about that =)

I'll keep everyone updated, and the pictures will come soon. Goodnight.

Friday, June 5, 2009

2nd In WSOP $1500!!!...

Congratulations to my buddy Steve Karp who just got 2nd in the WSOP $1500 Event!!!! He was a 3-1 dog heads up and lost 55 vs AQ but he played great. He's more of a live player and plays online sometimes but he is a sick grinder and he definitely is very deserving. All the updates I saw he got his money in good/flipping and eventually grinded his way through the tournament and got Heads up and just couldn't win the last couple of key pots he needed to take the tournament down. VERY IMPRESSIVE I AM VERY PROUD AND HAPPY FOR HIM!!!

It just ended, I'm still getting updates from everyone, but I'm super psyched for him and really excited.

He got deep in the Sunday Million on Sunday and busted with like 3 or 2 tables left and was pretty disappointed. Then he had a deep run in the 1k WSOP, and now this. Hopefully that's the start to a heater and he can continue winning. It's 5am, I'm pooped. I was sweating my computer/text messages/IMs all day. Goodnight everyone. Congrats again buddy!!!! $415,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday Poker...

"Remind yourself, nobody built like you, you designed yourself." Jay-Z - A Dream.

I'm just finishing up my last tournament for the night. I am currently 27/67 in the 50/50 on FTP. Had a couple shots tonight. Got 11th or 12th in the 100 cubed on FTP, 50th in the 300 NL on stars, close to bubbled the 100r 6max on FTP and there might of been something else. Oh well. My night will be saved if I can do well in this 50/50.

Okay now I am currently 6/65 after this really active guy doubled me up in this hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #12610292259: The Fifty-Fifty (93209650), Table 102 - 800/1600 Ante 200 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:43:57 ET - 2009/06/04
Seat 1: steelerzfan1979 (124,175)
Seat 2: Julian Verse (39,472)
Seat 3: Chessleone (37,744)
Seat 5: 57club619 (17,165)
Seat 6: HB_HITMAN (39,958)
Seat 7: Dvl321 (22,551)
Seat 8: Cre8ive (51,098)
Seat 9: tyronewiggins (137,210)
steelerzfan1979 antes 200
Julian Verse antes 200
Chessleone antes 200
57club619 antes 200
HB_HITMAN antes 200
Dvl321 antes 200
Cre8ive antes 200
tyronewiggins antes 200
Dvl321 posts the small blind of 800
Cre8ive posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Cre8ive [3h Kh]
tyronewiggins calls 1,600
steelerzfan1979 folds
Julian Verse calls 1,600
Chessleone folds
57club619 folds
Dvl321 folds
Cre8ive checks
*** FLOP *** [5h 4s 9h]
Cre8ive checks
tyronewiggins has 15 seconds left to act
tyronewiggins bets 3,000
Julian Verse calls 3,000
Cre8ive has 15 seconds left to act
Cre8ive raises to 15,800
tyronewiggins raises to 135,410, and is all in
Julian Verse folds
Cre8ive calls 33,498, and is all in
tyronewiggins shows [9c 8c]
Cre8ive shows [3h Kh]
Uncalled bet of 86,112 returned to tyronewiggins
*** TURN *** [5h 4s 9h] [4h]
*** RIVER *** [5h 4s 9h 4h] [As]
tyronewiggins shows two pair, Nines and Fours
Cre8ive shows a flush, King high
Cre8ive wins the pot (108,796) with a flush, King high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 108,796 | Rake 0
Board: [5h 4s 9h 4h As]
Seat 1: steelerzfan1979 folded before the Flop
Seat 2: Julian Verse folded on the Flop
Seat 3: Chessleone folded before the Flop
Seat 5: 57club619 folded before the Flop
Seat 6: HB_HITMAN (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 7: Dvl321 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: Cre8ive (big blind) showed [3h Kh] and won (108,796) with a flush, King high
Seat 9: tyronewiggins showed [9c 8c] and lost with two pair, Nines and Fours

I think his play is not so good. Worst case there is I have a flush draw and over/overs but my raise size I tried to make it look like I flopped a bad 2 pair. He just insta-shoved, so I'm figuring he didn't even think about it. I could have just called on the flop but I felt like gambling in this spot to get a big stack and it worked out. It's about a coinflip with me being 48% to win.

I would post some hands from tonight but I only saved a couple sick beats for huge pots which I will not post in this blog and I will spare everyone all the pain of seeing the hands.

I think anyone who doesn't play the Wednesday tournaments at least sometimes should definitely play them. They get a lot of people in some of the tournaments and it seems like all the little events are action packed. So anyone who hasn't fired up poker on Wednesday night I suggest you do so.

After I finish this last tournament I am going to workout (or sleep) and I'll try to keep up with the updates. If and when I head out to Vegas I will have daily updates from all the tournaments and hand histories and everything, so the blog will be really active again.

Update: 12th...grr....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WSOP Is Here...

"Sometimes I wanna make money, but sometimes I ain't motivated. Sometimes I think it's over-rated. Sometimes I'm thinkin I wasn't supposed to make it, but what I show is basic I normally poker face it." Joe Budden - Sidetracked

Whats up everyone? I just got out of the gym about an hour ago. It's now 5:30am. I've been working out late nights lately because my days are pretty busy. Ideally it would be nice to workout early in the morning but my schedule doesn't permit that yet.

Well the WSOP is here and I'm still in Florida. I have been trying to get some things finished up in Florida but the plan is to go out to Vegas next Friday. We'll see how everything goes here and that will dictate what's going on. Good luck to my buddy Jason Mercier who made the final table of the $1500 PLO tournament. He plays tomorrow so hopefully he wins it. He's won a lot of things already (Two EPTs, FTOPS, bunch of other stuff) but he doesn't have a WSOP bracelet, so why not? =)

Here's an interesting hand I would like some opinions on. It's from the Sunday 100 cubed on FTP. Erik had been VERY active in late position and I don't believe s00ted had done anything crazy up until this point. His shove is pretty big though and hes risking his 8k to pick up about 1k out there in the pot. He was also at one of my other tables in a Sunday tournament. It seemed after this hand he got more aggressive on the other table/this table. Maybe from Sunday tilt? But I didn't have that info at the time for my decision, so I can't say I thought he was tilting. I just think his shove is weak. Erik had been active but is he really just going to jam AK? Why wouldn't he 3bet to induce a 4bet from me or the BB. Whatariver was actively 3betting so you never know. I really felt like s00ted was shoving QK or AJ here or some 66-99 type hands.

So what do you guys do?

Full Tilt Poker Game #12548728833: $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (92614695), Table 24 - 120/240 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:47:57 ET - 2009/05/31
Seat 1: whatariver1 (6,365)
Seat 2: ImUr_Hklbry (12,100)
Seat 3: charder30 (6,016)
Seat 4: ErikTheKing7 (18,593)
Seat 5: s00tedj0kers89 (8,337)
Seat 6: Cre8ive (14,929)
whatariver1 antes 25
ImUr_Hklbry antes 25
charder30 antes 25
ErikTheKing7 antes 25
s00tedj0kers89 antes 25
Cre8ive antes 25
Cre8ive posts the small blind of 120
whatariver1 posts the big blind of 240
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Cre8ive [Qd Ah]
ImUr_Hklbry folds
charder30 has 15 seconds left to act
charder30 folds
ErikTheKing7 raises to 620
s00tedj0kers89 has 15 seconds left to act
s00tedj0kers89 raises to 8,312, and is all in
Cre8ive has 15 seconds left to act
Cre8ive has requested TIME

Also for people going out to Vegas or who are out there already, I want to talk about differences between live and online poker a little.

First off, the game is the same in terms of being dealt hands in situations and certain flipping scenarios, etc. The game/cards don't change from playing online to playing in live tournaments. What DOES change though are the players you're playing against and what they are capable of doing. It seems like every time I play live poker there is some new play that amateur players are making. Right now in the online world the new "play" is the check/minimum raise or just the play minimum raise in general. I have seen this play so often lately. I don't necessarily think it's bad, but it seems to be in a lot of people's playbooks lately. In a live setting I have seen old players 3bet with 44 and do other crazy things you would never expect from someone who you would imagine is tight.

I don't want to say the live game is a "tighter" game. In some cases it is. When you're playing for big money some people are going to freeze up and play scared and wait for huge hands. On the flip side of that some people are there to gamble, don't really know what they are doing, and just want to have fun. My whole point of this is that the game stays the same but you have to be able to adjust to what's going around you. It's like survival of the fittest and I know I am capable of adapting to my environment and will definitely survive.

Take a look at that hand above and post some comments on let me know what you would do. Goodnight.